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Never Lose Again!! TheRumpledOne

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My TREND INDICATOR - NEVER LOSE AGAIN!! thread was the most widely viewed thread in TradeStation history. I believe it still holds the record for the most number of views. I have decided to "revive" it again.


The bottom line is you don't have to end the day, week, month, or year in the red. You can be profitable. You may not win every trade but you will be profitable.


I know most of you have read about money management, risk management, position sizing, stops, etc... So then what are the reason(s) you are still losing? Is the market beating you? Are your stops being hunting? Or are you simply giving your money away?


When you enter the TRADING JUNGLE, you are up against the best traders in the world. They are smarter, faster, have more money, have better equipment, better access to information... better everything than you do! What makes you believe you can win? What "edge" are you bringing to the table that will allow you to take their money? Don't you know the game is "rigged" against you just like in Vegas?


What's the reason you see some currency pairs move over a 100 pips a day yet you're happy barely breaking even? What makes trading so difficult for you? What are you doing?


I know you have read about having a trading plan, haven't you? Do you have one? Come on, be honest... DO YOU REALLY HAVE A TRADING PLAN?


If you do, DO YOU REALLY TRADE ACCORDING TO YOUR PLAN? Come on now, it's time to FESS UP.


What about all those trading books, tapes, videos, and seminars? Ever wonder why there are so many? I just ONE had the answer, then wouldn't it go "viral" and everybody would be trading that method? THINK ABOUT IT.


What about all those indicators, EAs, blackboxes, trading signals and systems for sale? If one of them worked wouldn't it go "viral", too?


I have posted hundreds of FREE INDICATORS for TradeStation, eSignal and MetaTrader. Why? Because I can! I don't like seeing people pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for code, most of which, doesn't work or is way overpriced, IMHO. If you check me out, you'll see I have been banned from many forums. My FREE indicators are a THREAT to their cashflow. My free education materials also threaten their cashflow. Just do the math.


I have been accused of "renaming" indicators. Yes, I rename them AFTER I enhance them because if I post a modified version with the exact same name as the original then it gets "stepped on" and any good programmer knows better than to step on code. But I post my revised/enhanced/fixed version FOR FREE on the same site I downloaded them from. So where's the crime? Some people let their egos get in the way.


I have been accused of SPAMMING because I am an IB for MB Trading. Before I was an IB, I didn't even know what an IB was. The reason I am an IB was because when I found out that there is NO FIXED SPREAD in Forex, I immediately opened an account with EFX Group and posted about it everywhere I could. That had the effect of bringing EFX more customers. As a THANK YOU, they made me an IB. And it got me banned from sites that had FIXED SPREAD BROKERS as advertisers.


Whenever MONEY is involved, it is a DOG EAT DOG, EAT CAT TOO jungle. The sooner you learn that fact the better.


The goal of this thread is to show you how to NEVER LOSE AGAIN. Trading is simple. People traded long before there were computers and indicators. So why do you have so many computers and indicators?


Do you really know how the FOREX market operates? Or do you just know how to place an order? What have you gotten yourself into? THINK ABOUT IT!




Edited by Soultrader
added indicator pack

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If you never lose why do you want to be an IB? and don't you do have the ability to say no to MBtrading? Why do you send out some indicators only after donations if you don't need the 'donations' and you never lose?


- Ignore TheRumpledOne

modified 9/18/2008 4:29:56 AM


To Avery (TheRumpledOne):


I have given you the benefit of the doubt. I believed all you wanted to do was help even as you tried to post links to your IB business and after it was known that you accept "donations" for unreleased indicators. I didn't judge, I just asked that you remove your links which was deemed as spam and keep your side businesses off our site. You fought me for a while on the links, but you eventually agreed. But you continued to be sly, using the signature as an promotion for ECN brokers (which is related to your IB broker-MB Trading) and your indicators. During this period, you bombarded every single thread, with links in all of your posts in the signature leading back to your thread. Because of the abuse of the signature by you and others, I had it removed. Then you still put up links at the bottom of your posts to go back to your threads. Could you make your intentions any more obvious?


And it's obvious that your intent is promote your indicators for "donation" and Introducing Broker business. You can argue against it, but we've been on the net for while. We've seen a lot and we know better. It just went on for so long because I gave you the benefit of the doubt. That's my fault and I apologize to the community because ever since you've been on this forum, regardless of how many people you may have helped, the bad has outweighed the good as you've fought us, disrupted the forums with arguments and bombarded threads with your oversize font and images (again clear promotion techniques) which ruins my beautiful site and the hard work of my designers! The final straw was multiple accusations of threats to other users.


And now I have to edit a statement I made on an earlier post. The internet is free and open.....to an extent. And that extent is when you abuse and take advantage of the liberties given to you. And it's clear by your behavior that you were trying to take advantage of the years of hard work the BabyPips.com team put into this site.


This is unacceptable to us and you, Avery (TheRumpleOne and any other usernames you may use), are no longer welcome to BabyPips .com. Any attempts to sign up as other usernames will be quickly deleted and banned.


I know many may disagree with this decision, but the decision stands. We are a private company and we will run it as we see fit for the betterment of our site and our community members.


This is where we part ways Avery. Take care and good luck in your endeavors.

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If you never lose why do you want to be an IB? and don't you do have the ability to say no to MBtrading? Why do you send out some indicators only after donations if you don't need the 'donations' and you never lose?


Some of you people have nothing better to do than rattle my cage. You asked for it and here it is:


Why am I an IB? Because I was bringing so many customer to EFX Group, they made me an IB as a THANK YOU. All you have to do is search the internet and you can see I was posting in favor of EFX Group long before I became an IB. THAT'S THE FACTS, JACK!


Why are some indicators "donational"? Once again, if you had bothered to read, you would know that over the years people have sent me gifts and donations, as a thank you, because they like the HUNDREDS OF FREE INDICATORS that I have posted on the net. I decided to send them some of my indicators that I had not posted as a THANK YOU. There's nothing wrong with me doing that. Besides, someone just told me that I am sending out over 300 indicators as a thank you. I haven't had any complaints from the people who send me donations. On the contrary, I receive even more thanks!! But some people have nothing better to do than stick their nose in other people's business. If someone sends me a donation, THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU, SO BUTT OUT!


The NEVER LOSE AGAIN thread on BabyPips is the hottest thread on that forum. It's already overtaken Tymen's Candlestick thread and Cowabunga. And it did that AFTER I was banned. Think how many more views and replies it would have if I was still posting. People would NOT return to read the thread if there was no value. It's just SOME PEOPLE let their EGOS get in the way. BabyPips just didn't want me there. The use lame excuse that I did this or that. But the REALITY is that I did NOTHING that OTHERS were NOT already doing! Others used their signatures to direct traffic their sites that had revenue producing ads but when I did it, BabyPips removed the signature feature.


Also, in the NEVER LOSE AGAIN thread AND in the HORIZONTAL LINE thread I REPEATEDLY say that you DO NOT NEED INDICATORS to trade. Why do I create them? Because I can. I like to make the computer do the work for me. I post charts showing the indicators. But it's not about the indicators, it's about the trade.


You BabyPip morons just don't get it. If I wanted to SELL indicators, I would have a web site to sell indicators. And each indicator would have a price. BUT I DON'T WANT TO RUN AN INDICATOR BUSINESS. That would mean emails, phone calls, customer support, manuals, etc... All I do is code.


See, I am NOT the trouble maker that people want you to believe I am. If they would just LEAVE ME ALONE there would be NO TROUBLE. If you have nothing nice to say, then simply MYOFB! But if someone challenges me, I NEVER BACK DOWN...NEVER!! The only way they ever "win" is to gang up on me and get me banned. Other than that, I HAVE CRUSHED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THE CHALLENGERS WITH PROOF AND/OR LOGIC.


Those are the facts. All of them can be verified on the various forums that I have posted on.


If you don't like the TONE of this post, I understand. But put yourself in my position and perhaps you'll understand.

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I hope you don't start up with me on this site. PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.


I do too. The ignore feature is pretty comprehensive here for those uninterested. The community here is pretty mature and shenanigans are not tolerated. There is very seldom any drama.


Not sure about your chart issues I think the site resizes them (presumably to preserve message widths) a click restores them.

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Rather than us asking lots of questions which would result in an unstructured explanation at best how about a change in your mo.


Rather than publish chart after chart after chart why not start with some explanations of:

a) the basis for your method

b) how it works

c) how it is used

d) the way in which one would choose rationally and unemotionally to exit.


Explanations like "when price slows down" wouldn't seem to meet most peoples' criteria for clarity.


Also, you might avoid the "if you don't understand it, go away" type response that you have used on other sites. That's insulting and unhelpful.

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I would like to see this thread move forward without any hostility. TL has a very respectful environment so there is no need for bashing of one another. There is an ignore system available for those that prefer not to see this thread. Please use this accordingly. I plan on keeping this thread open as information should be passed freely. However, if things do go out of hand, I will close this thread. Thanks.

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You don't have to tell me exactly what your indicator does, but I'm interested in how you identify trend and trend change. Do you do this in an unconventional way?

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