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Found 13 results

  1. Open source code for 2 NT7 trading algos C# google drive link in video description 2 Algos based on point and figure patterns, fully automated, one for crude oil contracts and one for nasdaq futures. Free to use, modify, share
  2. Youtube, NT8 Auto Spreader
  3. found this link over on EliteTrader and loved it. Very inspiring for someone like me who is building my own trading code from the ground up what are your thoughts on this? https://fxgears.com/index.php?threads/python-development-environment-jacks-technology-stack.1090/ guy writes an algo platform from scratch in python and connects it to multiple brokers and data sources nutz
  4. What is Top Algo? We provide top of the line custom futures trading strategy for the Topstep Trader™ Combine and live trading. Our automated strategy is built to successfully pass both steps of the Trading Combine® and continue being used in live trading. Step 1 - Sign Up With TopstepTrader.com The TopstepTrader Trading Combine® is a real-time simulated account where your performance is evaluated across two steps for the opportunity to get funded with our trading capital. Once you reach the Profit Target without breaking any rules, your Funded Account™ will be waiting. Sign up with TopstepTrader.com HERE Learn more about becoming a fully funded trader with Topstep Trader HERE * Note- you will need to select Ninjatrader as your trading platform Step 2 - Use Our Algorithmic Trading Strategy Our fully automated trading strategy is built for the NinjaTrader 7 Platform and trades exclusively WTI Crude Futures Contracts. It allows the trader to stay within the Trading Combine® rules while making profitable trades and spending less time in front of the screen. Step 3 - Get Funded Trade Live Once you pass the Trading Combine® our life time license allows you to continue using our trading system with no limit on # of contracts it trades. Visit our site for more info topalgo.com
  5. Algo Trading During Trump Iran Deal 05/08/2018 Algo trading 15 contracts per trade, profit 17k www.topalgo.com
  6. Hello, I have been using andautomated strategy in Tradestation to placed orders when price hits the PSAR price either long of short. Trouble is that the platform does't always fire off a trade and I cant figure out why. I called TS tech support but they were no help.I posted to their message board and never received a response. I am using Tradestation Strategy Parabolic LE and Parabolic SE to get me in the trade. Then I manage it from there. Also every time I look on at the settings it seems that alerts always aren't checked off. I have to reset them every time. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  7. Good afternoon. I have recently started my diploma work in my university about trading robots on stock market. There are a lot of books about stock markets and automated trading systems, so i really need help here... I have started with Pardo and Barry Johnson's books and technical analysis by achelis. Are these bookes good enough? or can you recommend other books about strategies, indicators, theory or any other info, that would be helpful? Thank you!
  8. Have you ever wondered how it is possible to be completely objective with all of your trading decisions? If you only trade occasionally or as a hobby, then it may not ever occur to you to write down or formulate your trading methods. If you are or planning to trade with real money either for yourself or professionally for someone else, maximum levels of accountability and integrity to explain how the profits will be made are desired. Let me be more blunt: You cannot expect to make any type of consistent profits betting on a few lucky trades from some blackbox. There are certain fundamental processes or functionality in any system. By fundamental, I mean 'core', 'primary', or basic components or processes such that, if you remove or disable any one of these cores, the system will not function properly. There are also secondary or auxiliary components that are nice to have, but are not necessary for the systems intended purpose. These are usually cosmetic or preferential in nature. Take a car for example. One of its primary functions are to take you from point a to point b. If you remove the radiator system from the engine compartment, can the car still function to serve its primary purpose? With no method to cool the engine properly, it will quickly overheat and make the car inoperable. What if you removed the radio? The drive may be boring, but the primary function of the car may still be sustained. It is important that you make this clear distinction between primary and secondary functions when designing or evaluating a trading system that is built to make profits. You want to ensure the primary components, working together in its designed flow, will produce the advertised or projected profits. Likewise, when one of the primary components fails, you can pinpoint the point of failure and apply the appropriate workaround. Too many traders choose to have their attention focused on secondary functionality, and many more charlatan system vendors exploit this. Some examples of secondary functionality may be chart/indicator color, trades 'win' %, worrying about scalping capability, and perhaps the worst lagging indicator of all: popularity :crap:. (this deserves further commentary in an upcoming thread) A complete trading system has to have at a minimum: 1) an ability to determine satisfactory condition(s) exactly when to/not to enter the market. (collectively known as an entry signal or alert) 2) Actual entry or entries of trades into the market related to the signal generated in step 1. 3) an ability to determine satisfactory condition(s) exactly when to/not to exit the trades made in step 2. from the market. (collectively known as an exit 'signal' or alert) 4) Actual exit(s) of trades generated in step 2 from the market, based on exit signal from step 3. Steps 1-4 above in sequence is what I call a tradecycle. A tradecycle could technically be applied to managing individual trades, each having its own independent tradecycle running simultaneously, trading the same or different instruments. I have found tradecycling is much more effective when applied to 1 or more trades of the same instrument in series (like a basket). You could still trade several different instruments in their own tradecycle, and preferably in their own account. I use a combination of trend detection with non-lagging indicator, reverse entries (counter-trend) in a grid formation, and a closeAll exit strategy when net profits have been obtained. In this way, steps 3 and 4 are combined. Although not part of the tradecycle, a new step emerges: repeat as many times as possible:cool:. When you have a mechanical system, it is desirable to maximize repetitions (not to be confused with aggression) . The maximum profitability is derived by maximizing the number of tradecycles. So then we start talking about automation, dedicated servers, etc (another topic for another day). This is easier to understand when you can see it visually. The screenshot shows a few tradecycles with a breakdown of each step. The grid was set to 0.2 lots sizes each, 2 pips apart from the initial trade. These were actual trades done on a live demo account. Live real money accounts have traded the same way (better in a few cases) with the same settings. I have to see the reaction to this article before i figure out what part 2 will be about. I'm thinking more details about why tradecycling is the best approach for mechanical trading, the worst case scenarios (risk management), etc. I do hope that more people are aware that trading does not have to be difficult or mystical. Buying and selling mediums may change, but the core motivations of what drives people to agree on a contract (and a price) are always the same. At least no one can say they haven't been given a specific method to get started Additional note: the indicator used is a custom, non-lagging trend detection indicator known as the Awesome Price Action Move Indicator [separate thread sometime soon....will be released free] But you could use something as simple as a moving average crossover or a coin toss trend filter if you wanted. As long as the filter is consistently applied.
  9. Hello, I am having trouble coding a time delay after a trade occurs (buy or sell, open or close) to avoid my automated strategy making a ton of trades as the price action whipsaws and signals my indicators true/false. Can anyone provide some suggestions here? For instance, (I will set a time delay of say 15 minutes)... if my combo of indicators goes true at 10:20AM and a Long position is opened, I don't want these indicators to be evaluated again before 10:35AM. I want my strategy to run in real time and not on bar close b/c of the action I'm missing in that bar. However, right now all that my strategy will do is rack up commission fees. Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm using Multicharts. Thanks!!
  10. Automated Execution is generally put in place with Expert Advisors in Meta Trader, or with similar programs. These trades tend to be based on technical conditions which show that certain trade entries should be executed, such as a reversal at Fibonacci levels or with an overextended indicator reading.
  11. Automated Currency Trading is a broad term that could refer to stop or limit orders that have been previously established by a trader, or in the algorithmic trading that defines trade parameters independently through mechanisms such as an Expert Indicator in MetaTrader. Automated trading can carry a higher risk of loss and position sizes should be lowered as a means of protection against adverse market movements.
  12. Hi, I have a cumulative delta strategy and I am looking for the best platform/data feed combination to implement a fully automated trading system. The configuration I use currently is DTN feed+Investor R/T, but Investor R/T does not have the capability to create a fully automated trading system. I am ok with switching data feed too, as long as I can find a good trading platform that can provide me cumulative delta analysis + ability to create fully automated trading system. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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