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  1. So, I was looking for a good trading software, and I found one called flowshark, it's reasonably priced, and has a free live trading room on weekdays, I was wondering, is it any good? It seems pretty good..
  2. I'm not sure myself, but I'd recommend joining a trading room or such, in them you can get your questions answered in real time... Like the flowshark one, it's free, and thats good enough for me! lol
  3. I'd say another tip would have to be, know what you're doing. It would be a good idea to get into a room or such, to learn how other people are thinking, and about what the indicators are saying, like with the flowshark live room, it's free, and thats good enough for me!
  4. So I was wondering, what software do you guys generally like? Trade Station, Ninja Trader, other? Personally I'd have to say flowshark, it tells where the buyers and sellers are coming in, it's quite powerful.
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