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  1. Looking into this ... thanks for letting us know
  2. Thanks for the feedback, we will look into this. We started the migration Monday so posts from the last few days are missing but Friday seems too long ago. The site also works great on mobile! MMS
  3. Handle, Please give TL another shot, I think everyone here had realized their mistakes and we will moderate better in the future thx MMS
  4. Well that was interesting....my email seems to have gone through just fine...I should have captured the message that I got before....it said something about not allowing a certain kind of symbol...oh well thanks for the reply...hope all is well with you..


    Best Regards


  5. “I was working with the best of the best,” he says. “My bank employed the brightest engineers, chemists and scientists – and we were all working together to get richer. The chemical and physics and health industries are worse off because of what we do because I tell you this: if there was a pay bonus structure similar to what we had in the City for curing cancer, we’d have found a cure for cancer.” Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/quants-meet-the-math-geniuses-running-wall-street-2013-7#ixzz2ZuPyG1Ad
  6. Easy guys ... let's all try to have constructive discussions without the negativity and name-calling thx MMS
  7. Hi, I recevied a message from you. Are you a TL founder?

  8. "Even though the price of gold has fallen 25% this year… it's getting more and more expensive for banks to borrow the precious metal. Large bullion-dealing banks and central banks will often loan gold on deposit for cash. Reasons for lending gold vary from plugging a supply-demand gap to a bank manipulating its balance sheet before reporting numbers. But as an incentive to lend, these banks usually receive a small percentage fee as part of the transaction. But right now… the rate folks pay to borrow gold is at a post-Lehman Brothers high. The one-month gold leasing rate has risen from 0.12% a week ago to 0.3% today – the highest since early 2009. If banks are demanding greater incentives to lend out their gold… this suggests that regardless of what the spot price of gold says, they want to hold onto their gold. Demand for physical gold is returning… "There has been some borrowing interest recently. It's related to the demand for physical," Joni Teves, precious-metals strategist at UBS, told the Financial Times. She noted the Chinese are paying $40 an ounce above benchmark London spot prices for physical gold." MMS
  9. Paper gold (ETFs, etc) is getting killed but the word on the street is that physical gold is holding strong with lots of buyers. Anyone else believe this? Let the conspiracies start ... MMS
  10. We think we tracked it down to a slow-running Facebook button ... it has been upgraded. Please let me know if this fixes the problem thanks MMS
  11. Thanks for the feedback everyone ... is this with IE? Or Firefox? Or Chrome? thx MMS
  12. Hi Everyone The link isn't a vendor promo, it looks like a legit questionnaire so we allowed it. Let's help him with his thesis? thx MMS
  13. Goldman is buying! Who do you think engineered this temporary dip in prices? MMS
  14. I doubled my gold position today ... anyone else use this dip as a buying opportunity? MMS
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