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  1. I just lost pretty much and want to use a Copy trading service. Hope this broker will offer it soon!
  2. I first time hear about Quantower trading platform. Any advantage and speciality?
  3. First time I see an exotic pair like this, is there a real relation or do we just cross-trade these pairs through USD as an intermediary?
  4. This broker offers a no-deposit bonus of $30 in my country, not sure if other regions have this bonus. This bonus is a withdrawable for-profit portion, however, will be there a difference in trading environment if we make a real deposit?
  5. Some contests (not only in forex field) require enrollment to be counted toward the contest but for these contest, trader should have their performance automatically counted but I believe the winners always notice the contest before the contest's expiration.
  6. $250 or $500 is not a correct number, even 2500 or 5000. Trader should trade an affordable amount and they can lose it without affecting their financial.
  7. Please tell me what is the best here for a broker to offer commodities trading?
  8. I thought every trader automatially participated to the contest, you just need to focus trading.
  9. $50 is not a large amount, it depends on the leverage.
  10. How much is the minimum deposit to trade with this broker?
  11. I first time hear about Ocata 😂 All others are well-known.
  12. Crypto is downtrend, money will come to Forex back. Let's see if USD go bulling in next month.
  13. I trust my broker but not the market 😃
  14. Cheap or expensive doesn't matter, good or not does matter.
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