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    Tallinex focuses on risk mitigation, leading us to develop proprietary trading technologies. All Tallinex trades are transmitted swiftly and reliably to the world's largest banks through a PrimeXM FX bridge to Integral's FX Grid system, which is optimized for Forex trading. Our clients can therefore benefit from better ECN/STP technology and confidently trade the Forex markets through Tallinex.
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  1. NB: In the 5-part articles in this series, we would explain the strategies used to trade Forex, stocks, indices, crypto pairs, and other cryptocurrencies, for our VIP followers, because they are interested in making profits with us. Kunle F. is one of our signals strategists in the VIP Group. His strategy is described below. Kunle F’s Strategy My Strategy Description I trade Smart Money Concept with the use of Demand and Supply zones. Firstly, I identify strong bullish or bearish trends. I do not trade ranging markets. Strong trends are characterized by impulsive displacements in specific directions and this is what I seek to ride on. The pullbacks or corrections are lethargic. I take advantage of inefficiently traded regions because they are used as anchor points for retracement. I trade Forex pairs. To have an edge in the market I have a minimum of 1:3 RRR. I use the market structure to determine the adjustment of my stop loss and to also break even. I take partial profits as the trade moves in my direction. To get free, winning trading signals, please visit: www.predictmag.com
  2. NB: In the 5-part articles in this series, we would explain the strategies used to trade Forex, stocks, indices, crypto pairs, and other cryptocurrencies, for our VIP followers, because they are interested in making profits with us. Seun A. is one of our signals strategists in the VIP Group. His strategy is described below. Seun A’s Strategy: As a day trader, I trade mainly the short-term swings of the market either to the up or down as the price presents itself during the New York A.M. session. I trade indices so I intentionally allow any high-impact news at 1:30 pm Nigerian time for the day if there is any to play out and wait it out till the New York exchange opens equities at 2:30 pm Nigerian time. As soon as the 2:30 PM time strikes, I compare the London session high and low of the day in order to make a decision on which short-term high or low I should ride with the price to tag. However, I base my decision on what the daily candle is showing me to likely expand to judging from whatever the previous daily has done. If the current daily candle shows a willingness to move up, then I enter a buy position during a temporary retracement down at 61.8% retracement level on the Fibonacci tool and target the London session high as the short-term swing high. At this point, if the price is climbing up with more momentum, then I'll target the previous day high if it has not been tagged yet during the London session of the same day. And vice versa for a Sell setup. My risk control is dependent on the short-term retracement on the Fibonacci tool when my entry decision has been made. I usually put my Stop Loss at the price level which tallies with the 0% level of the Fibonacci tool. To get free, winning trading signals, please visit: www.predictmag.com
  3. USDC is the second-largest stablecoin, behind Tether (USDT), boasting a $42 billion market cap. Circle, the issuer of USDC, has close ties with BlackRock and, by proximity, the Fed. The company recently announced its plans to shift 80% of its holdings into a BlackRock government-only money market fund. AND… BlackRock has laid out plans to apply for access to the Fed’s reverse repo program, RPP. As Barclays put it, “RRP access would give USDC indirect access to a central bank liability and make it a closer substitute for insured bank deposits and CBDC.” Meaning? As founder of Coinbase Brian Armstrong put it, USDC is set to become the “de facto CBDC in the US.” It remains to be seen how this will shake out… (But one thing to keep in mind -- for what it’s worth to you -- is that USDC resides on the Ethereum network.) The SEC’s actions seem to fly in the face of these developments, putting the fear into those still on the fence about crypto. Meanwhile, we remain steadfast that crypto is here to stay. And we’re hard at work spotting the signals amidst the noise.” – Chris C Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  4. The U.S. occupies a special place in the global economy. We hold the world’s reserve currency. The dollar dominates because the dollar denominates. Everybody accepts U.S. dollars; everyone wants U.S. dollars. This gives the U.S. many advantages like lowered exchange rate risk and increased buying power, but this won’t last forever. Historically, one country has held the dominant reserve currency for about 100 years (give or take 20 years). Although the U.S. was formally declared the reserve currency after World War II, it was informally used as the reserve currency since the 1920s after World War I. That’s 100 years... Again, these things don’t happen overnight. It’s a slow-moving transition that’s obvious only after a few decades have passed, but I think the days of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency are coming to an end. This shouldn't be cause for fear or alarm as we're resilient. We'll tiptoe through these troubled times, and we'll emerge stronger as a result. What’s more, I think we can do better. The positive aspect of holding the world reserve currency is that the U.S. has been able to help provide stability and confidence in the financial system. The negative aspect is that it concentrates power and influence in the U.S., sometimes at the expense of smaller and weaker nations. Moreover, when the U.S. financial system looks shaky (as it has the past few days), it causes reverberations throughout the world. I believe we’ll look back on the days of reserve currencies as a kind of “financial colonialism,” where one country had outsized power to exercise its will on smaller, weaker nations. I suspect we'll be ashamed of this period of U.S. history. We may even try to make reparations, but that day is likely far into the future. Of one thing we can be sure... The days of the U.S. dollar's dominance will eventually come to an end. History shows us it's not a question of if, but when. When the U.S. dollar is dethroned, what will replace it?” - John Hargrave Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  5. Crypto Tax Principles “While crypto taxes can be complicated, the key principles are not. Fix these ideas in your head: These are taxable events: Selling crypto. Trading crypto. Buying stuff with crypto. Receiving crypto from airdrops, hard forks, staking rewards, and the like. These are not taxable events: Buying crypto. Donating crypto to a tax-exempt organization. Gifting cryptocurrency (though large gifts may trigger a gift tax) Transferring crypto from one account to another.” - John Hargrave Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  6. As you may know by now, ESG stands for environmental, social and governance, which are the three factors business managers and investment advisers are implored to take into account when making business and asset allocation decisions. It’s a scam, just like the Green New Deal is a scam. Oil and natural gas are so critical to national security, transportation, home heating and other critical functions that prices are heavily politicized and manipulated for better or worse. The Biden administration has declared war on carbon-based energy sources starting with oil and natural gas. On day one of his administration, Biden closed the Keystone XL pipeline. He has since banned new oil and gas exploration leases on federal lands, handicapped the fracking industry with new regulations, banned offshore drilling and used regulatory powers to stop the building of new refineries. Biden has also pushed through green new scam legislation that showered hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies for wind turbines, solar modules, electric vehicles (EVs) and EV battery manufacturing. Don’t Tell This to Elon Musk Here’s the problem with these batteries: Despite manufacturers’ efforts to market electric vehicles to the masses, EV models have never been scalable, sustainable or ultimately successful. Plus, the problem of producing enough power for a successful transition from gas-powered vehicles adds major headwinds for the EV market to contend with. No amount of marketing can overcome these fundamentals. The first hurdle is a matter of chemistry. Batteries for EVs are made from cobalt, lithium, nickel, copper and other base metals and compounds. Despite some efficiencies in the manufacture of batteries, there have been no major technological breakthroughs in the specifications for batteries in over 100 years. Batteries have always been the constraining factor for EVs. In 1905, 90% of the taxis in New York City were battery-powered. In the 1950s, 100% of the East German postal system used battery-powered delivery trucks. Golf carts have been a reliable form of EV for decades. The simple fact is gasoline is by far the most efficient way to power an automobile. That will remain the case as far as the eye can see. Urgent Note From James – Response Requested By Midnight I just made a massive change to my Altucher’s Investment Network newsletter. This is one of the biggest changes to a newsletter in the history of our business… As far as I know, nothing like it has ever been done before. I’m adding 3 brand-new benefits to this all-new “Pro level” of Altucher’s Investment Network. And as one of my readers, I’d hate to see you left behind. That’s why – until MIDNIGHT tonight – you’ll be able to upgrade your current subscription to this new “Pro level” by clicking here. Seriously. Just click here now to see how to claim your upgrade. More Problems In addition, all of the chemicals and metals needed to make batteries are either in short supply relative to potential demand (especially lithium) or incur enormous costs in terms of electricity, diesel fuel, heavy equipment, waste and disposal of ore and unwanted byproducts. It’s likely that more coal- and oil-fired electricity generation will be needed to build an EV battery than will ever be conserved by the vehicle itself. Even assuming these chemical- and fuel-based hurdles can be overcome (an unlikely assumption), the U.S. power grid is not close to being able to provide the power needed for a fleet of EVs even a small fraction of the size demanded by the Green New Scammers in the Biden administration. If EV usage grows even slightly more from current levels, we can expect brownouts and blackouts as local and state power grids struggle to keep up with demand. Tesla customers are already starting to complain about long waits at charging stations. Quick-charge gimmicks don’t help if you’re the fifth car in line for a charge. I know some owners who plan take-out dinners on long trips while they wait two hours or more for a charge. Simply put, batteries don’t work at scale for transportation. This has been known for more than a century. Nothing has changed. And for what? The Green New Scam and the environmental component of ESG all trace back to climate alarmism. Garbage Climate alarmism has no basis in observable science. It’s all the result of climate models, which have been consistently wrong about warming because they reflect the biases of their programmers. The climate change models are garbage (and yes, I have studied them and understand the math and complex dynamics and I know why they’re garbage. They can’t even backtest reliably let alone forecast. Like I said, garbage). So the threats of “existential crisis” and “we’ll all be underwater in 10 years” are based on garbage. If you listen to the climate alarmists, they’ll tell you we only have a few years to save the planet. If we don’t eliminate CO2 emissions quickly, the planet will warm, sea levels will rise, storms will intensify, cities will be inundated and lives will be lost to starvation, disease and dehydration. Every one of those claims is empirically false, but that doesn’t stop the global power elite from trying to shut down the oil and gas industries and replace power generation with solar, wind and hydropower or so-called renewable sources. Hardly a Crisis Here are the facts: The best evidence is that the planet is not warming, but it may be cooling under the influence of a periodic minimum in solar flare activity and increased volcanic activity (the two may actually be related), which creates an atmospheric ash layer that cuts down on sun intensity. Sea levels may be rising slightly, but the tempo is about 7 inches in the next 100 years. That’s hardly cause for alarm considering that sea levels rose 400 feet since the end of the last ice age and humans adapted just fine. CO2 is a trace gas that makes up just 0.04% of the atmosphere (400 parts per million) and doesn’t have a major impact as far as science can tell, except that it is essential for plant nourishment. Based upon recent studies, a doubling of carbon dioxide would likely result in a temperature increase of only about 1.5 degrees Celsius. That’s hardly a crisis. But the war on oil continues anyway, and it’s not ending. How to Invest There are many moving parts to this story. Oil has gone through extreme ups and downs over the past five years. The Green New Scam and the mishandling of delicate supply has pushed oil stocks into critical territory. I believe it’s an excellent time to look at select oil stocks. Notice that I said “select.” Not every oil stock will be a winner, even when the price of oil inevitably charges higher. I’m also looking at refining and pipelines, Appalachian coal and the Marcellus shale gas region. I believe they’ll deliver huge gains over the next few years. These are ways to profit from energy, despite the ESG scam. Right here, I talk about my strategy for surviving and thriving through this storm. Author: Jim Rickards Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  7. It goes without saying that understanding blockchain is incredibly complicated. As comedian John Oliver put it, “Cryptocurrency combines everything you don’t understand about money, with everything you don’t understand about computers.” For most people, it's good enough to understand things at a high level. Of course, there’s lots of money to be made from understanding all of the tiny details and the opportunities they create. But unless you’re a software developer working on blockchain full-time, chances are slim that you’ll get to this level of complexity. Fortunately, blockchain is so intimidating and complex, that most people don’t understand it even at a high level. This creates an opportunity to make money that 99% of people aren’t even aware of. One of the biggest opportunities coming in the next 5 years will be staking.” – “Safe and Simple Strategy. Here’s the harsh truth. When most people calculate their returns after a year of trading… They discover they would’ve done much better just to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum and do nothing. The wisest strategy for most people is to just allocate: 50% to Bitcoin 50% to Ethereum.” – James A. Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  8. I’m not a financial adviser, so I can’t tell you what to do. I can only tell you what I do in the form of these ten guidelines: 1. Keep working the day job. 2. Auto-invest money each month. 3. Stay focused on simple strategies. 4. Set it and forget it (avoid fees and taxes). 5. Look for opportunities in times of crisis. 6. Say “no” to most investments and “yes” to a few big ones. 7. Talk with smart people to improve your ideas (preferably in person). 8. Be confident, but humble (have the strength of your convictions while staying open to being wrong). 9. Educate yourself to Read and Grow Rich. 10. Give back both in money and in what you’ve learned. This is the middle way: not too conservative and not too cuckoo. It’s a path we can all follow.” – BMJ Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  9. WHAT ARE THE GOLDEN ADVICES IN LIFE? 1. You are not rich in life until you have something that money can't buy. 2. School is not education. True education is self education. 3. No friend/girl friend will stay up all night to replace wet napkins on your forehead when you have fever. Only moms can and will do that, she should be no.1 priority. 4. Everyone loves you until you become competition. 5. Never put your happiness in someone else's hand. 6. No one ever became big in life by showing how small someone else is. 7. Always act like you trust the ones you don't. 8. We can complain rose bushes have thorns or we can rejoice that thorn bushes have rose. So it's always our choice to be positive or negative. 9. Nothing is free in the world. 10. Beware of person who has nothing to lose. 11. Don't cheat on anyone. Ever. It's the most cheap and disgusting thing to do in life. 12. Don't make promises if you have no intention to fulfill them. It might not mean anything to you but it could mean a whole world to someone else. 13. Respect everyone. I repeat “everyone”. - Prem Tumula, Quora Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  10. During the 94th Academy Awards, actor Will Smith walked onstage and slapped comedian Chris Rock across the face during Rock's presentation for Best Documentary Feature. The slap was in response to Rock's joke about Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved head, which she had been shaving since 2021 due to alopecia areata. Smith returned to his seat and shouted profanity at Rock, who briefly responded, but completed his presentation without further interruption. Later that evening, Smith won Best Actor and apologized to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and other nominees, but not to Rock, in his acceptance speech. The next day, he issued an apology to Rock and the Academy through social media. Smith resigned his Academy membership on April 1, facing a potential suspension or expulsion, and was banned from attending Academy events for 10 years, effective April 8.” – (Source: Wikipedia) But what would have happened if Chris Rock had slapped Will Smith in return? Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  11. The Greatest Risk of Nuclear Confrontation Since the Cuban Missile Crisis… Depending on how events unfold, the world is potentially facing the greatest risk of nuclear confrontation since the Cuban Missile Crisis. A limited nuclear war is a real possibility in the not-distant future… Putin Doesn’t Bluff It’s difficult to know what comes next. It could be that Russia uses a tactical nuclear weapon. Russia might detonate a dirty bomb and blame Ukraine. The U.S. may use a tactical nuclear weapon if it suspects Russia is about to do so, an example of a first-strike advantage. The U.S. may detonate a dirty bomb and blame Russia in a classic false flag operation. Regardless, it’s not difficult to know that we’re on a path to nuclear war. We also know that Putin doesn’t bluff. When George W. Bush raised the issue of Ukrainian entry into NATO, Putin invaded Georgia. When Obama staged a coup against a pro-Russian president in Kyiv, Putin annexed Crimea. When Biden green-lighted a Ukrainian assault in Donbas, Putin invaded Ukraine. Again, Putin doesn’t bluff. It would be a great blunder to believe otherwise. We’re sleepwalking down a road that could potentially lead to Armageddon. Regards, Jim Rickards For Altucher Confidential Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  12. Horne is a co-founder of crypto startup Zora. He was one of the core developers of the popular stablecoin USDC at Coinbase. His blog is excellent and worthy of a follow. So, what is a hyperstructure? According to Horne, it’s a crypto protocol that can run for free and forever, without maintenance, interruption or intermediaries. And, says Horne, it has these specific characteristics: Unstoppable: the protocol cannot be stopped by anyone. It runs for as long as the underlying blockchain exists. (Uniswap, one of the most popular Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) in crypto, is a good example. The Uniswap team and website could disappear today, but the protocol will run in perpetuity. ) Free: there is a 0% protocol wide fee and runs exactly at network/transaction fee cost. Valuable: accrues value which is accessible and “exitable” by the owners. Expansive: there are built-in incentives for participants in the protocol. They incent value creation and make value extraction cost-prohibitive. (Uniswap’s Liquidity Provider (LP) fee is a good example. LP fees incentivize participants to provide the key resource to the protocol — liquidity. This fee is paid to anyone providing liquidity, not to Uniswap.) Permissionless: universally accessible and censorship resistant. Builders and users cannot be deplatformed. Positive sum: it creates a win-win environment for competitors who use the same infrastructure. Credibly neutral: the protocol is user-agnostic. “Hyperstructures,” Horne writes, “treat every participant fairly, to the extent that it’s possible to treat people fairly in a world where everyone’s capabilities and needs are so different.” As a result of being free, expansive, unstoppable, permissionless and credibly neutral—Hyperstructures create a positive sum environment. This means you can have an ecosystem of potentially competitive participants using the same piece of infrastructure to the net benefit of everyone. Consider, if just a small percentage of our key institutions were to adopt such an infrastructure, it would be a paradigm shift so large it would eclipse all technological revolutions before it. We would go from institutions based on: → Permissions → Mutability/Censorship → Gated Access/Walled Gardens → Extractive To: → Permissionless → Unstoppable → Public → Free Hyperstructures are built for the Space Age. Some semblance of this embedded in our dominant institutions would be a best-case scenario. And perhaps it’s not as “pie-in-the-sky” as people think. [Ed. note: Opportunities abound in Web3. But only a few game-changing protocols will gain mass adoption. One of the best ways to play is infrastructure — the protocols necessary for Web3’s growth. – Chris C. Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  13. Cathie Wood is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Investment Officer of Ark Invest an investment management firm. And while I admire her commitment to investing in the technology of tomorrow, her investment discipline needs some tweaking. Cathie is invested in several companies my team and I believe will be long-term winners. Companies like NVIDIA, Shopify, Zoom, and Twilio. But repeatedly adding to a position while the price is in a steep downtrend doesn’t make a ton of sense. For example, after buying hundreds of thousands of shares of Coinbase Global from $234 all the way down to the low-$50s, Cathie turned around and sold 1.133 million shares on July 26, 2022, around $54. She then turned around and purchased more than 207,000 shares on November 9, 2022, in the mid-to-high-$40s and another 255,000 shares on November 18, in the mid-$40s. If Cathie believes in COIN, a more logical approach would be to wait for the stock to stop falling, give it time to build a base, and begin buying the stock on strength once the bear trend is over. Look, I’m the first to admit that investing in innovative technology is both risky and highly volatile. If you’re going to invest in companies developing tomorrow’s technology, you must do so cautiously and with an appreciation for how extreme highs and lows will be. In Cathie’s case, I love some of her investment choices, but investment execution needs some refining. – James A. Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  14. “One way to make more money investing is to have good habits. But another is to simply get rid of bad habits…. Bad habits need to turn into Good habits over time in order to become a successful long-term investor.” – James A. You can see the attached image… The kind of scenario in the Daily chart is no longer a rare occurrence in the markets if you have been in the market for years. And you can see James Altucher’s quote above. We often tell professional traders to use stop loss and cut their losses: But they won’t listen. We always tell pro traders not to use big lot sizes per trade and not to overtrade. Even 0.1 lots are too risky for 1000 USD: But they won’t comply. We tend to beg trading gurus to test their trading idea for at least 4 months or better, for up to one year or more, so that they can see how their trading idea can withstand all market conditions (including black swan events): But they will never obey. NEVER! Why would you trade a demo for only one or two weeks and then go live? Why would you use your live accounts as a guinea pig project? Your strategy will occasionally undergo the baptism of fire and 95% of floored. Can your strategy survive adverse market conditions? I have seen a trader being moved from one prison to another, because of losing clients' money. After he came from prison, his trading habits show the same thing that led him to jail in the first place. I have seen traders with many years of experience, still blowing accounts, because they tend to trade the way they did in the past, owing to undisciplined psychology. Give them another chance again? They will blow the accounts again. Some are heavily in debt because of stubbornness. Pros who have destroyed numerous accounts over the years would be seen begging people here and there, for funds to manage money. And if you ever give them any chance again, they will blow the new funds. Most experienced traders have mental problems. Why would you keep on doing what is putting you into problems? And plunging into deeper debts. Your trading results show that something is wrong with your brain, and you need to find solutions before it is too late. The markets can ruin one’s life if one proves too stubborn. As for me, I am a trading idiot. I am a certified, pathetic, and intercontinental idiot. This is the reason why I don’t risk too much per trade… My position sizing is very conservative and that has worked well for me. I don’t blow accounts. Because of my stupidity, I tend to test a new strategy for at least one year, and I have seen how my super strategy can withstand all market conditions and I am happy. I don’t argue with the markets or rely on hope. I know the market is opaque and the next movement cannot be predicted. Since I am a compound fool, a universal fool, I use optimal stop loss always and I even cut some losses before the stop is hit. I let my profits run. My foolishness has enabled me to reach financial freedom because I have a strategy that can withstand all market conditions (developed from over 15 years of experience). It can make money in all market conditions. The strategy is the simplest strategy I have ever seen because even a moron like me can trade it (and a monkey can trade it). It suffers minimal drawdowns in adverse markets and bounces back quickly. I not only survive the kind of market condition in the image above, but I also jump back quickly and make money within a short time, owing to my stupidity. And on the other hand, wise, intelligent, and sensible traders are blowing accounts. Doing the right things pays (cut your loss and risk very small), and permanent success is possible. Make money in bull markets, bear markets, sideways markets, and during unusual, unexpected events. I am a living witness. Kind regards. Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
  15. Hello Traders: Why is USDT so popular? It is the most popular stablecoin and the largest-cap stablecoin in existence. 68,977,092,527 USDT is currently in circulation. There are certain types of USDT, but the most popular and the most widely used is TRC20, followed by ERC20. At least, 90% of online trading brokers now accept USDT for deposits and withdrawals, and the adoption rate is projected to increase further. So, you can use it to fund your trading account and trade for profits. You can use it to pay people or receive payment. You can use it as a bulwark against crazy fluctuations in the markets. If BTC or ETH or TRX crashes, USDT will not. Having USDT is like having US Dollar because they have the same value and USDT is pegged to USD. You can use it as a store of value. You can convert it to any cryptocurrency offered by your exchange, and you can convert any available cryptocurrency to it. So, if you need any crypto, buy USDT and convert it to that crypto. If you want to withdraw any coins, covert them to USDT and sell for money! You can trade it versus many other popular currencies, as pairs. You can use any trading styles you want. You can also trade it versus other popular coins. We have ETHUSDT, BTCUSDT, TRXUSDT, BNBUSDT, ADAUSDT, DOGEUSDT, SOLUSDT, etc. The uses for Tether – USDT – are so versatile that it is now more popular than Perfect Money, Neteller, Webmoney, Skrill and PayPal (who imposes obnoxious restrictions on people). And this is just the beginning. Therefore, open a crypto wallet and buy USDT today. Profits from free accurate cryptos signals: https://www.predictmag.com/
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