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  1. ^^ You can watch the full movie on the original link I posted up.
  2. Thanks for the kind words gents! Site has been getting a lot of positive feedback and it makes the hard work well worth it. Cheers!
  3. I wanted to take a quick second to let you all know about a project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months. My life has been turned on its head and I’ve been forced to re-evaluate a lot of stuff. One of the things I decided I needed was to pursue my passions for cars, entrepreneurship, and helping others out with useful consumer-grade logic. So I came up with Legit Lifestyle. The site is aimed at car enthusiasts who want to enjoy the finer experiences in life but can only do so on a realistic budget. Basically it’s meant to be a resource for those who haven’t “made it” just yet. Every month we will be featuring a new car photographer and car enthusiast to speak about what drives them and how they have become successful at what they do. In addition we will be conducting product reviews of enthusiasts-based equipment and apparel, writing how-to’s on starting your own business and investing, taking trips to car events across the country, and bringing content to you designed to maximize your life and your dollar. I’m very proud of the work put into the site and the content it reflects. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but most of our content is designed to stimulate ideas and success for our readers. I would hope you all can take a second to check it out and see what we’re all about. And if it’s not too much if you can spread the word via Facebook and Twitter (or any means) I would be most grateful. I’ve set a small goal to try and reach 5,000 unique visitors in our first month but I can’t do it without you all. As a small bit of motivation each Retweet or Facebook “Like” gives you an entry into our contest to win an “I Am The Stig” T-Shirt at the end of the month. Full details on how to maximize your chances are on the website. So check us out! If you have ideas, questions, or suggestions for the site please email us or let me know in this thread. We are interested in talking with amateur or professional photographers, car enthusiasts of any sort, and entrepreneurs of any success level as long as you have a passion for what you do and a desire to make a positive impact in your life. If it sounds like you let us know at: contactus@legitlifestyle.com http://www.legitlifestyle.com Thanks for looking!
  4. ^^ I'd love to see the dividend payout list. I'm trying to put a portfolio together as well for the first time and kind of wanted to go that route as well.
  5. Yea I've been re-reading my own posts within this thread... I had forgotten just how damn smart I really am sometimes.... But seriously... this thread has so much good info in it. Truly epic when you think how abysmal most trading forum threads end up.
  6. I guess the thing i'm always interested in is the possibility that the "status quo" has changed in our markets. I mean, you look back historically and as thales pointed out with his charts, these DB's on the yearly charts lead to big rallies and the markets continue to rise rise rise... But as TheDude, I feel, rightly pointed out... the US is effectively bankrupt. And at no point during our history have we been in as much debt and had our country effectivly owned by other nations... So all those charts, based on all those fundamentals... are they even valid with the completly different situation we're facing now? Economically we are screwed and as of yet it hasn't really even been touched on by the mass media. When you look at what our country has done with its debt levels (and what it continues to do) I have to ask myself... are we in a completely different game these days? One thing is as sure as the sun rising tomorrow is this - sooner or later we will have to endure that pain and its gonna be the end all be all of pain. And I can't imagine ANY positive earning report, stimulus, or bernake B.S. can save us from the cold hard facts that the good times have possibly come and gone and the status quo has done a 180. Any thoughts?
  7. I'd love to see more trade examples MMS. I've always heard that renko charts can be deceiving on how they are formed and that for backtesting purposes you can't really take the fill prices to be valid... am I mis-remembering something. Ever have issues with them?
  8. lol... says the man making consistent profits trading crude...
  9. Short term bull... then expecting them to get spanked into the end of the year.
  10. Any and all of your suggestions would be good ones. I personally think it might be conducive to trail stops with either an ATR strategy or with some kind of bar count. Gotta win big with a strategy like this.
  11. A simple strategy... This should work on any pit traded contract but you'll need to monitor the OPENING price. Thats the key. This is not my idea, but an adaptation of something I found on youtube one day and I simplified. Kind of makes sense as the opening price determines the bias for the day... this simple idea looks for initial direction to reverse, and to ride the wave of those protective stops getting hit. Use: 10 minute bar. Buy/Sell stops for entry. Opening price off 8:30 candle +/- 1 tick. 1. Wait for price to make a push in a certain direction (typically wait at least 1 bar can't use opening bar as entry). 2. Note the opening price. 3. Wait for price to trade back THROUGH the opening price by >1 tick, cent. This is your entry. 4. Stop placement depends on the market but place them logically outside of the previous swing low/high for starters or a few bar back from the trigger bar. 5. Make your own take profit rules to manage trades. I've attached a few examples using GOOG and the YM. I would hesitate to use this as much on the currencies because there is no pit traded time (not really at least) and your looking for volatility during the open to define the trend which 8x's out of 10 isn't present prior to the asian open in the currencies. Just thought this basic idea could be utilized by many. As you can see its barebones idiot proof and it has EXCELLENT risk:reward. Not all of them are created equal but I think it would beyond easy for everyone to walk through a few charts and note what makes the best patterns and which to avoid. I leave that to you. Hope this helps!
  12. ^^^ Don't know but MT5 was just released a month or so ago and its got sweeping changes to its capabilities.
  13. Forex Hoster | Specialized Forex MetaTrader and Expert Advisors VPS Hosting
  14. Awesome discussion gents! I thought I would chime in on what i've been reading and researching. I've ended up down a road I never thought I would walk. I ended up stumbling onto the 101 basket trading thread after reading more and more of the author of the M W thread and his "hedging" strategies (which really aren't hedges at all). Heres the original 101 thread: Simple Trading Method with trader101 @ Forex Factory And heres an interesting more recent revival and re-evaluation of that idea (goes a lot into explaining the core ideas and was very helpful in getting me to understand some of the logic): T101 basket trading system - math analysis - Forex-TSD There is a strange simplistic logic about this idea. Do any of you have experience with this strategy? It seems like a lot of people are able to generate a LOT of pips with it in a short amount of time but as the 2nd thread builds on, it still requires some kind of signal in general terms whether or not to buy or sell all the pairs. Anyway, i'm only partially through the first thread so there is a lot to learn but for me, this is something I never thought to look at and its generating a whole lot of ideas I never considered before. Cheers! T101 rules made easy v3.pdf
  15. If you're ever in Omaha i'd love to pick you're brain!
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