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  1. Everything ends at 10:30. A whole new set of things begins at 10:30. Don't concern yourself with what you believe happens after 10:30, but remain focused on what happens between 2:15 and 10:30. - Spydertrader
  2. Without the ability to accurately reflect market sentiment in a binary fashion, one cannot expect to locate a positive result from neither back testing nor walk forward analysis. In addition, how fast (a gradient measurement) cannot override the market signals of 'change' or 'continue.' (binary measurement). HTH. - Spydertrader
  3. You have one more container to annotate in order to create a thick fractal (channel). You'll then have three medium weight containers to compare and contrast. If you complete the annotation process for a channel (thick container), you should see two very similar traverses and one different traverse. Determining why the two are similar vs why the one is different should then become easier for you. - Spydertrader
  4. Listen. You need to fight the urge to overcomplicate things. In the beginning stages of attempting to learn this material, everyone (including myself) tries to 'invent' different ways they 'feel' might best suite their needs, but the reality is, far different than one expects. You currently find yourself 'hung up' on vocabulary. Your prior educational experience dictates you need to understand vocabulary in order to understand a concept. This is true only in cases where vocabulary is the differentiating factor. In this specific case the words "tape, traverse, channel, bbt, sub bbt sub-sub bbt (or however many fractals down the rabbit hole one wishes to travel)" have zero relevance to understanding. One could just as easily use "thin, medium, thick, dotted, dashed, dot-dashed" or even "pig, goat, cow, spider, insect, bateria" to describe the exact same events. You understand the "pig, goat, cow" analogy because you know the absolute definition of each organism. You therefore assume, using the same approach, all you need is to understand the absolute definition of "tape, traverse, channel or bbt," What the reality is you have yet to understand that the market often speaks in a language which (while sometimes providing absolutes) most frequently transfers information in a relative sense. In other words, you should focus on when you have a completed container compared to when the market continues to build the same container. In such a fashion, you need not know what to call the container itself, but by applying the fractal nature of all markets, you can know when one container has ended, and another has begun. - Spydertrader
  5. . We want to always annotate three fractal levels. Sometimes, we have the ability to see more than three fractal levels. Sometimes it is difficult just to see three levels. The market provides clues as to when one can expect difficulty seeing three levels, as well as, times when we can expect to see more than three levels. - Spydertrader
  6. A significant amount of information exists with the creation of each and every Volume Bar. Similarly, the market provides far more information, with respect to Pace Changes, than just how 'non-dom sub tapes' present themselves. How can you know if your statement resulted from accurate (or incorrect) information? Context, always has been, and always will be, king. You cannot make decisions in a vacuum. VE's must always be handled in a consistant fashion. Fanning must always be handled in a consistant fashion. Pace changes must always be handled in a consistant fashion. Order of events must always be handled in a consistant fashion. Dominance and Non-dominance must always be handled in a consistant fashion. The current Traverse under discussion exists within a known entity called a channel. Annotate all components of the channel in a consistant fashion and you'll understand the answers you seek existed right in front of you all along. - Spydertrader
  7. Your question assumes too many things which may or may not represent a true indication of the market, and which may or may not indicate a specific context, rather than, an overall concept applicable to any context. As such, answering your question assures transference of untended information. Therefore, rather than answer your question, I'll reword my previous post. [begin rewrite of previous post] Point One's (of a specific container) do not move (within that specific container). [End rewrite of previous post] HTH. - Spydertrader
  8. If you look at my older charts, you'll often see numerous examples of where I added a 'new' Point One of a container - specifically during periods of Pace Acceleration. This was more a function of the annotation tool I used (for placing 1, 2, 3 on a chart), rather than, a function of how markets operate. To be clear, a Point One always begins a container. Rather than think in terms of a 'new' Point One (or two different colors for the same Line Weight thickness), you should consider the entire move (to Point Two of the Channel) as one Traverse which required an acceleration of its RTL (Right Trend Line). After all. VE's do not represent the only circumstance which results in an acceleration of the RTL. In other words, a Point One isn't going to move, Please note: We have only discussed a Point One. Edit: To some, the above might appear as nothing more than semantics. However, down the road, when you start to compare the relative vs. absolute nature of things, you'll not send yourself down the incorrect path. HTH. - Spydertrader
  9. See those lines in the Volume Pane? Those are different Pace Levels (VDU, DU, Slow, Medium, Fast and Extreme). In the beginning of this thread (First couple of pages), I posted a graphic showing the relationship between Volitility (Price) and Pace levels (Volume). Others (cnms2's posts come to mind, along with a few others) have provided guidance with respect to what one can expect with certain types of Pace Changes. - Spydertrader
  10. You should consider the effect changing Pace has on your ability to 'see' things clearly, and start again. You should also consider annotating three fractals in an effort to see how the nesting process works. Sometimes proper nesting of fractals can make things a bit easier to see. - Spydertrader
  11. The only measure of success a trader needs is the direction of his or her trading account. Within this thread, within other threads on this web site, and within numerous threads on elitetrader.com's web site, people (including myself) have posted their trade blotters showing their levels of success. Choosing not to go locate the evidence you seek, is far different than acting as if the evidence doesn't exist. I've traded using the Price / Volume Relationship since 2006 - first with equities, and now, exclsuively with futures. Trading, currently (and for the last 6 years), represents my only source of income. You can locate an entire year of my equities trades (and their execution reports) on ET. You can locate several of my futures trades over on ET using 20 - 40 ES contracts. You can locate trades made by people who studied the Price / Volume relationship in this thread, in other threads on this web site, and also, over at ET.com's web site. I don't make a dime if you read the information I have shared, and I don't lose a dime if you don't read it. Nothing is for sale here. When I present at the Traders Expos (NYC or Las Vegas), I do not charge for my time. Any fees ($50 bucks at the NYC Expo and $100 at the Vegas Event) went to defray the cost of room rental, lunch, dinner, dessert and drinks. Read what's here, or don't. It really makes no difference to me. Either way, may you enjoy success in your future endeavors. Good Trading to you. - Spydertrader
  12. The people participating here aren't 'followers' of any sort. They are here working towards learning something. As such, to direct your question to students makes little sense. Would you ask a Med Student how many surgeries he or she performed successfully? Would you ask a Law Student how many cases he or she has won? Would you ask an apprentice carpenter how many homes he or she has built? If you truely do have an interest in receiving an answer to your question from individuals who have completed the learning process, then you've already been provided the location of the evidence you seek. Look for it, or don't look for the evidence already provided. Makes no difference to me, but you might want to consider the possibility your question has already been asked (and answered) long before you ever posted in this thread. Good trading to you. - Spydertrader
  13. More than a few people have posted their trade execution reports (either on TL.com or on ET.com) indicating they have reached profitability. Nobody will care if you remain skeptical right up until the point you begin to make money. In fact, I was skeptical while I was first starting to make money. Ninety-five out of a hundred people dismiss my posts as pure hokum. I've always been cool with that. - Spydertrader
  14. Can you fail to do something you've just completed doing? Can Price Fail To Traverse that which it has just traversed? - Spydertrader
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