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  1. The movement of the bitcoin is similar to the other currency pairs or commodities however since the bitcoin is in fancy it may take some time to compete with the currencies/commodities.
  2. Does your python integration is supported for news trading as well, just wondering how it looks like!
  3. I think the crypto will face a boom in the upcoming months so be prepare for it.
  4. Mentors are still available in the market however they does not come for free as demo account, we also cannot identify which one is legit and which is not.
  5. In my opinion, hotforex, ocata, oanda, exness, xm, lmfx etc can be shortlisted as a reputed broker if anyone looking to find a good broker to trade.
  6. Maybe, there are a lot of scenarios similar to that.. LOL.
  7. If not a trader then i guess there would be a rat race for sure struggling between the paychecks and hefty job routines.
  8. More than five trillion USD on average volume revolves across the globe daily.
  9. What i can remember is that the binary options traders faced too many issues but the binary options trading has now become a past, crypto gained some hype but still we need to be very vigilant with our investments and don't let any scammers take away our funds.
  10. Traders who bought it for 40K made really good sum of money because it hits all time high in 2021 and now almost half of the price. I am sure those who shorted it afterwards also did a good job.
  11. Without a proper trading plan, forex trading is much similar to throwing the darts in the dark.
  12. I had participated in a demo contest but there were too many experienced traders before me..
  13. Going around through all fundamentals does not guarantee of becoming successful in my opinion.
  14. I beleive every client either existing or new commer can enjoy this promo benefits.
  15. Corona virus is every where, lets hope it passes on and everyone should soon resume to daily routine life. So far the trading is ok since it can be done while sitting at home, what about others remarks do share here..!
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