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  1. Good one, i still remember when we were in our early days we use to buy when we see such cup and handle pattern on charts which never worked out as taught.
  2. I hope that LBlock might still be a valid option or have gone home for now but i bet that the forex trading is and will remain an evergreen market, whats your opinion is please share!
  3. Professional traders do the same thing as they buy when the markets are in deep discount and sell when they are at premium.
  4. In my opinion the market takes money from ill-disciplined and impatient traders and give it to disciplined and patient traders.
  5. There are more than 90% failure in this industry and the 50% of the remaining traders does not even stay in this market for even a year and they quit , rest are those who make their way to success.
  6. The broker need winning traders and returning customers in my opinion to make profits so agreed to your point of view.
  7. Yet this shorter cycle can make traders rich or it might only be a speculation for now and we have to see another all time high for bitcoin in future.
  8. MT4 is good and will be good until their parent company keep updating the software, later mt4 users will have to switch to mt5.
  9. I also look for major currency pairs usually associated with the USD for trading and any such exotic or minor pairs should be avoided while being a new trader in my opinion.
  10. Even a professional trader never know when bad day occurs so using a stop loss is a must otherwise one single bad trade can claim up to entire account.
  11. There are still many countries where crypto is still not taxable even there are no regulations related to it.
  12. There are many brokers like hfm etc which offer free demo trading to enhance trading skills so we can use them instead of live funds to make sure we got the right strategy and proper risk management to make money in trading instead of losing.
  13. I try trading with more than one broker for diversification purposes however i also interested in looking for some crypto trading opportunities since it is looking more profitable at the moment.
  14. I see these days almost every broker have started invested in traders' educational stuff.
  15. I have also heard that the brics is working on introducing their own currency like euro.
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