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Found 8 results

  1. There has never been a better time to start trading futures with NinjaTrader! Open a new Futures account by February 28th and receive up to $200 in commission rebates. Simply fund your account with the account minimum of $400 and start trading! You’ll receive a rebate back on all future trades placed prior to April 30th. LEARN MORE Why Trade Futures with NinjaTrader? FREE Platform included with brokerage account Clear savings through discount commissions Low day trading margins including only $500 for ES 1000s of Apps & Add-Ons to personalize your platform Questions? Contact us at 312.262.1289 or brokeragesales@ninjatrader.com. Commission Rebate Requirements: Account must be opened & funded in February 2020 with $400 minimum Trades must be executed on or before April 30th, 2020 Commission rebates will be applied to the account holder’s balance monthly as a credit up to $0.25 per contract if charged commission exceeds $0.25 per contract or equaling the value of the commission charged if under $0.25 per contract Standard exchange, NFA and routing fees still apply Existing NinjaTrader Brokerage account holders are not eligible for this promotion Futures, foreign currency and options trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing one’s financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. View Full Risk Disclosure.
  2. Hello; I am thinking of trading with Quaestus but not sure if it's legit? Their website publishes results weekly. Gains Vs Losses are great! thanks, Frank
  3. I am curious as to how professionals trade the eminis, with the average daily difference between high and low being only 20 pts. Is'nt that very little movement? Assuming a pro intraday trader manages to capture 8 points everyday, for 10 contracts he stands to gain $4k per day. Considering 200 trading days a year that sums up to $800k per year. Definitely an awesome figure no doubt. But not all that spectacular considering he'll be stuck at that point almost forever unless the eminis are liquid enough to allow bumping up the no. of contracts to lets say a 100. I know emins are liquid enough to allow a single trader to put on a trade the size of 100 contracts so long as the transaction in question is a positional one spanning multiple days. But can a trader transact 100 contracts on an intraday trade without moving the markets and consequently eating into his own profits?
  4. The EURUSD is continuing to hold its uptrend on the weekly chart after this last retracement. We are starting to come into an area where buyers on the weekly chart may become interested. The daily chart pulled back and tested the 1.3700 level and bounced a little bit. If the EURUSD takes out the 1.3775 level look for a quick move to the 1.3800 in the near term. The weekly chart on the GBPUSD remains bullish. Last week steady buyers came into the market. Watch for the GBPUSD to continue to move higher but wait for a possible PBS on the 4 hour chart near the 1.6600 area. The AUDUSD had a fairly bullish week last week as prices moved into the 40 ma on the weekly chart and the .9300 area. We saw sellers react to these levels as prices began to come off on Friday. Look for the daily chart to possible kick off a retracement to the .9100 to the .9130 area. The USDCAD still looks like the uptrend on the weekly chart is still intact after this recent retracement. The weekly chart may want to continue to come off further or base out. The Daily chart retraced and tested the 1.100 level last week. The hourly chart shows a strong amount of buyers coming into the market at the 1.100 area. Watch for the USDCAD in the short term to make another effort higher to the 1.1100 level.
  5. I've been trading for over eight years now, and I'm looking to get more involved with the trading community. I don't know anyone else that trades really. I'll be posting daily trade recaps and walking through each trade I made for the day. I think it will be good for me to be public with this, and hopefully you guys gain from it as well. I've never been a part of forums before, so bear with me. I trade short term price action on the emini russell 2000 and emini s&p contracts. So far in April I'm up 8.6% with a max drawdown of 3.2%. In March I made 22.7% with a max drawdown of 4.5%. I'm very analytical and have a robust trading spreadsheet I update daily to monitor my performance (true performance, risk adjusted. not just looking at %p/l which doesn't tell us much) and my susceptibility for making trading/money management errors. I'm looking forward to this!
  6. I've been searching around trying to find a decent set of indicators for NinjaTrader. I came across a few sites like ninja-indicators.com, indicator warehouse, trading123, emini watch, etc. I'm trying to avoid dumping a bunch of cash for a single product that won't work. Right now, I am leaning towards ninja-indicators because they have the largest quantity versus cost. Most sites don't seem to offer indicators in bulk, nor do they have any kind of trial. If it makes a difference, my primary market is the E-Mini S&P. I'm trying to get a couple of points a day - this is not my primary method of income. What do you guys recommend? I'd rather hear from actual profitable traders in this form first than have to worry about hunting down my cash, if needed. Thanks for any input.
  7. It is even possible anymore to day trade the Emini S&P futures successfully? I've been trying to learn pro strategies and systems for day trading the ES contract, but nothing seems to work consistently in this algo run market. There is no 2-sided action, just quick stop runs to bring the market down fast and bait shorts, then massive run ups on crazy TICKS (+1000). I know I should just be buying this market on every dip, but these market makers are so clever that they'll bring the index down farther than you'd expect so to show apparent weakness, and then spike it back up on no volume. I just can't go long when we are this extended.
  8. Many new traders begin their trading experience on the mini Indices, with a primary focus on the mini S&P 500, as either a scalping trader or an intra-day trader. Their daily profit target is normally between three to five points. For an experience scalping trader, this could possibly be done but not for a new trader. It is hard to take any points out of S&P 500 on current market conditions. If you plot a range indicator you will understand why it is hard to make any money in S&P. If you are trading for living, do a study on currency futures. You will understand what I'm talking about. The Euro currency future is traded under the symbols EC or 6E and has the same tick value as the E-mini S&P 500, twelve dollars and fifty cents per tick. A point in the Euro is equal to a movement of one tick. There is few studies you can review on this link http://www.tradershelpdesk.com/pdf/market-research.pdf Good trading guys!
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