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  1. What I've learned so far that you really should have a record of what you've done on the market. Not necessary every position and detail, but the outcome, mindset and the triggers of your actions. This way you can examine your motivation behind following a plan or a gut feeling etc. This way you won't only have numbers, but the documentation of what was going on in your mind while you made a given trade.
  2. The idea of cutting your learning time many hours is valuable for me. I like saving time so I can spend it with family, relaxing, etc. Also like learning from less source and not seeking among hundreds of answers but using a reliable source. Maybe one doesn't have to invent every rule on his/her own but use the knowledge of others. I mean maybe you are not da Vinci, but you can still make a living by doing what he does.
  3. I use them because a lot of traders stick with them. It’s like a self full-filling prophecy. When a lot of people use a specific tool it will become true. They are great in normal conditions, but when something unpredictable happens at the market they are less reliable.
  4. I use Fib tool+moving average combo and RSI most often. But have plenty more to experiment with :P
  5. Guess I would add to have a trading journal. Which helps you have a better understanding of the other rules and help closing out emotions.
  6. My only advise would be to anyone is to never start BO. It's just a gamble and a scam. Till now a lot of investigation happened with a not so surprising outcome. So stick with Forex, Futures, whatever but BO.
  7. I'm a newbie too, but what I've learned so far is the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid). The more tool and method you use the more confusing it will become. Don't overcomplicate things. When you follow a proven simple strategy and you start piling it becomes hard to figure out what is working and what isn't. You also limit the number of trades that you could execute and start missing out on possible great opportunities.
  8. Yeah, I think what you highlighted here is trading 101 and should not be neglected. Just as Livermoore said: "The game taught me the game. And it didn’t spare me rod while teaching." Even he lost almost everything not even once until he learned this lesson. When you have money they lose you're more likely not to make desperate moves and have patience to wait for the right time.
  9. I try to have positive P/L but that's not always how things turn out. However, I don't feel the pressure to always have it that way. When you have a major goal in your life you can't get there right away and that's where most beginners lose their fate. Minor goals are more profitable and they make us progress further and faster. So my advice would be not to give up and just like with everything, one step at a time ;).
  10. It's hard to deny to be satisfied, but what I learned so far is to try to get rid of all emotions while trading, and make your decisions on actual data and facts, not on a gut feeling. This way you won't gamble, but trade.
  11. That is a question I ask myself regularly and always come up with a different answer. Some people say it takes at least 2-3 years of learning and practicing. I'm only a wanna be trader but I definitely want to share my conclusion on that matter. I subscribed to a learning package only this week. They have a 4-month learning package, they let you "play" with monopoly money on a platform with real market data, and if you have a good enough result they promise to have you a funded account. So fingers crossed, I'm very excited about Earn2Trade and hope that I can say soon that I'm a trader.
  12. I just entered the big game, have tons of stuff to learn about, but another forum member just mentioned here a learning package I got curious about. So now I'm freshly subscribed to Earn2Trade. I have big hopes with their learning package. They offer a funded account once you complete their gauntlet challenge. I hope I can become a full-time trader.
  13. Thanks Donals, I'm grateful for any aspects on what to trade.
  14. One way or another you'll have losses at the beginning. But once you learn how to close out emotions and think with a clear mind that's where the game begins. You need to find the most efficient and comfy tools to trade with and your sources that help you make decisions.
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