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  1. LMFX Broker Discussion

    Whatever that means at the end i only remember those who help me earn good pips by offering quality services, rest i don't care about being stylish or being catchy. Good part is that this broker is honestly better than the rest.
  2. HotForex

    I am also scrolling through this link! Do let me know when you get the answer. Thanks!
  3. How to Make Money on Forex

    In order to make money from forex we better have to learn forex trading techniques and besides all those necessary skills we also have to have the necessary funds to start forex trading business.
  4. Looking for Bitcoin Option Trading Broker

    I am a fan of bitcoin trading however can't go with options trading as it is quite riskier so better stick with my hotforex account to trade btc against usd or eur.
  5. Where Does the Lost Money Go?

    The simple answer in my opinion is my loss is someone's gain in this industry.
  6. Is Bitcoin a Better Investment Than Gold?

    In my opinion mining is not any feasible option these days however we better can earn good returns on our investment by trading bitcoins against USD or EUR.
  7. HotForex

    I was wondering how they manage that huge list of webinars although i had attended a few and they all are really useful and refreshing.
  8. LMFX Broker Discussion

    Maybe they would be able to add it in future or so.. however i am also using this broker and my withdraw and deposits are through skrill which services are improved now as compared to the past.
  9. Are You Trading Forex For The Wrong Reasons?

    Everyone including those who looses money enters in forex market with a reason to make money with their money but some of them blow their accounts and some go forward making good returns. However those who let go their initial losses also find another good chance to make money on their investments but this is the hard way which they learn making money from trading.
  10. Is Bitcoin a Better Investment Than Gold?

    In my opinion, the thread starter might have got his answer and hats off to those who bought bitcoin in the last few months as it is around 7000usd now. I am also trading in on my hotforex broker and i am in profit on my longs, i didn't shorted it because i think it still have a bullish pattern and we can go further on long terms.
  11. Three Rules Every Stock Trader Should Follow

    Yes the point is to get specialized in the field where we wishes to enter and make money or we will be loosing our capital rather than earning any amount from trading business.
  12. HotForex

    Last time i tried this but could not make it but now i will try and let see how it goes !
  13. LMFX Broker Discussion

    That's sound more reasonable for new traders so better tell us how will you guide others with such strategy..!
  14. I was advised by someone that if you wish to earn money then try earning pips and more the pips you will earn more the money you will have earned at the end of day, and the same i am practicing and prospering every day.

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