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  1. I wanna be market profile trader too..
  2. I don't know what to say.. but keep it up.. Its hard in trading..
  3. Im enjoying forex trading when my traders and my trades are good
  4. Im 17 going 18 this July trading for a year for now..
  5. Sometimes it is OK to lie. I think its useful to adopt the Buddhist point of view and ask yourself whether the truth is necessary and kind. I agree that in general lying is not good but there are times when it is appropriate.
  6. Hi all, While checking out my charts today looking for long term opportunities I've came across few interesting trades, which im actually in right now gotta love the last day of trading of the year icon smile Forums , Crude Oil was also speaking to me but for now I don't have enough data plus 1 or 2 cons and Im just not ready to execute the trade stress free whether spot or long term binaries. Sometimes the best strategy is to chill. icon sad Forums Enough talking here's the chart: Interesting points: 1. Blue zone showing strong recent S/R level (Zone) 2. Bullish channeling showing no weakness (So far) 3. Fibonacci pattern AB=CD forming. unfortunately, I didn't draw the fibs as it will ruin the chart and make it hard to read but, the details are as follows: A at 85.75, B at 90.50, C at 87.94 and awaiting or should I say expecting D at target # 1: 92.54. 4. Finally a divergance shown by the RSI. The cons: 1. Im a complete newbie in Crude Oil trading icon sad Forums I do trade Gold, Wheat etc.. for commodities but it's different) *Gotta walk out of my comfort zone that will be another asset in my pockets icon smile Forums 2. Although the RSI is showing divergance it is also showing that price recently came out of the 80% over bought area showing a decrease in momentum while the close on Friday was kinda consolidating and weak.. Not good! 3. It is one of the most important indicator IMO (No not the holy grail lol) the lack of market sentiment! no surprise it's monday Asia still asleep.. And the only reading I have so far is from investing.com some interesting points but nothing new- Link: http://www.investing.com/news/commodities-news/crude-oil-futures---weekly-outlook:-december-31---january-4-242475 Im in few long term trades spot and bins but I think Oil could be a good opportunity. What I like when I look at a chart is to think over my head " Hot or Not?" It shouldn't take more than 2 minutes but, I'd to think for it about 5minutes (Too long!) As momentum is decreasing gonna chill a bit. A good way to play it safe might be breakout style? Im goona set an alert on my phone and as soon as the high (Friday's high) is broken I might consider playing with the trend.. Hope that the brokers are not reading this and out of no where you find that Crude Oil is unavailable in the asset list for whatever reasons ? Cos if the up trend continues Im gonna enter big time for sure lol. I have Crude Oil on my radar for binaries if S/R zone prove to be holding gonna make brokers mad. Awaiting for more data-
  7. Some web site say that Binary Options can make you a great deal of money. Other say it is just like gambling, and that most people loose money. Is there a reality.
  8. Base on this graph that I have seen somewhere in the internet, what is the best time of the day to trade? Does this one require you a particular time zone? Or does trading in every part of the day will be helpful, I heard that timing means profitability, so how does this two things correlate?
  9. i know nothing of the stock market. but i have a few hundred quid a month i can put away into an investment. but what do i do?
  10. New to Forex and looking to see what others think...
  11. This one is funny to me... :rofl:
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