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  1. Hello everyone. We are pleased to announce that the first trading automatic software was created with binary options directly on metatrader. You can download our software on Binary Metatrader - Binary Options Robot STEP 1 TO 3 – DOWNLOAD THE AUTOSTRATEGIES Our Metatrader automated strategies are provided as software. Once it is installed on Mt4 it'll let you trade automatically. This software has been studied and tested for binary options. STEP 2 TO 3 – SETTING METATRADER Choose one of the binary options brokers using Metatrader. You can download MT4 with a demo account and install all of our strategies. Simplified configuration, thanks also to our help. STEP 3 TO 3 – DAILY GAIN Let the software run independently, it will open automatic operations 24/24 h bringing you profitswithout you having to wait in front of the PC! The Best Expert Advisor for Binary Metatrader. HOW IT WORKS Here it is the first winning and completely automated binary options system that works 24/24 h! Nowadays, with this new extension created by http://www.tradetoolsfx.com traditional forex brokers can provide binary options directly via Metatrader. Thanks to this innovation it becomes possible to run trading strategies for binary options in a completely automated way through the Metatrader platform, while this implementation was… Still an unfair 'no-no' untill recent times. You could say goodbay to your old trading way: no more charts and analysis, no more signals and exhausting waiting, no more stress. And with a 24/24 H automatic operativity time you could obtain an elevated number of monthly operations – in this way it would be feasible to earn a more than reasonable amount of money each month. You can test the system without depositing the Broker. It'is possible using a free demo account made available by these binary options extension-ready brokers. After verifying the profits gained thanks to our strategies and our system reliability, you can finally make a deposit to open a real account. Afraid of the installation? Our support will never let you alone!
  2. I play there for quite a while and its nice. they do not "give" $50 at all. you bet a friend or someone else for a specific amount of money that you can get better results in your portfolio compared to him in a given time. The money goes to a common pot and when the game ends, the player who has the highest portfolio wins the pot. During the game each one gets $100k for virtual trading and the Buy/Sell orders are in real time just like the real thing. In short, its sort of a trading contest between 2 or more traders. It is nice but i recommend you to play in demo mode for free before depositing any money.
  3. Have you tried this Excel spreadsheet for the Relative Strength Index?
  4. Here's a couple of spreadsheets that may help Calculate Sharpe Ratio in Excel Calculate Sortino Ratio in Excel
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