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  1. Well if you know nothing about stock market then it will be quite difficult. I would suggest you to try to learn a bit about it and see whether you can cope. However, personally i would suggest you to try Forex contest as it is a good way where you can learn about the market. If you have time check out Trade1on1 (https://www.trade1on1.com/)
  2. Yeps it is quite like MT4 as it provides you both Real & Demo platforms. Well i don't know if you Trade1on1? It is an online site where you can participate in contest. Check it and i can say that it is really reliable as i often play there. You can join Tournaments or 1on1 games. :haha:
  3. Yes there is no spread on this site! The reason is it allows you to open as much orders you want and this is an advantages as you can cumulate maximum profit. I found it better to make transactions without spread
  4. Well this platform offers many bonuses and i think it really easy and fun. Everyday, i open this site to participate in contest. Apart winning, i have made a lot of friends there and it really connects people around the globe. Nice site
  5. Alright well this is a good way of earning money as Forex games provide a lot of advantages in some way. I presume Forex contest is another way of making money as the best is that it is more easy and it allows you to connect to people around the world.
  6. Do you believe that your broker managed your account effectively without getting any charges from us? What is the best way to determine if they managed our account efficiently? Please share your suggestions so that we can also know how they really works!!
  7. That true Jack. We should feel at ease when we trade Fx and always we a good spirit. Well i dont know if many of you know that Forex contest is a good way where you can trade Forex with fun. I usually participate in these contest and there are many advantages we can benefit. We have the possibility to trade with traders worldwide and it connect people to each other and also you are more enthusiasm to win these contest when you are in it.
  8. Alright, i can understand now mate. It good that you start using forum as base as this will be really goood for you. What i can advise you is that forex is something really complicated and you will need to learn well in order to start trading. The best for you at the moment is to start with Forex games as this is a good way where you can learn Forex.
  9. Oh so maybe people did not understand the post really. I would not ask people to comment unless they know what you did ask them. Anyway hope thing are going well for you. How is forex going on for you?
  10. Seems you are living the same life as Homer Simpson broza. Well, am also quite like you as i have a very boring way of trading forex better i dont tell you :haha: You what is your trading methods?? Any plans
  11. This seems really different as i can see many places where we can try contest. Normally i would suggest people to look for the best one before proceeding with deposit as we should always put ourselves in a good position. Well we have to agree that forex contest is somehow ruling
  12. Well forex contest is a somehow becoming bigger and bigger everyday. Well i have myself tried it and somehow it make you forex the old way of trading forex. There we can see prizes and you can also see who is the best and win the most. Well surely it is different.
  13. Well guys, i have indeed try to find a good site to trade forex and on mu surprise i got it.. Well thanks to my facebook traders friends who help me with it... I was not so impressed at the first time but really when i join trade 1on1 it was different.Am still on demo account but it is very impressive as you have the ability to challenge forex traders there!.
  14. Thanks all for giving me some good suggestions about a new trading platform. Well i have myself investigate a little and some of my friends have given me some more sites where i can open an account. However, i am also looking a type of platform that offers contest or tournament because a quite bored with the MT4!!
  15. What do you mean by that "the player with the highest porfolio wins the pot". Well i have understand only part of it. How is gaming related to forex?? Sorry but am quite confused, please can someone explain me better!! Thnks
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