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  1. Without a proper trading plan, forex trading is much similar to throwing the darts in the dark.
  2. I had participated in a demo contest but there were too many experienced traders before me..
  3. Going around through all fundamentals does not guarantee of becoming successful in my opinion.
  4. I beleive every client either existing or new commer can enjoy this promo benefits.
  5. Corona virus is every where, lets hope it passes on and everyone should soon resume to daily routine life. So far the trading is ok since it can be done while sitting at home, what about others remarks do share here..!
  6. The last demo contest guy seems crazy hitting 20000% in profits. I see this guy better really deserve a lot of applause in my opinion.
  7. Still many of these online resources are crap i believe those selling online courses with a promise of getting rich right over the night after purchasing courses from them does not even knew how to trade and they are selling that crappy stuff. Better stay away from them and instead start forex trading with a demo account, take it as a hobby. Spend some time learning and browsing forums where we can find real traders to develop our skills by participating in forum threads.
  8. Practice a demo account for a minimum of six months before going to trade with live funds. Demo accounts are in fact the key asset for any successful trader and anyone who wishes to become successful in future should not ignore the importance of trading a demo account.
  9. It is almost a decade of building trust i guess and that is why they have built a good customer base.
  10. Agreed, learning how to trade make sense yet the remaining 80% losers does not focus on learning and building their trading skills and when they looses money they eventually learn lessons but still in a very hard way.
  11. Not 10K % though i believe that target should be high always and we should stick to our goals in order to achieve our targets because nothing is impossible in this world.
  12. EA in my opinion are coded to follow the technical analysis so they might require monitoring during the highly volatile markets, so anyone who wishes to go automated should read EA manuals before implementing them.
  13. So here is the good news to surprise us again, i will try my luck in this VIP contest and let see what new opportunities i will be able to unleash this time.
  14. So we are near to holidays now, Q4 is also gonna end soon and we will be preparing to make new plans for the upcoming new year.
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