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  1. From a coding perspective, how can I use the TS customer number to lock a strategy/indicator? I am writing a stratgey that I want to control the distribution of. Is it as simple as using an IF statement in the code? Thanks Trey BTW.... Once I get it working and post it here, it will be unlocked. I just dont want my trading group using it till it is done.
  2. Here is the file that I got working. It is from TS fourums. It seems to be the one that Thrunner is talking about. If anyone has an updated one, I would also be interested. TPO Pro5.0b.zip
  3. OK. After reading you post and others, I can not get my market profile to match anyones numbers. I have loaded the symbol @ES 15m regular session. It seems that the MP wants to break up the day into 2 parts. Yours does not seem to be that way. Also when I check the numbers against a couple of sources, the numbers are not correct. Here is what mine looks like. Thanks,
  4. check the response by thrunner in this post. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f6/marketprofile-eld-3198.html
  5. Thrunner, YOU ROCK! I was using the wrong one. I really appreciate the fast response, and look forward to discussing MP with you guys. Has anyone ever followed Michael Jardine at http://www.enthios.com? I am very intreguied on how me uses MP in his system? Thanks Trey aka BigEd
  6. I have downloaded the marketprofile.eld indicator that some of you have posted here. It does not seem to have changed my chart. Can someone give some help here? Is it something that only updates when the market is open? If so, that is the problem because it is the weekend. If someone could post a screen shot or some simple instructions, I would be most appreciative. Thanks
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