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  1. Best Candlestick Book / PDF??

    Donald, here is the pdf version of the book, if you are interested. While a bit "salesman-like" in its approach (all of what he claims cannot possibly be true or it would be the Holy Grail), it was packed full with pictures, commentary and helpful information. Enjoy. Profitable_Candlestick_Trading-HERE.pdf
  2. Best Candlestick Book / PDF??

    I read this book, and found it very helpful to seeing and understanding the candlestick formations. It seemed a bit "salesman-like" in its claims, but the pictures and commentary were helpful and a one-stop shop for learning about the why's and how's.
  3. Best Candlestick Book / PDF??

    Thanks, Prakash!
  4. Best Candlestick Book / PDF??

    Hello! I am new to this forum. I am interested in learning about candlestick reading. I would appreciate hearing from any that will answer this post WHICH book you found the most helpful?

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