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  1. Does anybody know where I can go to to learn more about Binary Option Trading?
  2. Hey guys I was just wondering how many people around these forums were under 25. I'm only 21 and it seems that most people don't start trading in the stock market this young but I have seen a few people my age around here.
  3. I have been collating information for my new website. One of the things I want to research is 'How do Binary Options Brokers Earn Money'. This topic will put an end on the following topic and will give traders a new insight on how binary options works. Is Binary Options a Scam Is Binary Options a Gambling So here are the information I collected. Brokers make money from their customers by the following ways. One of them is from people trading live. For example there are 10 clients. The 5 trade $10 that the EUR/USD currency pair will drop within the next hour. The other 5 traders invested $10 that the EUR/USD will rise within the next hour. By now, the total amount of money pooled on the EUR/USD is $100, $50 on Put and $50 on Call. Finally, we find that the EUR/USD did fall leading to 5 traders to close in the money. Assuming the payout ratio for the EUR/USD is 70%, this mean for those who bet on the EUR/USD to fall, they will each get back $17. The broker has to pay out $85 to those who close in the money. If we subtract the payout from the total market pool of $100, there will still be $15 left in which the broker can get from this trading. Another way which binary options brokers earn is by offering prices that reflect actual market prices. It means that prices had already been marked up by the brokers after they obtained the initial pricing from their liquidity providers. If you know other ways Binary Options Brokers earn money, please do not hesitate to reply on this thread. Thanking you in advance.
  4. I wanted to discuss areas that seem to be the best or worst. Could be time slots, setups, assets or even specific experiences.
  5. Why you say indicators fail and price action always works ? This is a different thread to my previous thread called "with and without trading indicators". Recently I followed a price action course at 2ndskiesforex after reviewing forex peace army reviews. Actually that was great experience with Chris and I realized that price action powerful and always works. I spent thousnads of dolors on indicators and systems and finally down to free Moving averages with price action. Would like to listen to similar stories here.........
  6. I am a starter in online trading. I want to find a broker which has cheap broker. But how good are they?
  7. I just received an email from them saying they will be under WTS management as of 5/1/13: "Dear Valued Traders, Please be advised that as of Today (May 1, 2013) Capital Traders Group will be under the direct management of WTS Proprietary Trading Group C/O Raymond Doyle. As of today, Please refer to Mr. Doyle with any and all questions or concerns regarding your account. You may contact Ray regarding information on your account" Does anyone have any further info on this? I am doing some digging but figured I'd throw it out there as well.
  8. Trading with large FX company using their standard Trading platform using Mini Account.... Been trading using their charts... noticed a lot of small loosers... so tested doing the following: Using Eur-USD chart, entered trade using ten (10) pip stop loss and ten pip limit order... trade went in my favor lost $1.29 ...... Next entered trade using 15 pip stop and limit order, lost $1.93 ... Next entered trade using 20 pip stop and limit order... lost $2.33 ???? All times trades went in my favor either long or short... how can you trade using their charts setting 20 pip limit order and loose money.. Impossible to scalp doing this... or even trade and not to be knowing how your money is everopating within their system...... also have entered trades using their charts putting in stop and limit orders ... taken picture so know their set..... half hour later check and the trade is still on but the stop and limits you set are not there......?????? Anyone understand this or had the same problem....
  9. I have been extremely interested in this particular pattern for a couple of years now. I have read lots of materials (including encyclopaedia of chart patterns and others) but most of them talk about the same basic concept of trading. I have also spent many long hours on screen monitoring the various characteristics of this pattern and till date could not gain the proper confidence to trade this pattern. The beauty about this pattern however, it provides you with clear Entry, TP & SL levels and it has also a good success rate. I would like very much to further develop my trading skills in this field but I don't know how as yet. I would highly & greatly appreciate the kind help of any experts in this field as in regard to the followings:- 1) Direction to obtain in-depth study to master this pattern. 2) Direction to other possible trading strategies &/or indicators (apart from volume) that can be used as an additional confirmation to this particular pattern or perhaps to reduce the failure cases of this pattern.
  10. I have been trading for a couple of month and earn decent profits using basic knowledge through my self-education on Babypips and huge time investment. I have also learned the basic of MT programming languages and planning to build my own auto trading system. Would you mind sharing some advises how I should start, which education materials I should look at and your personal stories on creating your own profitable trading system? Really appreciate your thoughts
  11. The quantitative easing program, recently announced by the new governor of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda, is for a cash infusion of $1.4 trillion by the end of 2014.it help the Japanese economy recover
  12. Can you give me some tips on how to become a successful forex trader?
  13. Don't invest everything in a one place. Do your own research and choose low risk investments to make money while reducing the risk.
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