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  1. Hi Soultrader,


    Do you know any japanese brokers ? Im looking to trade the N225 mini using TT.


    Many thanks,



  2. Hello...I just joined today, and I filled out my profile. I noticed that my phone number appears on my profile. I know it's required. But does it have to show on my profile for others to see? I don't want people here calling me. How do I make that private?





  3. Hi, i'm looking for futures trading arcades/prop firms in tokyo/osaka. Do you know any? thanks

  4. Hi there, great forum framework on the website. Only issue I see has to do with heavy moderating, is it necessary? I admit I am not familiar with the levels of SPAM/abuse on the forum, but it looks a decent place for grown traders/analysts to share ideas. Waiting for a good few hours to post is a drawback, however. Does this change after certain amount of posts?

    Thank you

  5. Upload of image failed ( Although pixels and kb were ok)

  6. Hi, I would like to change my username to omttrdr

    in place of yodusolu


  7. Hello

    What are your article guidelines? I cant find them. Maybe I am not looking in the right place.


  8. Hi Soultrader; I am trying t get some education on MARKET PROFILE. It seems that the info here has been archived and has a bad link. Would you help me out? HS

  9. Hi there! I would like to know when will I be able to post automatically? I mean, my posts are all under moderation. When would my post be also visible forever? :) Thanks! Hope to hear from you!

  10. Soultrader,

    Are you still active with the Traders Laboratory website? If you have the time, I would like to open a dialogue with you about "Tape Reading."


    Gerry (ghz3rd)


  11. Love sight looking for someone to code an alert

    for me on a dual ema indicator for trade station,thanks for any help or direction to someone who can.

  12. I do not like this forum. Tell me which forums do you know of that doesnt allow you to post straight away? This one!

  13. Hello, My name is Jesse and I represent FastBrokers. We have a trading platform that your users may interested in. It is called PathFinder Trader and it connects to Currenex for pricing and execution on spot FX and offers direct access to the major futures exchanges for pricing execution from within the same platform. The platform offers advanced charting and analysis including Market Profile, automated trading, DOM trading on Currenex and Futures, and much more.


    I would like to start a thread to inform users that this software is available, but I wanted to check with a moderator before doing so.


    Thanks and keep up the good work, Traders Lab is fastly becoming my favorite forum on the web!




  14. Hello, I tried to create two new threads and could not. I sent an email to support@traderslaboratory.com. Please answer me.


    Thank you,


  15. Thanks for the site. I've tried looking everywhere and cannot find out how to force attached picture to at least show inline thumbnails. The attachment list is nearly impossible to sort through. I couldn't figure out how to sort in post order. There doesn't seem to be any obvious way to associate the attachments with the original post. Can you tell me what I'm missing? Thanks.

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