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  1. Can you enlighten us which money management rules can increase our odds in trading? Apart from playing with lot size I don't know any...
  2. Absolutely, trading can start small and grow over time. Many successful traders begin with a modest capital and gradually build their accounts through careful risk management and strategic trading. Starting small allows you to gain experience, learn from mistakes, and refine your strategies without risking significant amounts. As your skills improve and your account grows, you can increase your position sizes and potentially achieve larger profits.
  3. While Elliott Wave Theory can provide a framework for analyzing market trends, it has its limitations that traders should be aware of. One reason some traders find Elliott Waves less useful is the subjectivity involved in identifying wave patterns, leading to varying interpretations. Additionally, market behavior doesn't always conform to the theory's expectations, making it challenging to consistently apply in real-time trading.
  4. In my view, penny stocks has the greatest upside potential, especially since market manipulations become more and more common. I also like to trade currencies with HFM because their near-term price fluctuations can be explained by changes in central bank policy
  5. Thanks for your advice will take a look at Hotforex webinars, they offer lots of educational videos.
  6. At least it should help you to decide what to do with the assets you hold your wealth in - should you sell them or keep them expecting them to appreciate in value.
  7. EURUSD apparently lost bullish momentum and the rally towards 1.15 is delayed, now it is going to test 1.10 to be able to establish new leg of the rally. Insert other media
  8. I also like to trade retracement levels with Hotforex I mainly use Fibonacci numbers to determine reversal points.
  9. I really like Hotforex MT5 platform because it has various tools for analysis and charting. Also trades are done very fast and I think this is related to some upgrades in code in MT5 compared to older one MT4 platform.
  10. Yes withhout them trading turns into gambling. Basically it is the key criteria of gambling - inability to cut loss.
  11. To overcome consistent losses in forex trading, it's crucial to reassess your trading strategy for any flaws or weaknesses and make necessary adjustments. Additionally, prioritize effective risk management by controlling your position sizes and setting appropriate stop-loss levels to minimize potential losses.
  12. I trade Vyckoff with HFM there is special indicator in their free autochartist tool for that.
  13. Agree that's why I switched to HFM and trade only CFDs, other scam is enough.
  14. I rather prefer to conduct swing trading on BTC and ETH pairs using Hotforex CFD contracts, cheap and safe...
  15. How to get this daily analysis on my email or maybe you have telegram channel?
  16. I divide action and analysis time I spend in trading in about 1:4 proportion but it all depends on your trading style for investment type of strategies you may spend 2-3 weeks for analysis and 20 minutes for action lol
  17. Yeah I started with just 10 USD on Hotforex and gradually increased my capital with additional investments also I used compounding to bring my equity faster to a comfortable level where I can set moderate profit targets and risk constraints.
  18. I regard trading as only part-time occupation and additional possible source of income as professional trading requires good expertise and full-time dedication, but I love my profession (I'm a gardener)
  19. I hold long position on XAUUSD at Hotforex because I don't trust fiat and dollar in the long-term, expect the price to shoot higher at the second half of the year
  20. Retail sales point to further slowdown in economic activity, why the Fed would want to hike interest further? Does it make sense?
  21. And what is your favorite place to trade? I mean any broker that distinguishes from others?
  22. Choosing between the Hotforex Raw Spread and Premium accounts ultimately depends on your trading style, preferences, and goals. Here are some key differences between the two accounts to help you decide: Raw Spread Account: The Raw Spread account offers tight spreads from 0.0 pips, but has a commission of $3.00 per lot round-turn. This account is ideal for traders who prioritize low spreads and are willing to pay a commission for this benefit. Premium Account: The Premium account has no commission, but slightly higher spreads starting from 1.0 pip. This account is ideal for traders who prefer to avoid paying a commission and are willing to accept slightly higher spreads.
  23. This is where hotforex trading contest comes to help. It's risk free however competition is fierce, in 9 months there was only one month where I got a prize place.
  24. Thanks for you explanation. Btw which broker are you trading with?
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