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  1. Traders should definitely not have to try to trade without stop loss, practice shows this behavior will greatly accelerate the onset of disaster.
  2. Could you kindly guide me to the section in my personal cabinet where I can subscribe to receive this analysis via email?
  3. Merely a century ago, individuals devoted the majority of their time to securing provisions for sustenance, maintaining clothing, and ensuring the cleanliness and warmth of their homes. Presently, society enjoys ample leisure time and historically unprecedented living standards. However, a prevailing sentiment of discontent persists, often directed at societal structures. The call to action arises from a collective oversight: the realization that our pursuits for achievements or possessions may not inherently lead to greater happiness. In truth, we possess all the elements needed for happiness; a slight shift in perspective is all that is required.
  4. Unfortunately yes, such offers don't last for long. But thanks for the recommendation I didn't know about the top-up bonus. Is every deposit eligible for this bonus or only the first one?
  5. Indeed, dollar started to feel weak recently as US economy starts to show some some cracks in consumption, investment, labor market strength, etc. Fed is about to achieve terminal level of its restrictive policy stance after which rate cuts should ensue. My view on EURUSD is bullish that's why I keep small long position on Hotforex, hope my forecast is correct.
  6. Thanks, look a bit complicated but will try to implement on my Hotforex account and will let you know how it goes.
  7. What's your outlook for Gold for this week? Can we expect a breakout above 2K or the bullish run is over?
  8. I really like to trade high impact news with Hotforex because volatility offers great short-term opportunities also market imbalances that arise are easier to trade than markets in equilibrium.
  9. You can also enjoy a tax advantage when engaging in cryptocurrency speculation through CFDs, like trading with Hotforex. Since no actual cryptocurrency transactions take place, and you simply enter into predictive contracts with your broker, there are no taxable events associated with your activities.
  10. Deglobalization can boost commodity prices because it leads to more localized production and trade. When countries focus on self-sufficiency and reduce global supply chains, it can create supply shortages, increasing demand and prices for commodities like oil, metals, and agricultural products. That's why I hold small investment positions in commodities via Hotforex CFDs. Quite cheap and no expiration like in futures
  11. It's why excessive reliance on credit has a painful backlash during shocks. It just accumulates issues and shifts their resolution to the future.
  12. Candlesticks are best in my view since many traders use them, which makes it possible to create system based on candlestick patterns.
  13. Thanks looking forward for the ceasefire in Middle East should be a good buying opportunity for assets affected by risk-aversion.
  14. Looks great, thanks for sharing. I wonder, is it possible to adapt this EA for MT5 platform. I use one from Hotforex.
  15. I always buy the dip when it hits some key MA line and also if the price is near some key round level like 4000 points at S&P 500. I guess it is an extremely safe trade.
  16. Yeah I also think that cryptocurrencies will gain wider adoption with time, however this process is slow and erratic, which reflected in severe up and downs in the price of crypto. I really enjoy scalping on crypto pairs with Hotforex, because technical analysis works better there, imo.
  17. This would be too easy dumb trade, the information about halving should be already in the price. I would look for more subtle developments that could impact the the price.
  18. Have a look at Hotforex their conditions are quite competitive maybe they will be suit your requirements too.
  19. So does it all mean it's time to short US Dollar because of reckless fiscal policies?
  20. fxeconomist

    Forex Trading Tricks

    My favorite trick is to achieve first a streak of bad trades on demo account and then place the trade on live account which has a higher chances to be profitable since markets often exhibit mean-reversion property. So if 4-5 trades on trend reversal were bad, chances rise that the next trade will be in profit.
  21. Very good, can you make similar analysis for some forex pairs, i.e. point some S/R areas. Looking for gold analysis to make a trade on Hotforex
  22. Is this offer still available for new clients? I see credit bonus offer though.
  23. Nice, how I can try trial version of this stuff on my Hotforex platform?
  24. Can you please explain how I should ATR in trading?
  25. You can not beat market volatility but you can reduce impact from it by setting stop loss which should be a function of volatility level. Best approach in my view which I utilize trading with Hotforex
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