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  1. @admin and others Just wanted to let you know that the company is no longer in business.
  2. There are two broker's working styles: Win-Win You make a deposit and trade with a lager amount of money. You as a trader have a profitable strategy and make many trades per week. Broker executes your trades and takes his interest. More trades - more profit - more interest for the broker. _________________________________________________________________ Lose-Win You have a micro account and trade with a small amount of money. Broker is a market maker for you. You make a profit - broker pays you from his pocket. You lose - he gains. In this case broker very interesting in you to have a non-profitable system. More accounts - more loses - more income for the broker. What type of brokers made more money?
  3. Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad, Poor Dad! This book is not about Forex, but it is about money and how you can manage them. Very good!
  4. Hi, can you share your opinion about this broker?
  5. I dont think that 10k can be interested for professional auto traders.
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