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  1. EA in my opinion are coded to follow the technical analysis so they might require monitoring during the highly volatile markets, so anyone who wishes to go automated should read EA manuals before implementing them.
  2. So here is the good news to surprise us again, i will try my luck in this VIP contest and let see what new opportunities i will be able to unleash this time.
  3. So we are near to holidays now, Q4 is also gonna end soon and we will be preparing to make new plans for the upcoming new year.
  4. This really add to broker performance and i believe that such news are good to believe that the broker can be trust imo!
  5. Crypto withdrawals and deposits i had noticed can be done using bitpay i guess however still i believe skrill is good tool for me so far to get my funds processed in a day or on next..
  6. I had used binance and hotforex, first one for bitcoin to altcoins and the second one for EURUSD and they also added BTCUSD and BTCEUR pair too.
  7. Why not withdrawing from a pc or laptop, i usually use them to withdraw and it is relatively easy as compared to withdrawing from a mobile phone i guess..
  8. There is no boss however we better have to stick with strict rules and it is also good to have a good mentor who can help us improving our trading styles.
  9. Seems like another addition of new award to hotforex broker's award list however i am wondering how they really made it, the app should be checked again because it might be good option to be used on mobile rather than staying online on laptop everytime.
  10. So we are about to enter in Q3 now and this 2019 seems more lucrative than the past years, i hope everyone is enjoying trading and earning money so far.
  11. I guess this could be a good one but i misses out, is there still room to participate in this contest. It seems good way to earn some free money in my opinion.
  12. So far it is good and i am quite hopeful that they will improve more like the way they are doing. Let's hope for good and see what they do in the upcoming new year.
  13. Whatever that means at the end i only remember those who help me earn good pips by offering quality services, rest i don't care about being stylish or being catchy. Good part is that this broker is honestly better than the rest.
  14. I am also scrolling through this link! Do let me know when you get the answer. Thanks!
  15. I am a fan of bitcoin trading however can't go with options trading as it is quite riskier so better stick with my hotforex account to trade btc against usd or eur.
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