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  1. hey guys, take it easy, no room for offensive language here....I am editing your recent posts, but then will block you if you continue this way. let's try to keep it civilized. TW
  2. take it easy guys, no advertising here please, we're not encouraging any vendors... I'm watching carefully this thread thank you TW
  3. not really fond of Heiken Ashi.... TW
  4. I would say is about to revisit 108 sooner rather than later. TW
  5. and....you're banned again....regardless how many times I asked you to watch out for it, you didn't stop.... TW
  6. Hi there, You can't because your post is highly advertising and we're not allowing that here on TL, as you very well know, so I am not allowing it. Either remove any link/advertising material, or go through our Advertising department, or not waiting for the post to appear. All the best. TW
  7. I would say I am more of a "predict"....but definitely I would be better off if I were more of a "react"....still learning... TW
  8. Looking forward to see your experience....you have all my support here TW
  9. Spread 4.2 on eurjpy??? boy that FXCM got a margin on you people huh?? TW
  10. I agree. The same with Gann's works and much of really good Elliott's. Just saying. TW
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