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Found 9 results

  1. So I was wondering, what software do you guys generally like? Trade Station, Ninja Trader, other? Personally I'd have to say flowshark, it tells where the buyers and sellers are coming in, it's quite powerful.
  2. Hi All, What trading platform do you prefer for US Equities? Pros and Cons? thanks!
  3. Hello everyone. We are pleased to announce that the first trading automatic software was created with binary options directly on metatrader. You can download our software on Binary Metatrader - Binary Options Robot STEP 1 TO 3 – DOWNLOAD THE AUTOSTRATEGIES Our Metatrader automated strategies are provided as software. Once it is installed on Mt4 it'll let you trade automatically. This software has been studied and tested for binary options. STEP 2 TO 3 – SETTING METATRADER Choose one of the binary options brokers using Metatrader. You can download MT4 with a demo account and install all of our strategies. Simplified configuration, thanks also to our help. STEP 3 TO 3 – DAILY GAIN Let the software run independently, it will open automatic operations 24/24 h bringing you profitswithout you having to wait in front of the PC! The Best Expert Advisor for Binary Metatrader. HOW IT WORKS Here it is the first winning and completely automated binary options system that works 24/24 h! Nowadays, with this new extension created by http://www.tradetoolsfx.com traditional forex brokers can provide binary options directly via Metatrader. Thanks to this innovation it becomes possible to run trading strategies for binary options in a completely automated way through the Metatrader platform, while this implementation was… Still an unfair 'no-no' untill recent times. You could say goodbay to your old trading way: no more charts and analysis, no more signals and exhausting waiting, no more stress. And with a 24/24 H automatic operativity time you could obtain an elevated number of monthly operations – in this way it would be feasible to earn a more than reasonable amount of money each month. You can test the system without depositing the Broker. It'is possible using a free demo account made available by these binary options extension-ready brokers. After verifying the profits gained thanks to our strategies and our system reliability, you can finally make a deposit to open a real account. Afraid of the installation? Our support will never let you alone!
  4. Hi everyone, I aim to be a systematic trader, however I cannot decide which software/programming language to choose for my purpose. I am looking forward to your advice. Let's say I have a MACD Crossover system in hourly graphs with a higher Time Frame filter. I also do risk management with like trailing stops and moving stop losses to specific points if certain conditions are met. Also position-sizing methods are incorporated to the system as well. With this type of system (swing trading), I want to be able to: Do Backtests (BT) with multiple time frame analysis (to incorporate higher time frame filter and maybe a lower time frame to decide entry points) Do BT with and without position-sizing method that I choose Do BT with trailing stops, and move stop-losses when a position is open (to breakeven point, for example). Review every trade in BT from the generated pictures of all time frames taken just before entering a position and just after closing that position. Optimize parameters of certain indicators such as the MACD in H1, to optimize the parameter I choose (net profit or something else) Incorporate slippage and commissions Generate 2D/3D graphs to see nearby values of the value chosen for the parameter after optimization (to avoid choosing a value from a peak, rather than a plateau-like space) Do BT with optimized indicators and parameters. Generate reports (with net profit values, average gain per trade , account equity etc.) for before-optimization BT and after-optimization BT. Do Monte Carlo Simulation and consequent analysis on the optimized system. Do Walk Forward Analysis (rolling, preferably) with reports (similar to reports generated from backtesting) Do Paper Trading (Incubation/Live Forward Testing, whatever it is called), and generate reports from that as well. So my question is , What software/programming environment will allow these actions? R, Python, MATLAB, Amibroker, TradeStation or something else? Also, just to make things harder, I am an university student so money is an issue . Any input, help or comment is appreciated on my methodology of building a trading system or software/programming environment to choose. Also, if you did not understand any part that I wrote, please ask, and I will make it clearer . Thanks and I wish everyone highly profitable systems .
  5. AlgoTrader is based on Complex Event Processing (CEP) using Esper and therefore accommodates strategies that cannot be programed with procedural programming languages. CEP is a very good technique to get started with algorithmic trading. With this technology time-based Market Data Analysis and Signal Generation are coded in EPL (similar to SQL) statements, whereas procedural actions like placing an order are coded in plain Java Code. The combination of the two provides a best-of-both-worlds approach and accommodates strategies that are predominantly time-based and therefore cannot be programed with traditional procedural programming languages. Also, the total amount of code is usually much smaller, even for complex strategies. AlgoTrader is not a Chart based Trading Platform (like Tradestation, MetaTrader or NinjaTrader). It does not have drag-and-drop functionality and hundreds of indicators. It is our belief, that successful strategies are based on economic facts and not on extensive back-testing or chart pattern analysis based on many different technical indicators. Features: Automate Trading Strategies based on Complex Trading Rules Develop, Simulate and Trade multiple Strategies in parallel Multiple Broker Interfaces and Market Data Providers Support for Forex, Options, Futures, Stocks, Commodities & more Support for Synthetic Instruments & Custom Derivative Spreads Several build-in Execution Algorithms Multi-Account Functionality Automated Forex Hedging & Options Pricing Engine Based on Open Source Technology like Esper, Spring & Hibernate Scalable / Low Latency / High Throughput Architecture and much more… There are two versions available of AlgoTrader: An Open Source Version that you can download for free from http://code.google.com/p/algo-trader/ A Commercial Version (with Support and Professional Services) is available from http://www.algotrader.ch
  6. Hi I'm a beginner options trader (former FX trader) and want to make sure I'm picking the right software to get into this field. I'd love to know what folks here are the features in any software that are must haves? I'm particularly curious to know if (and why) it's particularly important to have software that offers options statistics breakdown (e.g. implies/historical vol), volumes of options traded in an underlying as well as option time and sales. Thanks in advance !
  7. Currency Trading Software can include a wide variety of features, such as advanced charting tools or fundamental news feeds. These can be downloaded or web based.
  8. I have never traded before but am very interested in learning. I have read a couple books, mostly about stocks and options. However, I am leaning more towards Forex due to the ability to trade with less capital which is great for beginners. Also, I enjoy to read the charts and use indicators more than fundamental analysis but understand that it is an important part of trading as well. I would like to use technical analysis over fundamentals, but of course, would include fundamentals as part of my trading practices if recommended necessary. I am looking for some recommendations to some GREAT educational resources besides the forums; such as books, courses, and mentors. I would absolutely love to find a local mentor to take me under their wing and turn me out to be a great trader. If not, it would be just as great to meet some people like me in Las Vegas who are interested in trading the markets! Please give me your very best recommendations. I am looking for resources on general education, how to trade, strategies, and software use. Even some recommendations on the best software and brokerages to start out with that have the lowest costs would be helpful. I am especially looking for a mentor or like minded people locally that would enjoy sharing their knowledge! Even if you are not from Las Vegas we could use the Team Viewer software to share Desktop screens to get the over-the-shoulder approach I am looking for. Thank you for any help! I am looking forward to the responses to my post! By the way, I am currently an apprentice for the Plumbers&Pipefitters Union in Las Vegas so I am used to being a student and will do what it takes to learn. It is a five year apprenticeship and I am getting ready to journey out so I would love to spend my time as an apprentice in the Forex Market. I will be very dedicated. Thanks!
  9. There are plenty of RAM management software tools out there, available for free download. I personally use FreeRam XP Pro which does a good job. BUT - sometimes I find my RAM has diminished and I don't know why and using the FreeRAM tool doesn't free it up...so what I do is I start up an .swf movie and let it run for a minute or so (or longer). While it is running it sucks up more RAM but when I then close the .swf file I notice, most of the time, a huge increase in available RAM, to levels beyond that which was available before running the .swf movie. I know plenty of participants on this site contribute video tutorials in the .swf format ... so now they know that I find these tutorials useful in more ways than one!
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