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  1. Cheers bud, not a lot of us out there hehe. I've started to only trade these times: 6.30am to 12pm. News releases. Major turning points after a long rally/tank. So haven't really been to interested in this lately, didn't gather much of a following either, ach. What markets do you like to trade?
  2. taking this week easy since my bday is coming up, I'"" have a shout out later
  3. That's cool, not really using this thread. Go on skype and i'll have a wee chat .
  4. Don't even go there! hehe. Will update my account tomorrow morning gotta dash. Good trading everyone.
  5. More or less If going against the grain i'll try to aim for where the support/resistance failed and dropped to the price. If trying to get in long i'd trade breaks and look on hourly for areas.
  6. 15200 bouncing now. Very good pivot area! Only 10 pips risk for me and i'm cutting at 25 35 then 50/60. Let's start hunting.
  7. Reading over the posts, I've been fairly emotional. Bit annoyed. I hit the top and bottom of cable today, but didn't hold them for as much as I could have. Daily candle is forming and if it holds under 15260 then it'll be likely a new trend will start. I'm looking for shorts to hold.
  8. I feel i joined this site just as the members widdled away! Good thread guys.
  9. Cable. Hitting off the top of the trendline. I think if this hit's 15200 there will be a good chance of a bounce up (correlation with the trend). Also there is confluence of a previous resistance which might get turned into support and a 50% fib line.
  10. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I can't see a topic on TL with people sharing idea's about setups which are occuring. Whether it be candle stick patterns, trendlines, fib levels, price action or moving averages I welcome you all to post your potential setups which you are taking or will take. Much like the trade2win one just without hindsight. It doesn't matter if your wrong or right, just that in your eyes the setup has a greater than 60-70% of working. I'll get the ball rolling and hope you all join in for lulz.
  11. Don't even ask, I just had one hell of a whipsaw. Fatfingered on GJ, was actually in profit on it too - wish i cut it then but got logged out. Account £588. Seriously ******* stressfukl day. I've picked the bottom at 15098 on cable. Didn't hold, could have added 15147 - didn't hold. Now i'm short 92 97 98 and cut the first two off at 67. Let's get back on track to £650. jesus christ.
  12. £600 hit . Less talk from me now. FTSE did fall down after my hit, that is a bit annoying i must admit. Might try GJ on 148 ej 13300 etc etc. Anyone out there ?
  13. Got hit on that ftse short, I still think its good. GJ kicking off up through thte trendline. Back to currencies until 10:30.
  14. Cable broke up shorted 54 then got long at 43. Textbook stuff. FTSE 4420 cash looks agood short
  15. Been scalping ok today, account is now £584, however i have been taking FAR too early. Bit gay to be honest but at least I got out of winners instead of losers. Targetting £700 today or £750. As with everything it's best to half your targets so £600/650 is more likely if this is a good day. Can't believe i cut a euro/cable long that early, took like 5 pips each when so far 20+ pips are on the table (still on the same 5minute bar while typing). SOD IT! Looking to buy ftse on open if the cash opens at yesterdays low. Should be ok support here i think. How are you guys doing?
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