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  1. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $ESV (ESV) Ensco stock strong close with a bottom breakout watch,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?ESV
  2. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $FNSR (FNSR) Finisar stock strong close with a bull flag breakout,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?FNSR
  3. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $AVGR (AVGR) Avinger stock strong volume +319% with a bottom breakout watch,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?AVGR
  4. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    A few other breakout watch stocks $CAMP $EFX $PLNT and $TIF, analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?TIF
  5. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $MDGL (MDGL) Madrigal Pharmaceuticals stock long bottom breakout watch above 121.63,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?MDGL
  6. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $MO (MO) Altria Group stock bottom breakout above 49.47, upside resistance gap,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?MO
  7. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $FL (FL) Foot Locker stock narrow range breakout watch,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?FL
  8. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $CLW (CLW) Clearwater Paper stock top of range breakout watch above 34.61,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?CLW
  9. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $BBBY (BBBY) Bed Bath & Beyond stock with a confirmed breakout above 15.69,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?BBBY
  10. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $PGTI (PGTI) stock A few more breakout stocks to watch $PGTI $AMRH $BBBY $CRCM $CRMD $DG $FL $MRO and $QUAD ,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?PGTI
  11. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $DXCM (DXCM) DexCom stock strong day with top of range breakout watch above 151.96, volume +35% normal,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?DXCM
  12. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $PLNT (PLNT) Planet Fitness stock holding firm with a narrow range breakout watch above 59.35, analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?PLNT
  13. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $IONS (IONS) Ionis Pharmaceuticals stock top of range breakout watch,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?IONS
  14. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $FOXA (FOXA) Twenty-First Century Fox stock strong close with a flat top breakout watch above 49.92 double resistance area,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?FOXA
  15. Breakout and Gap Stocks

    $FNSR (FNSR) Finisar stock bull flag breakout watch above 23.27,analysis https://stockconsultant.com/?FNSR

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