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  1. ''Sooner or later '' has the meaning and reminds that from a zero basis concept anything may happen. It is placed in an introductory phrase and does not need to be ''a relative term in trading ''
  2. Prices in stock exchanges ( usa , german etc. ) may go more easily higher as no obvious resistance exists while a top may appear sooner or later . Only projected resistances exist. May be the simpler of them is the one described in terms of equality. I have chosen equality as I ’’ forced ‘’ myself to analyse in a simple way comparing the current wave with each of the 3 significant moves in the past attempting to the '''sooner '' The assumption is that the current wave may either end or at least find resistance at the measured prices.
  3. The following maybe of some help . Looking for possible TOPS in SPX 500 The height of the 3 rectangles named a b c , ( left side ) end all to the 1538.5 obvious maximum. The beginning is chosen as drawn from significant points. We compared the current bullish wave that started from point 3 gray circle. ( the same rectangles on the right side ) We have chosen a fibo expansion ‘’1’’ ‘’ 2 ‘’ ‘’ 3 ‘’. Conclusions as far Current price 27 dec , being 1840 overpassed 1715 -gray rectangle Still below 1977 and 2085 The fibo expansion ‘’1’’ ‘’ 2 ‘’ ‘’ 3 ‘’ projects 2085 that almost coincides with blue rectangle ( the highest of 3 ) This makes this point of great interest. Prices at 1715 1840 1977 2085 are of great importance .
  4. This ''strategy'' , you mean some sort of ''feeling'' that comes out of experience after the careful obsevation and abandon indicators in general even the concepts of res and supp ?
  5. I have the info I need for higher time frames observing the SIGNALS OF CERTAIN INDICATORS in higher time frames ,in Tradestation FXCM , using the indicators with the following name ( name of indicator ) Heat_map. Example: You look at 60 minchart and want to know the signals of the indicator ‘’supertrend’’in charts 2H, 4H, 8H, D Find in tradestation : SUPERTREND_HEAT_MAP NEW2 , Check the existing base for a''heatmap '' indicator for other instruments. Was this what you asked?
  6. Maybe dangerous is not the word . For me it was difficult to apply an approach that needs to be very quick and alert.
  7. I voted ,No . U.S are very flexible and quick in taking the appropriate measures ,especially as compared to E.U .
  8. livernik


    Ammeo , it sounds reasonable
  9. Richard , Hi, About the calculation of the measured target As far as I know the measured target should be calculated by taking the right red arrow - equal to the red arrow from the head and put it on the breakpoint of the neckline -as green arrow indicates. The final target is the green horizontal dotted line. This is the case as neckline is not horizontal in this example.
  10. Very useful article. Could you pls give us some more examples and tips?
  11. ''' For example, when multiple left and/or right shoulders appear, the structure would be classified as a Complex Head and Shoulders pattern.''' We could classify '' Complex Head and Shoulders pattern''as the general case , 1. In case a pattern has no shoulders ( both left and right) but only head , , it remains the ''cup'' pattern 2. In case a pattern has no left shoulders but only head and right shoulder it remains the pattern ''cup with handle'' 1 and 2 may be considered as subcases of the general case.
  12. In case again of FTSE _ASE 20 GREECE WEEKLY 11 10 2013 The first neckline , light blue colour,has a clear S-H-S formation but fails to break upwards and give the neasured move because of a resistance .The resistance'' worked ''. Now one may consider a new ''candidate '' neckline, pink colour with the right shoulder ''under possible construction''.
  13. I expect Harvey 1 to continue explaining chaos theory as I never had the chance to go through it in depth. Maybe zdo is right or not , I would like to know more about his view.
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