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  1. no idea..... i only pasted the link. it seems that has an algoritm similar to klout for twitter users. but best try yourself.
  2. Many thanks I was searching for social trading platforms as Social trading reputation and trading Challenge, so not brokers platforms to get your money...something which helps community.
  3. not at all. Now they are playing tournaments each week,. the problem is that people joining are almost Forex guys, but you can arrange your own ES minis tournaments if you want Tutorials are missing, so its a little tricky to understand how it works.
  4. I like http://www.tradergamer.com its new in English, but his software is great, with audio trading room included. You can create your own heads up and Sit&Go and wait for opponents
  5. Good review! Why yu trade Dec Future and not Current expiration? Thx,
  6. Agree. Markets are like poker but with different cards for retails and institutional. If you cannot beat people in a trading tournament wiht same rules, slippages, leverage, etc.... its impossible you beat the market by your own....its a dream. Personally, I think trading tournaments played like poker in terms of competion, prize pool, etc.. if they are run in a professional way, it can be a good tool to start, or generate incomes for traders with small accounts ( less 10,000). For example, traderlinker is starting to run this model, and English spoken people is not there, spanish are playing already. Take a look to leaderboard, its amazing! (Yes, im the 6th:)) https://en.traderlinker.com/portadas/lideres Regards,
  7. Here you can see how this site works. https://en.traderlinker.com/rankings/tradingcontest/59/SP-500-Allroad.html If you click in balance, and logged, you can see advanced statistics. From my point of view nothing to compare with spread betting which is only betting. regards,
  8. Its not my idea. Sorry. What I like to know if somebody knows more sites to play trading tournaments, nothing else.
  9. Hi, I recevied a message from you. Are you a TL founder?

  10. Hi, Somebody in other thread compared trading tournaments with real prizes to spread betting. I use traderlinker.com to play tournaments as I dont know any places more where compete in real tournaments with cash prizes. forexstars.com is not supporting tournaments right now. Somebody knows other place where I can play daily tournaments? Todya in traderlinker there are two contest starting at 18:00 with 50 usd prize pool. S&P 500 E-mini and Forex. If somebody wants to challenge me, ill be there! Regards,
  11. Hi, You are right, but I like to make some considerations. From my point of view its not the same spread betting, where yor EV is below zero, as you bet againts the house, that trading tournaments, where house only collects a rake for management. EV depends on players in each tournament. I think you can be seriously with trading and play trading tournament to win money in the same way, sorry i dont see the difference. If you manage a hedge fund, then its different, but in the case of rtail traders....for me its clear. A Trader can swap between real trading and trading tournaments. One thing is clear. In a development stage tournament are more powerful than a demo with 50 dollar running in MT4.
  12. Very interesting. I open a thread with similar topic. There are already a site hosting trading tournaments and poker games, running multiple tournaments simultaneously. In this moment, im playing in a DAX tournament to win 50$! Regards,
  13. Seeing this spot, it seems industry comes over the poker and trading comparasion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN8UaN6PPBk For me the differences are: 1.Trading tournaments treated as poker games are completely skill games without luck as all participants get the same cards ( quotes) . 2. Patient, discipline and risk/reward analysis in real time are shared in both discipline. To be honest, maybe it can be interesting to challenge people instead of challenge the market. ¿Opinions?
  14. I trade E-Mini and it is n a tiny range, maybe if you trade currencies is different.
  15. hahahah, the most crazy apliccation for fibs are fibonacci grids.... Do you know them?
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