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  1. Hi guys help me, I graduated college in September and have been trading and honing my skill. I have learned a lot and now I am ready to get a job to earn money to find my account. I don't know how to explain to employers in a job interview about behavioral questions and skills. How can I use my trading skills to explain to them I can do the job? I'm afraid they mind think I'm a gambler or just doesn't know what trading is? He'll please Thanks
  2. Hi All, I need help on position sizing. Please help. I understand most of the things about position sizing. But I am having troublew understanding how to use for example 1% per trade. Ex. If i have 100k 1% is 1000, So if I bought a stock for 40000. What do I do with the 60k if I want to take another position ? Do I risk 1% of 60k of the original 100k? Question 2: When do I adjust my capitial if I have a drwadown ofd 10%? Do I still use 1% of 100k? of the drawdown point of 90K? Help plesae thank you . Good trading all
  3. Thanks for all these great insights I really want to know want to verify what you said on the post. So you are saying that you trade retracemente and that this works for you. ? I apologize for my lack of understand of your terms. Feel free to comment and respond with true honesty.
  4. Can you explain to me how brokers can make money from me if I use leverage money? Is it the interst incurred while I use their money.?
  5. Whoa!! Thanks for all those links it really helps me cut down time to find them so now I will be reading up on them. All thanks to you though. I do have one question about leverage if you or anyone can answer it. If I was to trade full time with 25k would a 4:1 leverage from the broker be able to make a living? Or do I need 100k plus of my own money to trade without using brokers money? How much does everyone here started with if you don't mind answering? Thank you all!! Cheers !
  6. Thank you for the caring thoughts . I'm keeping up with all these helpful tips and they are really indeed improving my knowledge on trading and I'm learning something new everyday. But I am kind or getting lost on the topic of leverage though haha. But it's ok I'm learning nonetheless . Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the reply, If you don'tjnd can you explain to me about the leverage part in more detail or link me up so I can learn more about that specific topic? Because I'm really interested now that you brought that out . I want to know and understand how fund managers do their job and how they use other people's money to invest . Thanks for your help .
  8. Thanks again for these wonderful advices, I want to also know if you or any pros in here put trades on Fridays? Especially during times like this Friday with the news on air strikes and employment numbers and fed meeting comig up. With events like these do you guys lower your risk level and trade smaller or still trade the same as you usually do with say 1-2% of your capital range? Thanks )
  9. Thank you for the concise explanations . I'm taking all these information for consideration and putting them l in my plan . I know this is not the right question to ask, but is what I'm doing using the spx as a filter and all th right thing to trade stocks? I just want to get some insights how professionals do it and retail traders do it while making consistent profit. I just want to now if what I am doing is the right path. Thanks again. Cheers !!
  10. Haha.i do get eaten up by commissions and I m trying to limit that by not getting in and out so often and trying to widen my stops. But I'm not even sure if this is even a right method to do so. But you're right . Thanks for that .
  11. So what would be a good exit plan to employ if the 1:1 method is not going to work in the long run? Should I use a trailing stop or just let it jot the profit target and get out of the whole position ? What do you do? Cheers !
  12. Wow thank you to the part on correlations . I was always interested in how markets move and how I can counter trade different types of market. I really like to use the spx to gauge the market because I know the professionals are doing it . I like to focus on small caps but I'm not sure if the spx is the right one or should I use the Russell ? Either way the spx is still very useful to me . If you can provide me with a way to learn more about the counter trend trade part in the above paragraph I would be really grateful for that . Also I only look at end of day charts because they are more reliable to me. I usually use the 60 min to focus on during the day time and the 5 min for execution to get the best price. If I am wrong in my timeframe selection please correct me. Overall thank you for the help ! Cheers !
  13. Thank you to thirds great tips . These really reflect what I was and am still doing wrong. But now I can use these to refine my trading plan. I was always thinking about a 1:1 risk reward a d once I get to that target I will take half the position and put the stop at break even. But seeing having higher R/R is good I think I might try this out with a wider stop. Thank you !
  14. Thank you for the great insight this really helped me sort things out. Regarding the time frames wha do ou suggest is a good approach to it such as exits wise? Do you get out on the 60min or a trailing stop ? (For stocks I wood use dail and weekly for main trend and 60 to monitor the traceable 5 Minfor precise low risk entry). What would you do ? Cheers!
  15. Thank you for the great insight this really helped me sort things out. Regarding the time frames wha do ou suggest is a good approach to it such as exits wise? Do you get out on the 60min or a trailing stop ? (For stocks I wood use dail and weekly for main trend and 6
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