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  1. Does this broker provide Bitcoin trading?
  2. I am looking for a zulu or pamm site that supports this broker? Anyone know?
  3. I have a reliable trading service with 10-20% guaranteed profit/week, you can choose your broker, who want to join?
  4. I meant I don't know how Muslim get free swaps even though the broker have to pay for them. Or banks don't charge swap to Muslims?
  5. Hotforex allows hedging, check detail here: https://www.hotforex.com/hf/en/about-us/advantages-of-trading-with-hotforex.html
  6. Did we have August webinar schedule yet?
  7. August is a quiet month for trading but we can look forward some impact news at the end of 2017.
  8. Just subscribe this broker Facebook page guys, they often stream live analysis and impact news that are very useful.
  9. As long as you're confident with your trades, NFP is still a good oppoturnity to make profit. I did loss too much with impact news so I always avoid it.
  10. Watched video and not really advanced knowledge video but good to watch to watch my once time favourite football player!
  11. Just withdrew from this broker through wire transfer, it took me 2-3 days to have money in my bank. The best is no fee.
  12. This one should be the most crucial webinar of this month and I am looking forward to join it.
  13. I advise you to avoid NFP, it's could be a good chance to earn a huge profit but could also a risk to explode your account.
  14. Anyone know any site to track the most trading pairs of a specific broker?
  15. I thought it's clean deposit before? I never get any fee from deposit this broker from my CC. But the exchange rate of my bank applied on my deposit a little higher than official bank exchange rate, can I get compensation for that?
  16. anyone aware the lucky draw? Hopefully I can get an iPhone 7.
  17. My account went zero suddenly in volatile periods and I notice hotforex adjusted the leverages during news so who could get zero balance.
  18. I never seen a broker offer free swap account because the broker may pay interest for our trades (order - contract). But Muslim have this advantage and I don't know why they get it
  19. Anyone trading Stock or securities with HotForex? I am anticipating the Stock market movement, want to get a deep advice from real experienced trader.
  20. You have to keep watching your trades closely to set Trailing Stops to minimize the loss or reach out TP.
  21. Just check the fee and the card cost $40 + $10 delivery fee. Is there anyway to acquire this free (of course have to pay courier fee)?
  22. I am trading with LMFX, an EU broker but accept U.S trader. Withdrew many times, pm me for the proofs. Not too much but you can trust this broker.
  23. Cheap broker is quite important, I define cheap broker requires small deposit and if new trader lost it for their mistakes, it doesn't cost too much. With tier-1 broker, you have to deposit up to 3k$ at first and actually better trading conditions don't really help new trader.
  24. Not too many PAMM brokers out there but it could grow after a few months, to have a good profit from PAMM, the best way is choose the best PAMM.
  25. I have traded with Hotforex for several years, there were interruptions but I see many awards this broker got from time to time.
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