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  1. I use both of them, because is very important to know technical and fundamental analysis to. If you are a scalper must be carful, don't trade with your technical analysis if coming strong news. I like scalp trade, so I always look for news before a trade. Good luck
  2. It amazing to play- same like texas. I have gone through it. In short you challenge a friend or someone else for a . specific amount of money that you can get better results in your portfolio compared to him in a given time. The money goes to a common pot and when the game ends, the player who has the highest portfolio wins the pot. During the game each one gets $100k for virtual trading and the Buy/Sell orders are in real time just like the real thing. By this way we can measure our trading skill among others trader in the world and earn ans enjoy a lot at the same time. good luck:haha:
  3. good tips above. but if you want consistent profits- that's i always suggest is just aim small. you dont have to target 50-100 pips in each trade. 10-20 pips is just sufficient. but make sure not to overtrade. its not that hard to get 20 pips and you'll be amaze that you might get a lot more than you expected.
  4. Am sure everyone have tried the most popular skill games hold'em texas poker But have ever played a Forex Hold'em tournament? :haha:
  5. yes i agree with you in that point the demo contest is very good for traders to make very good challenge between the traders .and can improve our skills as well and also we can win the prize money. its really exciting. Which contest have you participate :missy:
  6. the main reasons- they are not well learned or they are suffering psychological problems. Learn forex first before opening a real account. There is no alternative way to get success without practicing. Work hard, keep patience, you can win.I think that in all business peoples lose money some time and some time they get profit, profit and loss is the part of any business, so do not be take tension, if you will trade with good strategy then never you will get loss.
  7. Yeah friends to enjoy in forex trading trade with cool mind and don't be show your greediness during trading time and also control on your emotion during trading time after that you will enjoy in forex trading.
  8. Guys , according to my observation you need to see if the news are : - high impact - middle impact - low impact If high impact and really important like NFP, suggest you to wait in 5 minutes or 1 minutes chart since this is the big move can be seen most clearly. if the middle or low impact, I think wont move the market so fast you can use M30, H1 to watch it. Hope that's help.
  9. In my opinion, My trading method all depends on the technical analysis. But to prevent from bad enteries i also have an eye on news. But analyzing news is little bit tough for me. Now i will apply the points mentioned in this article and check the results. Thanks
  10. The best way to trade to in Forex is to enjoy yourself at the time of trading. When you get start trading make yourself tension free. Keep your brain cool and start trading. Before start think yourself what are you going to do and then do it. Don't do anything withing thinking.:crap:
  11. David- it is good for most of the traders...the weak traders gets the experience and get a chance to compete with the good ones and who are already good they get to have more confident in the trade and also to the traders and get some more new ideas i am experience trader but still play such games to compete with others because i am enjoying it and really funny. I enjoy the tournament the most - competing with many 6 to 8 traders in a given time. Simply amazing;)
  12. From your post, I can said there is nice trading website called trade1on1 where you could challenge others traders in the world. It is very unique and exciting to compete with other traders. I think this is the best place where you could challenge others to know who is the best with a limited period of time. In short you challenge a friend or someone else for a specific amount of money for a game of forex of commodities. Each player gets a virtual amount of $100,000 for trading. The player who gets the highest yield on the portfolio won the common pot of the games. It is like a sort of contest. Never invest money into a real Forex account until you practice on a Forex Demo account!
  13. I prefer intraday, because I feel getting the results instantly at that moment. I combine between scalping and martingale. I don't like swing, because I can not wait for the results for long time. Although swing results greater than the intraday, but floating (minus) can also be larger. So I prefer intraday trading:haha:
  14. My advice to you. Before you joined the ikon's competition- try to get on at trade1on1 first. I think that this is the best place to test your trading skills by competing other trader in the world. It is a very nice website and am in since a few week. It's amazing and fun to compete with others there. I find the rules very easy to learn and with a little bit of practice, you'll be meeting and beating players from all over the world in no time at all! In short I challenge a friend or someone else for a specific amount of money for a game of forex of commodities. Each player gets a virtual amount of $100,000 for trading. The player who gets the highest yield on the portfolio won the common pot of the games. It is like a sort of contest. friends- am sure that you will find the strategy of the best traders how to compete in a contest. But open a demo first , with practice you can go for real
  15. i think the best way according to your post to determine the perfect trader is - compete against other trader in a tournament or challenge 1 trader against another. I think the idea is good. Which best free demo contest would you advice us or you said join a forex game? Which game are you recommending?:helloooo:
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