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  1. I trust my broker but not the market 😃
  2. Cheap or expensive doesn't matter, good or not does matter.
  3. Anyone has a video of PSG with HotForex sponsor logo ? I really want to watch it.
  4. I really want to know how much HotForex spend on donation. By the way, the pandemic is about to end so trader would be back soon.
  5. FCA is pretty popular, many reputable brokers acquired this license. So any new advantages with FCA license?
  6. Does my MT4 auto update into MT5?
  7. I did ask the support, it's actually LET'S MAKE FX. Anyway, it's easily remembered as "LMFX"
  8. ⚑ A racing lesson with Tio Ellinas himself at Silverstone ⚑ Paid flight tickets for two to the UK ⚑ Paid hotel accommodation & transfers From my place SEA, the flight tickets are 1k5$. Accomodation + Transport + F&B for 3 nights = 2000$. I think this is around 5k$ cashs.
  9. Indeed, I am an experienced trader and hopefully this link could help new trader in choosing broker. https://goo.gl/yU8yfX
  10. They also live-stream on facebook their every webinar, you can check out from their page.
  11. You can only chat with them and if the operator is not watching chat, it's very hard for them to follow you.
  12. No recorded webinar archive but you can check market insight and impact news analysis videos at their youtube official channel at : https://www.youtube.com/user/HotForexBroker/videos
  13. Trading with this broker for years but I still don't know what is LMFX standing for? Who knows?
  14. Do hear VIP account have personal manager? Is it true?
  15. lost money go to winning trades (a portion). Another portion go to broker and bank (as fee or commission, spread). So if we keep trading, broker and bank are getting richer.
  16. This broker could have a numerous traders so each webinar could get thousand attendants.
  17. Hopefully they add it soon, can't wait to trade Bitcoin than other pairs.
  18. Does this broker provide Bitcoin trading?
  19. I am looking for a zulu or pamm site that supports this broker? Anyone know?
  20. I have a reliable trading service with 10-20% guaranteed profit/week, you can choose your broker, who want to join?
  21. I meant I don't know how Muslim get free swaps even though the broker have to pay for them. Or banks don't charge swap to Muslims?
  22. Hotforex allows hedging, check detail here: https://www.hotforex.com/hf/en/about-us/advantages-of-trading-with-hotforex.html
  23. Did we have August webinar schedule yet?
  24. August is a quiet month for trading but we can look forward some impact news at the end of 2017.
  25. Just subscribe this broker Facebook page guys, they often stream live analysis and impact news that are very useful.
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