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Found 9 results

  1. Do women make good traders? Or do you consider only men as good traders? What do you think?
  2. Hello everyone! I am an advanced trader, with many years of experience (about 15 years - 10 living exclusively from this) I am going to give you some tips that you must know: There are going to be many people who tell you that trade is easy, that with only crossiing a line with another one you will win a lot of money.... and that´s not true. No, Sir, reality is far away from that. Many people who start arrive here with the hope that someone "gives them" a free method, they watch youtube videos thinking that this will give them the "strategy" and in a few days they realize that it does not work for them - they lose money - and then They go looking for a new one ... and so on. YES, IT´S TRUE YOU EARN IN TRADING, A LOT. BUT THINK: for a few to win (10% + any BROKER) many others must lose (90% people). YOU MUST HAVE A MONEY MANAGMENT FORMULA ( you can email me) People study so many years to live on this, not because they are dumb, but to know what they do, when, and have absolute effectiveness. It´s very easy to get lost here: do not disperse, jumping from one to another strategy WILL NEVER give you money, it will only waste your time and make you nervous when trading. PEOPLE WHO CHANGE THEIR METHOD CONSTANTLY : LOOOOSE ALWAYS. If you have the knowledge to develop it, take your time and do it. Always try it first on DEMO for at least 2 weeks! If not: search to buy a solid strategy (no you tube videos pleassse ! Avoid losing money! ) This is like any business, it requires some capital to start (capital = money in the broker + solid made /purchased strategy) If you are lost: I RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO WASTE TIME IN YOUTUBE, JOIN PEOPLE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCE AND IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUY A METHOD ... PLEASE !!!! DO NOT BUY 10 BAD AND CHEAP METHODS, SAVE MONEY AND BUY ONLY 1 BUT EXCLUSIVE AND MUST ALLWAYS HAVE SUPPORT !!!!! Do not buy Signals! They never keep up with constant profits! One week will win and the next will lose. Nothing that does not depend absolutely on you will give you the money you are looking for. And if you do not have a strategy (made or purchased) do not even try PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: DO NOT USE REAL MONEY! AT LEAST 2 WEEK DEMO FREE HELP HERE!!!!! IF YOU FOLLOW MY ADVICE YOU WILL BE PART OF THAT 10% WINNER, email me. Have a nice trading day
  3. Can anyone suggest how to be a good trader in a short time?
  4. During an active trade, if the position of the trade moves with the trader's expectations, the trade will be in profit. However, this profit is unrealized because the position has not been terminated in order to claim the profit. The profit is only realized when the position is terminated in profit. In an account statement, the unrealized profit is shown in a separate column and is not added to the realized profit column.
  5. A trading strategy is not just designed for profits, but also for capital preservation. So a trading strategy is designed by the trader to identify trade opportunities, identify the risk - reward ratio, and also employs risk management techniques in order to mitigate the effects of a loss should one occur.
  6. There is a lot of emotional involvement whenever money is involved in an activity, and financial trading is no different. Traders encounter all kinds of emotions that include fear, anxiety, greed, elation, etc in response to the expectations and actual outcomes of trades. The emotions they feel can affect the decisions that they take. It is the total package of the emotions felt and the responses to those emotions that is known as trading psychology.
  7. Professional trading firm located in Delray Beach, FL provides a hands on approach for prospective and successful traders seeking a direct career path in becoming a Hedge Fund Manager or Commodity Trading Advisor. Trade stocks, futures and/or forex from our newly built trading floor or remotely. Enjoy state of the art technology, top-notch execution platforms and professional execution rates. Combined, our team has over 60 years of trading industry experience. We are not a prop-shop. We are the avenue and fast track to a true career as a fund/money manager. The Opportunity: Our firm will closely assist accepted traders through the entire process with the ultimate goal of becoming a fund manager. This includes, building an marketable auditable track record, raising trading capital for successful traders and more. We Supply: · Trading guidance by our experienced team · Proprietary trading software · Trading computers with multiple screens · Low latency connections · Robust execution platforms and charting · Professional commission rates · Professional level leverage · Auditable trading track records · A professional trading room atmosphere For The Successful/Proven Traders & Managers, We Offer: · Fund formation · Regulatory registration · Seed capital availability · Capital introduction & Marketing · Fund administration, compliance and more · Private office suites Please e-mail your resume and a brief description of your trading background to hfriedman (AT) stonehengeemg.com . We will contact you to arrange a meeting.
  8. I'm curious if anyone has any tips on trading remotely while globetrotting? I've begun to be consistently profitable and I want to take the show on the road and wondered if anyone has suggestions on places to go or places to avoid other than warzones... Some books talk about working remotely like 4 Hour Work Week, but as a trader I'm spending, by my own choice, much longer than four hours and would simply like a change of scenery..can anyone relate??? Thanks, Ed In the USA..for now
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