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  1. found this link over on EliteTrader and loved it. Very inspiring for someone like me who is building my own trading code from the ground up what are your thoughts on this? https://fxgears.com/index.php?threads/python-development-environment-jacks-technology-stack.1090/ guy writes an algo platform from scratch in python and connects it to multiple brokers and data sources nutz
  2. best is the one you write yourself in C# or python the second best is NinjaTrader or MultiCharts
  3. there is no safe martingale system all you can do is be good at deferring risk to another day, but the better you become at this, the larger the drawdown when you eventually have to realize said risk
  4. "easier" is subjective and with python it depends on your broker's API some are easier than others Oanda's v20 API for python is easy to use IB's official API for python is annoying to use but does a good job
  5. Binaries aren't designed for you to win in the long run learn to trade spot and get better at risk management, you'll do better overall vs binaries
  6. You cannot win with binary options, they are designed so it's not possible in the long run.
  7. Pepperstone, Oanda, Interactive Brokers, and Darwinex
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