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Found 10 results

  1. Hello to all! Let me introduce one of the indicator I developed for NinjaTrader. It works nice for trading futures market, but I think it will be also great for stocks. I will not give full explain about it. Just what I can show you right now: Red dots on chart - enter short on bar close Green dots on chart - enter long on bar close. The indicator code is very simple, but using some interesting tips. It also can be re-writed for any platform. I wrote this indicator for scalping on 5min charts, but it also works nice with higher TF like 60m on 240m and Daily chart. Oil S&P S&P NASDAQ I want to know your opinion about this enter points and answer one more question: Do you want this indicator in your arsenal? Thanks!
  2. My scalping strategy worked 90% in the past following the rules, but in real time its not easy, so i am starting test in real time with FESX, with time i hope to start with 6E too. When i am starting to trade 6E i hope to post my journal at traders laboratory while than please check: Any comments will be very appreciated!
  3. Hello all, I've been trading at Yadix for 12 months, using their Scalper account. It was this account type that attracted me to Yadix, as it was the first account specifically for Scalping. After a bit trading, I understood that this account is ideal for Robots, EAs and scalping manually too. I have a couple of accounts with EAs running, and I scalp manually on one. I like that the account has raw spreads, allows leverage of 1:500 not restricted by balance and I can trade all symbols with 1:500. Execution is quick and there is no restrictions on opening and closing of orders, no time or pip level restrictions. Very happy with this account.
  4. When I first started trading, many traders pretty much scalped in one form or another. Trading near to an exchange/exchange hub with mostly just other traders to worry about (far fewer algos) gave a disciplined and skilled trader a very good edge. Doing 50+ trades per day was not especially unusual, but never really looking for more than a few ticks at a time either. I ask myself what has changed. I know a good number of people changed their styles somewhere in the last few years given the change in conditions. There are certainly more algorithmic systems these days. I think the level of volatility is higher. Also the way prices move has changed. This could just be due to algos mind, but also a criticism of some markets was that in certain conditions they were ‘manipulated’. I believe that although traders were way too quick to blame their losses on manipulation which probably didn’t exist, there were certainly times when specific markets were ‘played’ with. However, the line between dark manipulation and natural rebalancing of books such as a short squeeze is not always well defined. Anyway. So things are quite different now but could it be done again and what would be required to do it? Scalpers certainly still exist. The question is how successful are they compared with the past? My feeling is that if I were to scalp now it wouldn’t be a whole heap different from how I would take any other position. That would equally apply to any other of the various methods used by traders. But it would have to be taking a trade at a place where there is good potential for a reaction. The difference being over a normal trade that you would only give it a little space. So you’d let it run if it moved straight for you, but take the trade off quickly if it didn’t or started reversing. Here’s a list of factors I feel are important:- Realization that you cannot lean on the order book (a limit order fill is not an edge). - It used to be that a limit order fill let you take at least a tick and sometimes more on most trades so long as you had a good position in the queue. This is why EPIQ came about for X-Trader and OrderQ (if I remember correctly) was popular before it. Not anymore. If you get filled on a limit you have to assume it will trade through you. If you’re accurate with your entry however, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Accuracy in prediction of possible supply and demand changes at specific prices/times/indicator values/whatever else. - To make sure you have the best chance at taking at least a few ticks whether or not the market moves much further from any given price, you will need to identify good areas to trade. This can be based on any method, but should show a high level of some sort of reaction at the areas you identify. Ability to read any reaction and change in supply and demand in real-time. - Nothing always works. With scalping you need to get a good win rate. Your wins are never likely to be huge so they need to be plentiful. To improve your chances it is important to be able to see what is happening at you potential point of entry. If you have a DOM with good information (TT X-Trader historically was the best for this) you see it here, or if you have a bid x ask footprint as popularized by Market delta, you will be able to get a good idea from this too. Simple equivolume candles can help too and watching cumulative volume delta and how it changes relative to price is also useful. A liquid and lag free market. - Scalpers need to react quickly. A market which ‘jumps’ for any reason can particularly hurt a scalper if they have no time to react to the market (i.e. it moves before they see it move). Scalping the likes of the Dax or Crude is possible, but because of how they move most of the time changes to your methodology are necessary to be successful. Not saying it can’t be done. I know people who do it. Also, is it possible to scalp on a high quality retail feed over the internet or is it necessary to trade say from an arcade or somewhere with a leased line at least? My feeling is probably it can be done retail depending on your feed, your ISP and your hardware quality. Identification of favourable conditions for scalping. - It’s very important in my mind to make sure you are trying to trade in the right way given different conditions. If for example you position trade and you sell at a good level into a market which has bolted from open, you’ll probably take a hit and a standard stop out. Do that as a scalper and you might have to take a larger than normal loss. Strong risk control. - You simply must get out when the market moves against you whether you think you are right or wrong. Scalping is a numbers game and you must minimize your losses. Quick and easy order entry platform. - To react quickly you are going to need a quick and easy order entry platform. So that means no delays whatsoever on order entry/mod/cancel (obvious this depends on the connection too) and if means you should be able to alter orders easily and accurately (preferably with keyboard function trading in addition to mouse). Low trading costs. - As I’ve already said, scalping is about numbers of trades. So your costs per trade must not be prohibitive to making a profit. You couldn’t scalp if you were paying $5 per round trip or more for example or it would make it very difficult at the very least. Mental focus. - Trading requires mental focus at the best of times. Scalping requires even more. You have to be able to concentrate for long periods sometimes and that can be tough. If you're at all interested in scalping, I hope this information is useful to you in some way. If anyone has any other important points to discuss, please share them. If you’re currently a scalper, it’d be great to hear your thoughts on how it is and what your challenges are these days.
  5. Been lurking around for a little while now, and I like what I see in terms of community, so I've decided to take it upon myself to try out a little experiment. I'm going to take my analysis, AND my trading, out into public view on a pretty regular basis, to give some of you a good idea of how one trader runs their particular trading business. Since this is my first post here, i figure you might want some background info. I've been trading for almost 10 years now, successfully (more or less) for about 4. Yes, I do this for a living, although this year has been particularly tough for me. In my primary account, I'm holding a double digit return for this year (just barely), although I had a time of it a few weeks ago, and halved my yearly profit in about 3 days. It was absolutely terrible of me to do so, but all things considered, it would have only been about a month of profits from 2011 (which was a much better year for me). I've traded just about everything under the sun, though I currently am trading primarily a few futures markets (currencies, equities, and crude primarily, though I do others sometimes), as well as the spot forex markets. I also am getting more involved with equity stat arb, though it's not something i'll be discussing much at this point. I've traded options, stocks, bonds, ETF's, currencies, futures, even softs, so i've been around the block. My trading style : well, I really just focus on 3 indicators. The MACD, an RSI, and a 21 period stochastic..... Just Kidding. I'm primarily a technical trader, but I don't subscribe to a single system or method or anything like that. I also consider the underlying fundamental drivers in the market, as well as near term and mid term sentiment. I've found if one wants to get the best results in the market, one must have a comprehensive understanding of what information other people in the world are basing their trading decisions on. For the record, I don't use any "indicators" though I will use a couple moving averages on occassion to filter for a strong trend. I have a few other tools, but I'd say moving averages is the closest I come to any "indicator" So, it probably seems like I should be doing pretty good eh? well, that's where you all come in.The problem is my head, and i've decided to really focus on some of the more positive aspects of the markets, as well as re-enforce all the necessary lessons and rules i've learned in the past... And the best way I know to do this is to teach it to those who care to listen. Not to mention trading is an isolated business, and I'm hoping this experiment here will give me an outlet to chat with like-minded folks. And most of you folks seem nice enough. Here is what you can expect: - Live, Realtime Trading in a real futures account. - An open "forum" for discussing trading, mine, yours, market thoughts in general, trading aspirations, just to shoot the shit, or even the most painless ways to commit suicide (common discussion for the "i don't use stops" group usually)... whatever. - A comprehensive trade analysis with some explanation behind it (as I feel compelled to do so anyway) - trading and the head game discussions. This will probably be my favorite topic, but who knows. - something akin to being a fly on the wall of the office of a real, full time trader. I will go into many things here, including more info about my method, setup, rules, etc... but it'll be an organic process. The only thing is it will require some mutual participation. I'm not gonna get anything out of this if there arn't any "students" who care to participate, or at least others who care to debate the finer points of the capital markets. So, as long as there is some participation, I'll be happy to roll stuff out. If that ends, (or doesn't begin)...well, I probably won't stick around. NOW: For the FIRST order of business: I will be hosting a live trading "chat-minar" over at anymeeting.com. It's obviously free, though I don't plan on doing any talking... just typing.. It's easier to keep it more casual that way, and that way I don't have to worry about filling "dead air" time. If you attend, you will get to see a general overview of my approach to trading, as well as watch, in real time, how I place my trades, and how much I make (or lose... as it very well may end up to be the case. we will just have to wait and see) I'll be starting the "chat-minar" after toyko opens, but before europe opens. I'm just going to basically have a screen up the entire time with a chart and my orders (if there are any) on it... so, it'll be something like "TraderCam" Here's a link to check out the TraderCam and learn how I trade from home: http://www.anymeeting.com/currencytraderx1 Also, the chat function on anymeeting.com kinda sucks. I'd prefer to start a skype group for this webinar here, so you can use anymeeting.com to watch the screen, and we can all discuss the markets via skype. If that's too much for ya, there is a chat function in anymeeting.com, it's just not ideal. But, for now if you don't have skype, don't worry about it. Anymeeting will do for today My skype name is: forextraderx Oh, and lets keep this positive folks. I know some of you are probably really cynical about anything remotely close to vendorspeak (and rightfully so!) But I'm not selling anything, and for some crazy reason i'm actually going to be doing this live... probably 2-4 times a week for quite a while if everyone (including me) is getting something out of it. While I'm not guaranteeing "A 93.6%+ win rate with my system!" I am guaranteeing live trading, in a real account, in real time, with plenty of premarket analysis, all just for the heck of it. So stop by, and lets talk trading and make some money! TraderX
  6. Scalping is often viewed as a risky trading strategy because it involves higher levels of leverage and very quick exits and entries. For this reason, scalping involves a great deal of practice in order to master and successfully implement.
  7. I have never traded before but am very interested in learning. I have read a couple books, mostly about stocks and options. However, I am leaning more towards Forex due to the ability to trade with less capital which is great for beginners. Also, I enjoy to read the charts and use indicators more than fundamental analysis but understand that it is an important part of trading as well. I would like to use technical analysis over fundamentals, but of course, would include fundamentals as part of my trading practices if recommended necessary. I am looking for some recommendations to some GREAT educational resources besides the forums; such as books, courses, and mentors. I would absolutely love to find a local mentor to take me under their wing and turn me out to be a great trader. If not, it would be just as great to meet some people like me in Las Vegas who are interested in trading the markets! Please give me your very best recommendations. I am looking for resources on general education, how to trade, strategies, and software use. Even some recommendations on the best software and brokerages to start out with that have the lowest costs would be helpful. I am especially looking for a mentor or like minded people locally that would enjoy sharing their knowledge! Even if you are not from Las Vegas we could use the Team Viewer software to share Desktop screens to get the over-the-shoulder approach I am looking for. Thank you for any help! I am looking forward to the responses to my post! By the way, I am currently an apprentice for the Plumbers&Pipefitters Union in Las Vegas so I am used to being a student and will do what it takes to learn. It is a five year apprenticeship and I am getting ready to journey out so I would love to spend my time as an apprentice in the Forex Market. I will be very dedicated. Thanks!
  8. Do you trade the Eurodollar? I use a 233 tick chart alongside a 15-min. I enter at the first 233t setup at a 50% Fibonacci levels using an 8 pip stop. Does anyone else trade in similar fashion? It's always interesting comparing entry's as there's a million ways to skin a cat. I attached a small photo below, long entry of 2934 (1 pip in front of the 50).
  9. In scalping, reliable fills are crucial. I don't think it's possible to scalp and make money without getting reliable fills. So you either need to use a market order, and have a system that is good enough to deal with slippage, or place limit orders such that fills are very likely. Limit orders placed in such a way to insure a fill, may decrease your profit per trade, but increase your profit overall. For example, if you are long, and place a limit sell order below, the current price, it will fill immediately. I'd like this thread to focus on getting reliable fills for a scalping strategy.
  10. Right. First off; This thread is about scalping and contains live trades only. Feel free to join in, the more the merrier and when there's some competition I tend to work harder! I'm going to show you how one way trades with very little risk but an immediate win/lose scenario can happen. I will be trading counter trend most of the time, playing bounces on major levels and news trading. I've already finished for the week already in two trades overnight (SWEET) so I'm going to use the account this whole week to see what % return I can get over the next month or so. I will be withdrawing money out of this account everytime it hits £1500 = (-500) £2000 = (-500) £3000 = (-500) etc! Hope you enjoy watching or contributing! Good trading. Starting with: £500.01 Current Balance:
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