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  1. Candlestick for profits

    Sorry, but there is not much description to the picture you have sent. Could you describe it a bit more?
  2. Best Candlestick Book / PDF??

    Sounds interesting, will give it a shot. Any of you can tell me something about it? How detailed is this book?
  3. Oh you have! Glad you liked it, and good luck to us then. I have learned a lot from them so far. Be patient and keep learning!
  4. So I've been messing with the indicators and learning about them. Made me curious what does the majority use here and why? Currently I'm using Bollinger Bands, Awesome Oscillator, Moving Average, Belkhayate Timing and Parabolic SAR. From all these Belkhayate is my favourite so far, it almost only made me win trades. While Parabolic is almost like MA, I still can read it more clearly on how the market moves.
  5. I can't agree with you. Trading full time is one thing, just as working at a job. But then trading will never be a fixed income. To play smart and always have an income, selling products that you make or made in the past can definitely give you some extra. And since you are already spending most of your time on that, why not write it down and sell it to people.
  6. Help!

    I don't know about other people, but I just don't trust options. Neither platforms with it. Maybe I have trust issues but who knows. Have you traded before? I imagine its a real money account?
  7. Three Rules Every Stock Trader Should Follow

    Exactly! Love your comments. Always makes me focus on what I have to do.
  8. I Look Back Now and Wonder

    Thank you, great help!
  9. Help me choose a forex market

    Not so sure about the markets but you definitely need a lot of time to trade good. Things don't just happen in that one hour unfortunately when you are free, so you have to keep your eyes on the chart tru the day. I'd suggest EUR/USD for beginning as that market doesn't seem to change in all the sudden like the USD/JPY for example. But I'll keep that answer for the pros.
  10. Right, thank you. I was sort of thinking the same but wasn't sure on how much the initial balance "should" be to be able to trade efficiently.
  11. Agreed. What do you think what is a decent account size?
  12. Introduce Yourself Here - Don't Be Shy!!

    Well, their package has a bunch of video lessons. After the lessons you get quizzes which I like a lot, because you can test yourself if you just watched them or you actually understood them So far I haven't really used their other services, but one step at a time. Will let you know about more when I get there. Videos are high quality by the way, and very educational.
  13. Oh Look... the Newbie is here

    Nice to see I'm not the only newbie here! Altho I'm only testing the waters, but I'd love to make this sort of hobby my profession. What do you think about the Online Training Academy? Could you tell us more about your experience with them? I've seen mixed reviews about their product, and not sure if it's worth it to follow them.

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