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  1. Best Forex Broker?

    Imo after years of search, Hotforex proved its the best broker in the industry with lowest spreads. Remember that its better to rely on feedback rather than spending money on expensive tests which are likely to give you little information about the broker
  2. Cryptocurrency Trading

    Wish I saw this post 3 4 years ago. Still making good profit catching swings trading BTCUSD with Hotforex
  3. Trading And Poker Parallels

    Discussed thousands time, forex is not a place for unskilled or emotional traders. Only cool-headed, patient and hard working persons succeed
  4. HotForex

    It's not only about support but webinars as well. I need to play webinar recordings several times to understand some points.
  5. Daily Analysis

    Hey Andrea, do you provide webinars dedicated to explaining how to interpret macroeconomic data and central bank decisions?
  6. The good news project

    Lol, target jews firstly
  7. Yea I'm a Starter

    thanks it worked, no better to picture on what's going on forums.
  8. Never Lose Again!! TheRumpledOne

    Good one. Where to download those indies? What broker is choice?
  9. HotForex

    Do you provide webinars only on english? What about other languages?
  10. Is Bitcoin a Better Investment Than Gold?

    Hotforex added Ripple, Ethereum and Dash on their platform? Ready for next big short?
  11. HotForex

    Can I join this contest with demo account?
  12. HotForex

    Is there minimum deposit amount to use your signal trading platform?
  13. High Probability Forecasts

    Do you provide signals for trading or maybe I can set up receiving your technical stuff to my Hotforex MT4 platform?
  14. The Blockchain

    As expected. Its pure hype but still it offers great opportunity to make money. What we do is transferring resources from new members to old ones - Ponzi scheme. Keep two short positions from 12K and 10K on Hotforex, looking forward to hit at least 4K to close both and consider major cryptotrade done.
  15. BlockShackles

    Do you know when Bittrex will open registration? Want to hedge my Hotforex short position with some BTC holdings, making some coins on spread arbitrage.

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