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  1. I've been searching around trying to find a decent set of indicators for NinjaTrader. I came across a few sites like ninja-indicators.com, indicator warehouse, trading123, emini watch, etc. I'm trying to avoid dumping a bunch of cash for a single product that won't work. Right now, I am leaning towards ninja-indicators because they have the largest quantity versus cost. Most sites don't seem to offer indicators in bulk, nor do they have any kind of trial. If it makes a difference, my primary market is the E-Mini S&P. I'm trying to get a couple of points a day - this is not my primary method of income. What do you guys recommend? I'd rather hear from actual profitable traders in this form first than have to worry about hunting down my cash, if needed. Thanks for any input.
  2. I remember when I first started, most of my strategies revolved around waiting for a major news event and predictions of how that event would affect the given market. Sadly, this strategy worked less than half the time, because it's based on "feelings." When these "feelings" can be predicted, that can be planned against, thus tipping the scale back to unpredictability. This same outcome can be applied to really any strategy; expectation versus the amount of people using the same strategy. Whether or not there is a group of an elite few who actually control the strings of the market is unknown and rather irrelevent. My truth? "Be like water my friend!"
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