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  1. Save on a Lifetime License! Open a new NinjaTrader Brokerage account by June 30th and save $100 on a new Lifetime license at a discounted price of only $999. OPEN ACCOUNT Along with access to the most powerful version of NinjaTrader, you will save even more with deep discount commissions at $.09 per Micro futures contract & only $50 margins. Your Lifetime license includes ALL of NinjaTrader’s premium features: Award-winning order entry options including Chart Trader & OCO orders Order Flow + tool set featuring the Volume Profile Indicator – NinjaTrader’s most powerful indicator to date ATM Strategies, advanced Alerting system, auto-close positions for additional risk management and more PLUS all future NinjaTrader platform enhancements are included at no additional charge – for life! Simply fund your account to lock in your savings. Once you have funded your new account, you will receive a discounted purchase link by email. Questions? Contact us at 312.262.1289 or brokeragesales@ninjatrader.com. *Platform License Discount Requirements: Account must be opened & funded in June 2022 Discount is applicable to software purchase only 2nd accounts for current NinjaTrader Brokerage account owners not eligible for platform discounts Futures and Forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. View Full Risk Disclosure.
  2. Now is the Time to SAVE Even More with NinjaTrader! Open a new Futures account by August 31st and receive up to $200 in commission rebates. Simply fund your account with the account minimum of $400 and start trading. You will receive a rebate back on all future trades placed prior to October 31st. OPEN ACCOUNT Why Trade Futures with NinjaTrader? FREE Platform included with brokerage account Clear savings through discount commissions Low day trading margins including only $50 for Micros 1000s of Apps & Add-Ons to personalize your platform Questions? Contact us at 1.800.496.1683 or brokeragesales@ninjatrader.com. *Commission Rebate Requirements: Account must be opened & funded in August 2021 with $400 minimum Trades must be executed on or before October 31st, 2021 Commission rebates will be applied to the account holder's balance monthly as a credit up to $0.25 per contract if charged commission exceeds $0.25 per contract or equaling the value of the commission charged if under $0.25 per contract Standard exchange, NFA and routing fees still apply Existing NinjaTrader Brokerage account holders are not eligible for this promotion Futures, foreign currency and options trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. View Full Risk Disclosure.
  3. Our NinjaTrader community of 100,000+ traders continues to expand around the globe and we want to thank you for helping us further our leadership role in the industry. As a token of our appreciation, we invite all members of the NinjaTrader community to take advantage of discounted prices on a NinjaTrader lifetime license or an opportunity to change your existing license. This limited-time offer provides significant savings on each of the following purchases: > Single Broker Lifetime License: Only $999 ($100 savings) > Multi Broker Lifetime License: Only $1349 ($300 savings) > Change to a Multi Broker Lifetime License: Only $350 ($200 savings) Lock in your savings today and have access to all future versions of NinjaTrader for life! These limited-time discounts expire on Friday, December 18th. If you have any questions regarding these discounts or how credits from your existing lease may be applied to a new purchase, please send an email to platformsales@ninjatrader.com. Thank you again for your ongoing support as a member of the NinjaTrader community. Please note: CQG only available to eligible customers. This communication is sent to you by NinjaTrader, LLC, a software development company which owns and supports all proprietary technology relating to and including the NinjaTrader trading platform. RISK DISCLOSURE: Futures, foreign currency and options trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. View Full Risk Disclosure.
  4. Hello everyone! I am an advanced trader, with many years of experience (about 15 years - 10 living exclusively from this) I am going to give you some tips that you must know: There are going to be many people who tell you that trade is easy, that with only crossiing a line with another one you will win a lot of money.... and that´s not true. No, Sir, reality is far away from that. Many people who start arrive here with the hope that someone "gives them" a free method, they watch youtube videos thinking that this will give them the "strategy" and in a few days they realize that it does not work for them - they lose money - and then They go looking for a new one ... and so on. YES, IT´S TRUE YOU EARN IN TRADING, A LOT. BUT THINK: for a few to win (10% + any BROKER) many others must lose (90% people). YOU MUST HAVE A MONEY MANAGMENT FORMULA ( you can email me) People study so many years to live on this, not because they are dumb, but to know what they do, when, and have absolute effectiveness. It´s very easy to get lost here: do not disperse, jumping from one to another strategy WILL NEVER give you money, it will only waste your time and make you nervous when trading. PEOPLE WHO CHANGE THEIR METHOD CONSTANTLY : LOOOOSE ALWAYS. If you have the knowledge to develop it, take your time and do it. Always try it first on DEMO for at least 2 weeks! If not: search to buy a solid strategy (no you tube videos pleassse ! Avoid losing money! ) This is like any business, it requires some capital to start (capital = money in the broker + solid made /purchased strategy) If you are lost: I RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO WASTE TIME IN YOUTUBE, JOIN PEOPLE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCE AND IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUY A METHOD ... PLEASE !!!! DO NOT BUY 10 BAD AND CHEAP METHODS, SAVE MONEY AND BUY ONLY 1 BUT EXCLUSIVE AND MUST ALLWAYS HAVE SUPPORT !!!!! Do not buy Signals! They never keep up with constant profits! One week will win and the next will lose. Nothing that does not depend absolutely on you will give you the money you are looking for. And if you do not have a strategy (made or purchased) do not even try PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: DO NOT USE REAL MONEY! AT LEAST 2 WEEK DEMO FREE HELP HERE!!!!! IF YOU FOLLOW MY ADVICE YOU WILL BE PART OF THAT 10% WINNER, email me. Have a nice trading day
  5. NinjaTrader is making it even easier to get into the trading action in April. For a limited time, you can open & fund a new futures brokerage account with ONLY $400! With $50 day trading margins available for Micro contracts and deep discount commissions, now is the ideal time to build experience trading these popular CME Group contracts. LEARN MORE Why Trade Futures with NinjaTrader? FREE Platform included with brokerage account Unlimited simulated trading with live futures market data Clear savings through discount commissions Low day trading margins including $50 for Micros and only $500 for ES Questions Contact us at 1.800.496.1683 or brokeragesales@ninjatrader.com. Program Requirements Account must be opened & funded in April 2019 with $400 minimum Futures and Forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.View Full Risk Disclosure.
  6. So, I was looking for a good trading software, and I found one called flowshark, it's reasonably priced, and has a free live trading room on weekdays, I was wondering, is it any good? It seems pretty good..
  7. Notice, to all my fellow traders, who wish to earn more money. I wish to share with you a discovery. The Web Analyzer tool that is perhaps the most reliable and efficient tool in the field. It puts at your disposal, strategies and potential trades suggest by professionals. This software is simply wonderful as it combines strategy, efficiency, simplicity and professionalism. It is very easy to use, and allows you, with ease to place your stop lost, choose your profits, and a lot of very useful things. This is the tool you need to make money in the long run. Personally, this software allowed me to reduce my losses and increase my earnings. If you want to make the most profit by reducing your losses, this is the best. I use it for almost 6 months and I'm not on it. I let you discover the presentation of this powerful tool in video (English translated into French) and if you have doubts, I advise you to do your own research. Presentation of the web analyzer Testimonials Download URL iMarketsLive.pdfTo register The Web Analyzer is probably the most powerful and valuable software of the company that designed it. iMarketslive (IML), the leading provider of Forex trading and trading software, is an American company operating in more than 150 countries around the world. It was founded in July 2013 by Christopher Terry, a trader who made more than 80 million profit on the financial market. iMarketslive has its own TV channel in the USA. It is a private company without any debt, which does not provide third-party service. It merges 2 major industries, namely the Foreign Currency Trading Industry called Forex, and the Network Marketing Industry. It has an educational platform that provides video lessons in several languages. https://youtu.be/vgmg3JSVHcw The goal of iMarketslive is to bring knowledge of trading, and to allow everyone to achieve financial freedom. It guarantees you: -A prestige leadership at the command of the company and traders. -A world class education, services and tools -A friendly community and support -Best performance of its Software / Tools -Significant risk reduction iMarketsLive is not an investment platform or a broker. You register to learn the trade of trader and you have all the means to arrive there easily. As if you were enrolling in a university to learn courses, with the difference that your knowledge of trading, you are automatically used to earn money. In addition to training tools, iMarketslive provides decision support software. Your registration entitles you to several hours of video and software. 2 Learning software: -IML TV '' Thanks to the master classes on Forex, become a consistent and profitable operator. Learn all about Forex trading, vocabulary and tips '' -IML Academy '' Increase your chances of success through the live mentorship program to learn how to apply what you have learned. Get involved with professional traders, with many years of experience’’ 3 Manual Trading Software: -SwipeTrade '' Receive Trade Alerts Suggested by Trading Experts '' -Harmonic Scanner '' Get help, with a high probability confirmation, to help you increase your chances of profit in the long run '' -Daily Swing Trade '' Once a week learn live from the best, and potentially win money with iMarketslive CEO Christopher Terry '' 2 Automatic Trading Software -FxSignalslive '' This autotrader software, which combines several analysis strategies, forecasts and management tools, gives you the best earning potential '' -Fusion Trader '' This software allows high frequency results, best probabilities and calculates high risks. '' Not to mention the famous '' Web Analyzer '' If iMarketslive is successful it is thanks to the training it offers and its software that offer a better guarantee of long-term gain, and a considerable reduction of losses on the market. Which explains in 5 years, she conquered more than 150 countries. In addition, iMarketslive allows you to earn money through affiliation. This is the marketing aspect of these tools, because at iMarketslive there is something for sale: Trading tools. A bit like if a school in your neighborhood paid you a commission on the registrations that you bring back to him. iMarketslive offers the best business plan ever seen in the world. You have residual income per month, ranging from $ 150 (3 referrals in your matrix) to $ 1000 (30 referrals in your matrix). You have a salary plan that goes up to $ 500,000 depending on the number of direct or indirect referrals in your matrix, and rank bonuses. It's something that combines efficiency, cost-effectiveness, reliability and security. How to register? Cost of registration 275 dollars 1- Click https://www.myimarketslive.co/paul29 and go to iMarketslive. It is impossible to register without a sponsor 2- Click GET STARTED 3- Click BECOME A CLIENT 4- Replace the form to create your account (it is important to fill this form with your real information and your real coordinates) 5- Your username and password ID that gives you access to the iMarketslive Educational Training Plate or you have all the tools and courses available to you to succeed. Contact: Euligeon95@gmail.com
  8. IS THE FOREX TRADING SYSTEM I BOUGHT ... USELESS? This is a long topic, so I separated it into two posts for ease of reading and understanding. PART ONE … Comparing Hindsight with Reality Every day we see on the Internet, new and interesting forex trading systems. The sales pitch that goes with these trading systems is so well written, that many currency traders become convinced that “at last – a breakthrough” has occurred that will turn their losing trading efforts into profits. The story promises to give ordinary traders an advantage they never had before. The retail forex market is truly in the trading and investing spotlight today, and an amazing amount of recycled and old information is packaged and sold as “a breakthrough.” How many hundreds of forex vendors have sprung up on the Internet to “share with the public for the very first time, the trading secret that made them a millionaire”? … blah … blah … blah! Forex charts, videos and equity curves are even produced, and guarantees are given that promise to refund your money “no questions asked” if not satisfied. Some of these system marketers do honour their guarantees, and some will blame the trader for “not following the rules.” There is a grain of truth in some of these counter-claims, but generally, a response like that from a vendor clearly points to problems … “money-back-no-questions-asked” should be honoured as stated. I have bought four or five strategies/systems myself, so I know some of them DO actually work and function well. Some do not. Most forex system vendors DO honour their guarantees. Some do not. Forex trading strategies have several things in common – you need to actually understand and master them, and apply the strategy and the principles to your trading. Another thing they have in common is: they do not work ALL the time. Nothing does. All trading systems WILL take a draw-down at some stage during their operation. There is a reason for that. Markets trend. Then they consolidate within a range. Systems are designed to take advantage of trending markets or ranging markets – few strategies can handle both ranging AND trending markets. Ok – so let’s get back to the topic: if some of the forex trading systems on the market are NOT failures, then where does that leave the trader? What is the deal here? Clearly the issue comes down to how the trader applies that system to what he is seeing on his charts. Traders are inventive and entrepreneurial people. They are never contented with the opportunity to trade a strategy faithfully that has been proven to work well. Some traders will always try to apply a different indicator, a different setting, or they will want it to work on other TF or other currency pairs than it was designed for. In fact, you could bet the house that traders will feel some need to change something, somewhere about the strategy. But could there be more to this problem than just the application of the strategy? There certainly could be … and there is a LOT more. To expect a trading system to work “out of the box” … meaning as soon as you receive it and apply it to your charts – could be a bit too much to expect. Salespeople do not care whether you are an experienced trader from Tennessee, or a newbie from Newport! So to solve this dilemma, let’s assume the trader has enough experience to know his way around a trading platform, and has traded demo mode for a few months. In other words, the trader has some experience, and knows what he is looking at. And we’ll also assume that the system happens to be a reasonable trading strategy that genuinely does make pips … a positive expectation. To simplify the issue, let’s take the system that we created a few days ago, (see April blog entries) and see if we can show how to use it, from a section of the chart that I admit I did “cherry pick” for the illustration. The system I am using here is similar to one found on a popular Internet forex trading forum. I have applied slightly different values to the indicators. But the principles of most systems that involve using a three Moving Averages cross-over, are generally the same: when the fast MA cross the medium MA, there is an alert. When the fast MA then crosses the slower MA too, then you have the signal to buy or sell. The strategy of using three (or even four) time frames to assess trend, is an effective approach, but still there can be no guarantee that any trend will continue. Trends end, and price can become range-bound … consolidating. If traders keep this in the front of their minds at all times, then the dangers associated with attempting to find trend-trades when there are none, will be lessened. Check the 4H chart attached below, with our three moving averages coming together in a nice area of confluence. I can assure you that the DAILY chart is in a strong down-trend, so we are only interested in trades that we can enter in the short direction. The price trend on the 4H charts is UP. We treat this as a pull-back, and look for short entries. The MACD is clearly also showing UPWARD MOMENTUM. We can not trade against this upward momentum. The RSI is ABOVE 50, so the expectation is that the upward trend “should” continue. I refrain from using such terms as “will” because as traders it is NOT our role to be telling the market what it “will” do. Instead, our role is to follow exactly what the market IS doing – we REACT to activity – we do not dictate activity. So … while our first thoughts are that price might continue to rise, there are clues that this is NOT necessarily the case. There is something else developing. Take a closer look at RSI … clearly it is still above the 50 level – yes - but it is turning down fairly steeply, even though price is in a nice uptrend. Further evidence that there might be an imminent change in trend direction, is seen by the confluence of the three EMA’s – exactly on that last 4H candle. Now we can not know what is going on until the current candle has completed, and the new one begins … or can we? Well the answer to that question, is: look at the next lower TF … the 1H. Notice where we are looking as we apply this system. We are not looking at the activity 10 or even 7 candles back … we are looking at the CURRENT candle, because when you are trading, THIS is the candle, and THIS is the price that you will be dealing with. What your indicators are doing RIGHT NOW is what will be fuelling your emotions, intellect, intuition and interpretation of what you are seeing. The decisions you make will be based partly on what has gone before – yes – but the actual buy/sell trigger will be pulled depending on what is happening in the present moment – not 4 or 40 hours ago. This is what the Forex System vendors will be showing you – where you “could” have entered, and where their “system” generates the profits. But they are unable to show you H-O-W to actually detect and execute a trade, so that you DO get the expected profits. Getting back to our 1H chart we can see that the fastest EMA – the 5 – has crossed the medium EMA – the 13 – at the same point of confluence we saw on the 4H chart earlier. The fast 5EMA has not yet crossed the slow 34EMA. But notice that the MACD histogram has crossed UNDER its signal line, and is falling. This tells us MOMENTUM is slowing … nothing else. Next, the RSI is still ABOVE 50, and parallel to the 50 line. No conclusions to be drawn there either. We need to wait another hour, to see what price is going to do. There is no other conclusion we can draw right now. In PART TWO of this exercise (next blog post) we will continue with this setup. And I will show you how to actually locate the signals and place the trades, according to real rules; and I’ll show you how to locate the legitimate exits that lead to real trading profits. Continued and concluded with next Blog post ……. Posted in my Blog: http://forexapplepie.com/
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