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  1. I would suggest you to trade with regulated and trusted broker he assist you in safe trading and also will also make good strategy for you.
  2. I do my trading manually because I believe it is good to trade manually in this we learn more form our mistake and also can make good strategy. Most of the forex robot run behind the trends.
  3. I think it is better to learn about trading and manage your own account and also if you will have good knowledge then you can coordinate very nicely with your broker.
  4. If you are new then i would suggest you to trade with help of expert adviser. He assist you in safe trading.
  5. Hello,, first i would like to tell you that broker must be regulated and trusted in market always check the license no of broker. I am doing my trading from long time with one trusted broker he is experience and trusted in market.
  6. :missy: Yes i agree with you we should first try our best as we can practice on demo account always updated by forex news make difference allot in your trading.
  7. Yes explain your question briefly as it is not clear you want ask about forex or simple other investment.
  8. No now days so many young trader enter in forex..i dont believe this age factor matter because forex is all about your knowledge and experience.
  9. Thank you for this thread,,,i want aware about this contest,,thank you for this post.
  10. Broker selection is very important. I think we can trust broker if is in contact with you from very long time also he must be relevant and relocated i:e must have own license no. Initially you must invest less money with broker and check his loyalty if you will find him loyal you can invest more money in forex market with help of your broker ........................................................ Trading account
  11. I think if you not getting any idea what to do at this position i would suggest you to consult good broker with relevant experience he will assist you in right direction in forex investment. ............................ forex trading account
  12. Actually in forex trading until unless you dont gain relevant experience you cant gain good profit. Once you start earning good in forex you will enjoy forex trading.
  13. To become successful trader it is very important to upgrade your knowledge all the time. you can check updated news, attend seminars, and follow market trends before investment. Control greed while doing forex trading. ........................................................................ Forex Answers
  14. Visuals are more effective for learning as compared to reading.
  15. Sound good! You already spend good time with demo account, I will suggest you avafx broker that’s a regulated, reliable and trusted broker in forex. it’s offers the best manual and automated trading system.
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