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  1. USDJPY PRICE OUTFLOW IS DRAWN BY SELLERS BACK TO 114.840 USDJPY Price Analysis – November 25 USDJPY price outflow is being held back as a consequence of bears causing opposition to the market influence. The price structure of the market strives to maintain an uptrend configuration under a bullish influence. However, the sellers are causing some resistance in the market, which is causing a hold in the market configuration. Because of this conflict in the market, the outflow of the bulls in the market will be held back to the 114.840 critical level. USDJPY Critical Levels Resistance Levels: 114.840, 112.790 Support Levels: 110.800, 109.100 USDJPY Long Term Trend: Bullish The bullish outflow price structure initially began with the expansive breadth of consolidation. The market was birthed after a strong price expansion before the bullish uprise. The price undulated between the breadth of the 110.800 and 109.100 significant price levels. As a result of this accumulation, the price was then pushed out to higher levels. With the continuation of the market expansion, buyers outflow upward, with the bulls taking hold of the market. Furthermore, price continues to experience more outflows as several structural levels were broken. When USDJPY eventually gets to the 112.790 level, the price resumes its accumulation phase. The market encountered a short phase of expansion before resuming bullish persistence. The price finally breaks through the 114.840 significant level and we expect a withdrawal back to this price level before bullish engagement. The Tensile Strength indicator shows the resilience of the market influence as the market is set to resume its bullish leverage after sellers retreat. USDJPY Short Term Trend: Bearish The 4-hour chart of USDJPY shows the price configuration riding upward following a strong force that broke through the 114.840 critical level. The price is now set in a retreat motion as the price is seen to be pulling away to the 114.840 price level. The Moving Average Convergence and Divergence indicator shows the market’s prevalent direction as the price is set on a pullback course to the 114.840 critical level before bullish outflow. Source: https://learn2.trade
  2. EURJPY DEPRECIATES TO LOWS NEAR 128.00 FOLLOWING COVID RESURGENCE EURJPY Price Analysis – November 26 EURJPY pair fell for the third session in a row on Friday, depreciating to the area of recent lows in the 128.00 range. As the new strain of COVID weighs heavily on investors’ sentiment, strong buying interest in the Japanese yen puts EURJPY under added pressure in the sub-129.00 levels. Key Levels Resistance Levels: 130.50, 130.00, 129.61 Support Levels: 127.00, 126.50, 126.00 EURJPY Long term Trend: Ranging On Friday, the EURJPY opened higher at 129.31 and moved lower to 127.79 intraday lows losing almost 1%. The pair plunged, as bears emerged and traders focused on levels below 128.00. To investigate the bearish scenario, a decisive fall below 128.00 must be established. The pair may continue to fall into the next session, with bearish traders targeting the 127.00 area as a possible objective. As long as the 128.00 support level holds and the price is sustained above, more gains may be expected. A strong breakout of 128.50, on the other hand, would confirm that the rebound from 127.79 low has come to stay, bringing this low back into focus as a new bottom. EURJPY Short term Trend: Bearish The EURJPY is still trading bearishly from its October high of 133.47 on the 4-hour charts, and the intraday bias is still to the downside. If the resistance at 128.50 holds, a further drop is likely. A decisive rebound past 128.50, on the other hand, will consolidate on the entire rebound from 127.79 low level. The mid-term support turned resistance level of 130.00 will be the next level of contention. A break of revised support around the 128.00, on the other hand, might reverse the rebound and broaden the down leg from 130.00 with a new phase of the drop towards the mid 127.00 in the coming session. Source: https://learn2.trade
  3. EURUSD HOVERS NEAR MULTI-MONTH LOW, UNDER 1.1250 LEVEL EURUSD Price Analysis – November 24 Throughout the session, the EURUSD pair remained on the losing side and was last seen moving with considerable losses around the 1.1250-36 level. The announcement that the White House has opted to reappoint incumbent Fed Chair Jerome Powell for a second term sparked the recent strong dip. The spot is trading at 1.1253 at the time of writing, down 0.25 percent on the day. Key Levels Resistance Levels: 1.1525, 1.1422, 1.1300 Support Levels: 1.1200, 1. 1150, 1.1100 EURUSD Long term Trend: Bearish EURUSD has sunk to fresh multi-day lows, as seen on the daily chart, after extending the recent breach beneath the moving averages 5 around the 1.1300 level. This exposes the possibility of a deeper pullback and a re-test of the psychological support around 1.1200. Under the 1.1200 level, the euro’s underlying bullish attitude is in jeopardy. Overall, the EURUSD stays bearish while trading under the major horizontal support turned resistance and significant level at 1.1422. A breakout of the 1.1300 level, on the other hand, would aim for the 1.1350 level on the way to the 1.1400 zones. The fall of the 1.1200 zones, in the alternative scenario, is viewed as a bearish continuation indicator. EURUSD Short term Trend: Bearish The risk is weighted to the negative on the 4-hour chart, as the pair is developing below the firmly bearish 5 and 13 moving averages. Technical indicators have shifted to the downside, with negative levels. However, in the present scenario, the RSI has not yet reached oversold territory, allowing for more selling. On the upside, a break over the modest resistance level of 1.1300 might shift the intraday bias to neutral. On the downside, the 1.1200 zones provide initial support. The next important level of support is around the 1.1150 mark. If there are any more losses, the 1.1100 extension level of the low decline may be tested. Source: https://learn2.trade
  4. IS IT RATIONAL TO SETTLE FOR 10% RETURNS PER MONTH? “One of the secrets few know and fewer implement when it comes to trading success is that you have to really care about doing well. These days, I see a lot of traders not caring enough, not prioritizing learning about trading, and making pathetic weak-willed excuses.” – Chris T. Perfectionism – a bane of the trading world When people look for a solution to their trading problems, they tend to look for the solution in the wrong places, having the wrong mindset. One problem with most traders is perfectionism. For instance, we tend to go to those who promise us 50% to 100% per week or month. If someone gives an estimate of 5% profits per month, we would think that is too small. If an investment salesperson promises huge returns in a short period of time, we’re drawn to them. What if I tell you that 5% per month is good returns on your trading or investment, would you agree with me? Is 60% growth per annum not good enough? Many years ago, one of my mentors in the financial industry told me that, even 20% growth per annum is good. In schools, we tend to ridicule those who make average grades and praise those who make excellent grades. The same is true of the world of sports. Do you think great sports teams win all their matches always? No! But they do well over time. Are 10% gains per month too low? Now let me ask these questions: How much percentage do you earn on your savings account per annum? How much do you earn on your fixed deposit account per month? How many people can pay off their mortgages within one year? If you buy a bus, to use for commercial purposes, is it easy for you to recover your money in one year? Can you buy a property and sell it for 100% profit within 10 months? If you found a startup, how long do you think it would take you to start making profits? Please attempt to answer these questions yourself, based on real-life experiences. Now, back to the question that makes the last subheading: Are 10% gains per month too low? Why do we tend to be unrealistic and fallacious when it comes to online trading? Making 10% returns per month from Learn2.trade crypto signals One good thing about the margin trading of cryptos is that you can make money, both in bull and bear markets. You don’t make money only when the price is going up. If your timing and methodology are right, you can predict a downward movement or an upward movement and participate in them. Learn2.trade provides quality crypto signals to interested traders. Each signal comes with stop loss and take profit targets. Sometimes a trade is closed before the stop or the target is hit. We use 5 types of orders for the crypto signals. They are Instant Execution, also known as Market Execution, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, and Sell Stop. Generating an average of 2 – 3 signals per day, we also use risk settings that are usually around 1% per trade and we attempt to gain more than we risk. As these signals are sent, we ensure that we also use them, practicing what we preach. Learn2.trade crypto signals – recent performances Please check the image below to peruse what has been made recently. You see can that we use stop loss, and use small lot sizes, relative to the size of the accounts. It just doesn’t make sense to bet too big on an individual trade. You can also see that we have both losses and profits. However, our average profits are bigger than average losses. That is the pedigree of a viable/ promising strategy: Make more money than you lose. Therefore, losses and drawdowns are also tightly controlled so that they don’t have significant effects on the account. These kinds of drawdowns are shallow, for recovery and eventual growth always happen. The markets are difficult but profitable Making consistent, regular profits from the market is hard, but success is possible. When the markets prove difficult, then we only need creative approaches. Markets will continue to prove uneasy and tough, but we will continue to make profits from them, no matter what. We target 10% profits per month, though we make more than this in most cases. 100% profits every 10 months is an enviable achievement. If 10% gains per month are compounded, the results in a few to several years will be amazing. Yes, you should be aware of the power of compounding. Join us today, in this journey of regular, monthly profits. Please see the image above, to know relevant metrics and figures of the recent results of the strategy behind the signals. You can join us here for, few free crypto signals per week: For Cryptos. Or you can hop in, and become our VIP right away, and enjoy all our crypto signals, up to 3 signals per day. Get access to the ability to make 10% or more per month. You can monitor our crypto signals trading performances here: L2T Crypto Signals on MyFxbook Source: https://learn2.trade
  5. An angry trader sent me this message: “I will make $10,000.00 with just $50 tonight. I will start by 12 midnight to trade till target is met. Enough is enough. If this MT4 broker (name withheld) like, they can employ all their witches by that time . . . They can't stop me.” NB: Later that day, he posted this message: “Entry into the market has been completed. Let's see how the trades develop! Learn the easiest and the safest forex trading methods. Yes EURUSD is my baby and Forex is my ATM machine. God is good.” NB: I didn’t hear from him for many hours, I sent a message to him to know how far. He later responded: “I was punished today! Today the Market Maker is the winner! Forex trading is a tough job. -$354 in total negativity. My enemy has finished me! “Been a long time I ventured into GBPCHF. Plenty of red losses. Back to Gold...” NB: What kind of trader is this? What kind of mindset is this? Profits from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
  6. SOLANA (SOL) PRICE ANALYSIS: SOL/USD FINDS SUPPORT ABOVE $225 RESUMES UPTREN Highlights Solana retraces to $236 low SOL/USD rallies to $260 high Solana (SOL) Current Statistics The current price: $236.86 Market Capitalization: $121,293,789,737 Trading Volume: $2,391,079,319 Major supply zones: $280, $300, $320 Major demand zones: $160, $140, $120 Solana (SOL) Price Analysis November 15, 2021 Solana’s (SOL) price has been trading above the moving averages. The market is retracing to the support above the 21-day SMA. The uptrend will resume if the price finds support above 21-day SMA. Meanwhile, on October 25 uptrend, a retraced candle body tested the 50% Fibonacci retracement level. The retracement indicates that Solana will rise to level 2.0 Fibonacci extension or $287.92. SOL/USD – Daily Chart Solana (SOL) Technical Indicators Reading Solana is at level 60 of the Relative Strength index period 14.SOL is in the bullish trend zone and capable of a further upward move. Solana is below the 20% range of the daily stochastic. The market has fallen to the oversold region. Conclusion On the 30- Mins chart, Solana has been in a downward move. The cryptocurrency has fallen to the oversold region. Meanwhile, on November 15 downtrend; a retraced candle body tested the 6.8% Fibonacci retracement level. The retracement indicates that Solana will fall to level 1.618 Fibonacci extensions or $233.74. Source: https://learn2.trade
  7. WILL SHIBA INU (SHIB) EVER REACH 1 CENT OR EVEN $1? Azeez Mustapha 12 November 2021 | Updated: 12 November 2021 It’s a Doge-Eat-Doge World Out There Shiba Inu is the latest meme coin. Its holders are promising it will make you an overnight millionaire. And they have proof to back up their claims. In August, a Shiba holder spent $3,400 on the meme coin. Now it’s worth $1.5 billion. Impressed yet? If not, consider another dog coin baron. This one bought $8,000 worth in August. It’s now worth $5.7 billion. For those counting, that’s $8,000 to $5.7 billion in about 400 days. Some are calling it the “greatest trade ever.” Not quite. Shiba has leapfrogged dogecoin to become the ninth-most valuable crypto in the world. Obviously, that’s not a buy signal. So why is Shiba pumping? Well, apart from the fact that the majority almost always buy green and sell red… The “Dogecoin Killer” Crypto whales use meme coins as a gauge of how much new — and unsophisticated — money is moving into the crypto markets. And then they do everything they can to take that money from them. (Anecdotal, but almost everyone I’ve talked to who’s recently gotten into crypto started with a dog coin.) This morning, for kicks, I asked crypto whale watcher Justin Gupta of CryptoDash.live what he thought about Shiba. “Cryptocurrencies are volatile as is,” said Justin. “But when they are not well distributed, and only a few control a large portion of the tokens, they become even more so. This is because these few individuals can move the market at their whim.” In the case of Shiba, Justin explained, nearly 1/5th of the supply is controlled by two accounts: “Meaning at any given moment, if these accounts decide to dump, they could trigger a massive panic sell-off and crash the asset.” One fifth of Shiba is held by 2 accounts One fifth of Shiba is held by 2 accounts Compare that to Dogecoin, where the top two accounts hold 10% of total circulating supply. But, in the end… It Doesn’t Matter The reality of the current crypto market is that virtually nobody cares about the technology or tokenomics. Consider, months ago Shiba pumped 300% after Elon Musk tweeted he would be getting a Shiba Inu dog. And to the untrained eye, Shiba seems cheap. It’s currently sitting at $0.00007253. But, the market cap is $40 billion, bigger than Robinhood. Bigger than Sysco Corp., the largest food distribution company in America. (And its circulating supply is around 550 trillion.) If you’re buying into Shiba today it’s because you’re convinced it’s going to 1 cent. Maybe even $1. I’ll tell you right now. It’s not going to happen. Yes, this points to new money coming into this space. But there are clearly other things driving this mania. Sometimes these things are best expressed with memes: Richard Burton, a designer for DeFi projects, brought up an important point that gets far less attention than the money printers: barriers to entry in traditional finance. Shiba Inu, he wrote, “is what happens when you stop generations of Americans from investing in startups with Accredited Investor Laws designed to ‘protect people.'” Perhaps lower barriers to entry mean we create more informed investors. Or… as in the case with all meme coins and stocks… perhaps not. NB: Shiba Inu is not the next bitcoin. More likely, it’ll be where most newbies get fleeced. If you’re looking for solid advice on the projects worthy of your hard-earned money, look no further. Source: https://learn2.trade/will-shiba-inu-shib-ever-reach-1-cent-or-even-1
  8. GOLD (XAUUSD) SHOWS STABILITY IN PRICE, RESUMES UPTREND Key Resistance Levels: $1,900, $1,950, $2000 Key Support Levels: $1,750, $1, 700,$1,650 Gold (XAUUSD) Long-term Trend: Ranging Gold (XAUUSD) has continued to be in a range-bound move. Since May, the Gold price has been fluctuating between levels $1,725 and $1,820.The market is yet to trend. The sideways move has made the Gold price to be relatively stable. The $1,720 support has been tested twice as bears fail to breach the support level. Similarly, the bulls have retested the $1,820 high but were repelled. A break above the $1,820 high will catapult Gold to the high of $1,900. XAUUSD – Daily Chart Daily Chart Indicators Reading: The 21-day SMA and the 50-day SMA are sloping horizontally indicating the sideways trend. Gold is at level 54 of the Relative Strength Index period 14. The crypto’s price is above the moving averages which indicate a possible rise in Gold. Gold (XAUUSD) Medium-term bias: Bullish On the 4 hour chart, the Gold price is in an upward move as price breaks above the moving averages. The upward move is facing rejection at the $1,800 resistance zone. Meanwhile, on November 4 uptrend; a retraced candle body tested the 78.6 % Fibonacci retracement level. The retracement indicates that Gold will rise but reverse at level 1.272 Fibonacci extension or $1,806.21. XAUUSD – 2 Hour Chart 4-hour Chart Indicators Reading Gold is above the 80% range of the daily stochastic. Gold price is in the overbought region of the market. The market is in a bullish momentum. The 21-day SMA and the 50-day SMA are sloping upward indicating the uptrend. General Outlook for Gold (XAUUSD) Gold’s (XAUUSD) price is resuming an upward move on the upside. Gold is rising to retest the $1,800 resistance level. Source: https://learn2.trade
  9. SILVER (XAG) DAILY CLOSE ABOVE $24 HANDLE PAVES THE WAY Source: https://learn2.trade Silver (XAG) Price Analysis – November 7 The price of spot Silver (XAG) has risen significantly in recent trade having breached the $24.00 handle for now. The precious metal buyers look to conquer further barriers and pave the way for an upward move towards the $24.50 level. A continued decline in global and US yields would be required for such a move higher. Key Levels Resistance Levels: $25.50, $25.00, $24.50 Support Levels: $23.50, $23.00, $22.10 XAGUSD Long term Trend: Ranging Silver (XAG) has demonstrated a positive breakthrough beyond the $24.00 resistance level on the daily chart from a technical standpoint. The nearest resistance is likely to be at $24.50, while the first and second support levels are expected to be at $23.50 and $23.02, respectively. Since the end of October, silver has been climbing in a rising pattern versus the US dollar. Meanwhile, throughout the next session, the rate may find support from the rising trendline support around the $23.50 range. As a result, the price of silver may continue to rise in the present and next session. XAGUSD Short term Trend: Ranging On the 4-hour time frame, bulls are currently supporting an optimistic relative strength index trend to hit $24.50 in a second attempt to surpass upward. However, the commodity’s future gain may be hampered by the barrier zones around $24.82 and $25.00. During the metal’s decline, the $23.50 level is the important support to consider ahead of the psychological horizontal support level near $23.00. If the price falls below $23.00, the $22.10 support level may come into focus, as a negative breach of the level might encourage the bears. Source: https://learn2.trade
  10. Why cryptos investors need to stay away from www.coindirect.com Number one: Their customer support is awful. If you have any problems with their services or issues on their platform, and you send them messages. They won’t reply you. Number two They charge inactivity fees. The best way to make money from cryptos is to buy and hold forever, but these people will begin to charge inactivity fees until all your gains and capital all gone. When you exchange one crypto to another or you trade, they won’t charge you because you pay fees for those activities anyway... However, when you decide to just hold, you pay with all your funds. They begin to charge you gradually and until there is nothing left in your investment again. Binance and Bitrex and other popular cryptos exchanges do not do this. Nothing will ever happen to your funds unless you want to cash out or trade. Profits from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
  11. SHIBA INU COMES UNDER INTENSE SELL PRESSURE AS THIRD-LARGEST SHIB WHALE MOVES HOLDINGS The Shiba Inu (SHIB) ownership concentration came under scrutiny as the meme coin continued to slide from its recent highs. According to reports, of the 872,382 wallets that hold SHIB, only ten control 72% of the total supply. Experts have expressed their concerns with this situation and that despite the abundance of transparency in the crypto industry, it is almost impossible to link wallets to their owners. They also worry that this anonymity leaves market participants unaware of whale concentration and activities that influence prices. Shiba Inu attracted a significant level of buzz after it flipped Dogecoin to become the ninth-largest cryptocurrency by market valuation last week. That said, all eyes are on the SHIB whale that controls over 13% of the circulating supply of the meme coin. Meanwhile, whale wallet concentration has triggered worry over possible liquidity issues amid the growing sell pressure on SHIB at the moment. At press time, the eleventh-largest cryptocurrency has dropped by over 10% in the last 24 hours and 29% in seven days. While no token sale has occurred yet from the earlier mentioned whale wallet, this address has moved about 10 trillion SHIB to four newly-created addresses, sparking liquidation fears. Interestingly, transaction activity on the SHIB network recorded an exponential increase, momentarily exceeding other top networks like Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL). This increase in activity stems from the selling pressure on the SHIB network, as holders dump their tokens to realize profits from the recent rally. Key Shiba Inu Levels to Watch — November 5 As mentioned earlier, Shiba Inu is in a dramatic bearish spiral as traders book profits. The meme currency bottomed at $0.00004312 yesterday before jumping near the $0.00005500 resistance. This jump failed to yield the desired results for SHIB holders as the cryptocurrency dropped again to $0.00004500. SHIBUSD – 4-Hour Chart However, the eleventh-largest cryptocurrency has rebounded again near the $0.00005500 resistance as bulls attempt to reclaim that level and push the price higher. That said, the critical level for bulls at the moment is the $0.00006000 psychological, where my descending trendline from the recent ATH resides. Meanwhile, my resistance levels are $0.00005500, $0.00006000, and $0.00006500, and my key support levels are $0.00005000, $0.00004500, and $0.00004200. Total Market Capitalization: $2.72 trillion Shiba Inu Market Capitalization: $27.4 billion Shiba Inu Dominance: 1% Market Rank: #11 Source: https://learn2.trade
  12. DOGECOIN (DOGE) DECLINES ON THE DOWNSIDE, REVISITS BREAKOUT LEVEL AT $0.23 DOGE/USD Long-term Trend: Bullish Since October 29, Dogecoin’s (DOGE) price has been in a downward move. On October 28, the cryptocurrency was in a vertical rally as it reached the high of $0.34. DOGE price was resisted as the altcoin tested the previous resistance zone at $0.34. The market has declined to $0.26 low or above the 21-day SMA. Dogecoin will further decline on the downside if these levels are breached. On the other hand, if the 21-day SMA holds, buyers will recoup above the current support and resume a new uptrend. DOGE/USD – Daily Chart Daily Chart Indicators Reading: DOGE price has fallen to level 52 of the Relative Strength Index period 14. Despite the retracement, the altcoin is trading in the bullish trend and it is above the centerline 50. The crypto’s price is above the moving averages and it is retesting the 21-day SMA support. The selling pressure will resume if price breaks below the moving averages. DOGE/USD Medium-term bias: Bearish On the 4 hour chart, the DOGE price is in a downward move. It has broken below the moving averages. There is a likelihood of price reaching the previous low. Meanwhile, on October 28 downtrend; a retraced candle body tested the 50% Fibonacci retracement level. The retracement indicates that DOGE price will fall to level 2.0 Fibonacci extension or level $0.23. DOGE/USD – 4 Hour Chart 4-hour Chart Indicators Reading The market has fallen below the 20% range of the daily stochastic. Dogecoin has fallen to the oversold region of the market. The implication is that the current downtrend has reached bearish exhaustion. The market is likely to resume an upward move. The crypto’s price is below the moving averages. General Outlook for Dogecoin Dogecoin is in a downward move. The cryptocurrency is likely to revisit the previous breakout of $0.23. This has been confirmed by level 2.0 Fibonacci extension or level $0.23. Source: https://learn2.trade
  13. USDJPY LOOKING FORWARD TO A BULLISH RIDE AFTER ACCUMULATION USDJPY Analysis – Price Is Looking Forward to a Bullish Ride at the 113.400 Significant Level USDJPY is looking forward to a bullish ride after several accumulations at a significant price level of 113.400. Market accumulation proceeded due to price action seeking to give both the buyers and sellers their positions in the market. Furthermore, as the buyers are always looking forward to pushing the price upward, the bears try to hold positions by accumulating at a significant price level before distribution occurs. USDJPY Price Levels Resistance Key Level: 113.409, 112.200 Support Key Level: 110.800, 109.100 USDJPY Long Term Trend: Bullish As a result of the price increase, the USDJPY is projected to sustain its bullish ride. After a period of price accumulation between the significant price levels of 110.800 and 109.100, the market bulls took control. However, the more the accumulation, the more the market will finally allocate in a particular manner. After a protracted period of consolidation, the price was finally dispersed, and the bulls took control. The buyers then ride for a little longer, breaking over the significant price mark of 110.800, which they then retested before continuing. The USDJPY gathered steam and eventually broke past the 113.400 significant price mark. This level, however, has been retested, and the price is thought to be accumulating at this extremely important level. As the momentum builds, pricing is expected to take a stronger positive turn. The Momentum indicator shows price movement diminishing, which indicates the price movement accumulation level. USDJPY Long Term Trend: Bullish On the 4-hour chart, the market has gained enough momentum to rally the price upward. However, above the 113.400 price level, the bulls and the bears are still holding on to their positions. The price is expected to move above this accumulation phase and bounce up. The Parabolic SAR (Stop and Reverse) shows price movement in range as both bulls and bears are holding their positions. USDJPY is therefore looking forward to a bullish ride when the momentum increases. Source: https://learn2.trade
  14. AUDUSD RISES PAST 0.7550 DESPITE RISING US T-BOND YIELDS AUDUSD Price Analysis – October 28 The AUDUSD trades higher at 0.7554 at the time of writing, up 0.50 percent during the American session. In the near term, the pair could drop lower but it remains a buy on dips. The US Dollar Index, which gauges the performance of the greenback, falls 0.6 percent to 93.30, despite rising US T-bond yields, with the 10-year benchmark note climbing three basis points to 1.561 percent. Key Levels Resistance Levels: 0.7800, 0.7700, 0.7600 Support Levels: 0.7450, 0.7350, 0.7220 AUDUSD Long term Trend: Ranging On the daily AUDUSD chart, we can see that the moving averages of 5 and 13 are beneath the price, which provides support. Bulls are also keeping an eye on the latest 0.7555-level high for a possible upward breakout. In terms of technical analysis, a simple split beyond favors bulls continuing north. Relative Strength Index circumstances, on the other hand, may pose a challenge to the bulls after that due to overbought conditions. On the downside, the pair’s losses below 0.7478 may recall sellers targeting 0.7450 support convergence as of mid-July, which included moving averages 5 and 13 with horizontal support. AUDUSD Short term Trend: Bullish On the 4-hour chart of the AUDUSD, the upside rally continues, and the intraday bias is initially bullish. A breach of the 0.7478 support level could imply short-term topping, given the situation of bearish divergence in the short term RSI and price. To resolve the full 0.7170 level increase pattern, the intraday bias for the 0.7450 support level will be returned to the downside in this scenario. However, if the resistance level of 0.7550 is sustained, the growth could accelerate to 0.7600. Source: https://learn2.trade
  15. Meet a maverick on Blockster Blockster is a cryptocurrency social platform. Blockster connects everyone within the blockchain industry into one place—all the cryptocurrencies, the teams behind the projects, as well as, the traders and investors. Communicate and network with the very core of the blockchain industry, and stay ahead of the market trends via Blockster. Get insightful posts, reviews, breaking news, interesting comments, and latest updates from the world of cryptos, from Azeez Mustapha: https://blockster.com/AzeezMustapha46102
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