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  1. I have found that forextechno and climberSB are the two best providers. Although now the euro is very volitile, we wait and see what happens in Greece
  2. I see zulu also change the ranking again. I like it more now, forextechno is a good trader.
  3. Thank you for your warning. I have done a lot of testing with zulutrade and I will not open a live account unless I am sure about the results I will have! Well you can never be 100% sure, but the live account, even a small one, is the only way to find out! A little risk wont hurt sometimes
  4. The only reason I want to open a live account with them is because they charge no commission to use zulutrade and in the slippage chart, they have very good performance. Else I would go with a local russian broker.
  5. I have read somewhere that it is better to open 2-3 live accounts to reduce the risk and set 1-2 providers to each one. Has anyone tried it?
  6. Have you seen what zulutrade has done with the providers and their past accounts? So many bombs...
  7. Hi! I am thinking to open live account for zulutrading! Are they good?
  8. Hi, Im using it for almost 2 weeks, with 2 providers forextechno and sharper trade, risk I set it at 20%, so far its going good, i will try to post some screen shots of my account later
  9. I will try out the auto mode for now
  10. I see they have made updates to their interface! New look and the auto mode is useful for beginners like me
  11. Its ok, I think ill open a USD account in the end.
  12. Thank you for your suggestions, I will consider opening with aaafx! I wanted to open with a Russian broker because they accept RUB deposits.
  13. My demo is doing pretty good, so I was thinking to go live. So you are saying aaafx is best choice? Cause I live in Russia and was thinking to open with alpari RU or admiral which are russian
  14. Hi, So do you guys believe opening a live account with aaafx is worth it? im planning to use it for zulu trading. Thanks
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