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  1. I see no reason to give first version of indicator, cause it's only testing. And if somebody wants to help me - I'll be glad and also will share the indicator here in this topic after it will be ready to work!
  2. Here is the screen of end of the day of S&P for today on 150Tick Timeframe And here is 1M timeframe: I'm not saing that this is a graal or something like this, but I have some interesting signals from my own indicator and I want to improve it and share with other. But before share I need to know that everyone are intrested in it or we can improve it together. I started to create my own indicators because I know that all indicators that we have right now in standart versions - they all are not usefull - they shows signals very late. And that's the reason why I started to develop my own things. My concepts to develop the indicator are: - very simple in calculations - the less settings we have - the better - indicator must calcultae current situation on market - indicator must not be re-calculated And this principles are shown in this little version of my theory. I hope we understand each other. If you want to discuss it more - we can call on skype and talk about it! It will be very pleasent to me. Regards.
  3. I'm very interested how could you download this code if I didn't upload it on the site. Very funny To all who read this topic: i will not give the code or indicator for all of you. I will give the main idea and how to get those enter points to all people a little bit later. I really want to know opinions about those screenshots, your thoughts, your mind... Huge thanks from my team and me to man, who answered this topic and told that we need to check tick timeframe - we didn't tried to check this TF before on this indicator, and we found that it's very usefull - it shows amazing results in real-time tests! Please, write me in PM - we really can develop amazing thing for us! Have a nice weeked for all! Merry Christmas, guys!
  4. The model I'm using can be also applied on any timeframe - I told this in the start post. About "productive trades of the day" - for each trader it's own enter points and best opportunities. And I don't think that all the traders must trade the same way and enter in all of the methods. I think that founding something interesting or new is more usefull for today's trading. Thanks for your comment!
  5. Hello to all! Let me introduce one of the indicator I developed for NinjaTrader. It works nice for trading futures market, but I think it will be also great for stocks. I will not give full explain about it. Just what I can show you right now: Red dots on chart - enter short on bar close Green dots on chart - enter long on bar close. The indicator code is very simple, but using some interesting tips. It also can be re-writed for any platform. I wrote this indicator for scalping on 5min charts, but it also works nice with higher TF like 60m on 240m and Daily chart. Oil S&P S&P NASDAQ I want to know your opinion about this enter points and answer one more question: Do you want this indicator in your arsenal? Thanks!
  6. Hello to all! Very happy that found your forum and read something interesting here. So I decide to register and also post some usefull things and my own developments. About me: I am 24 years guy from Ukraine. Have economic education and working with market about 3 years. My specialization is futures market - CME. In the begining of 2015 I started to develop automated system for NinjaTrader software and it helped me to improve my skills in hand-trading also. Right now I'm developing useful indicators and trying to create fully-automated trading strategy that really works. I hope we will help each-other on this forum! Best regards and happy NY! Yevhen.
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