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  1. Can I use this EA on my Hotforex platform? How do I do that?
  2. Nice observation I'm also going to open short position with Hotforex, expect Yen to strengthen against dollar. What's your thoughts about that?
  3. Yeah IG is good I use it along with Hotforex, the best two brokers so far.
  4. I love to use candlesticks when analysing prices at my Hotforex platform, I find candlesticks patterns statistically stable, the only problem is precise definition of candlestick pattern.
  5. Does Hotforex offer a kind of welcome bonus or expecting to offer? Some of my clients would readily join HF if they offered this type of promo.
  6. Have you tried Hotforex or Tickmill? They offer high leverage and convenient withdrawal and top-up options. Basically I find them more efficient than US brokers if we consider different aspects of their service as a whole.
  7. I trade only true breakouts, got some special technical indicator from one of Hotforex webinar mentors he shares it for free and basically it saves me a lot of time and efforts, as you don't need to concentrate on prices as before, the formula does it for you!
  8. Just discovered them.. They have FCA license, more than 8 years in the business. Look legit. What's your opinion?
  9. Going to participate it as well. What's your profit target this time? 10000%
  10. Try signal vendors from Fxstat. This service is offered by Hotforex and it's really perfect a lot of professional and qualified traders willing to share trading signals!
  11. I watch Hotforex webinars & read free books downloaded from the Internet. Paying for something which you can get for free makes no sense.
  12. Yes I also love news when Hotforex receives every new award. It makes me feel comfortable trading with them.
  13. How to develop correct and risk conservative trading plan? What are the main pillars that any trading plan should rest upon? I just don't know where to start, just scalping with Hotforex making 30-40 dollars daily. But frankly I want more.
  14. Guys, what is the lowest latency you had trading on Hotforex servers? Which VPS can you recommend for automated scalping?
  15. I use binance, Tickmill and Hotforex(trade their CFD products). Anybody else trading crypto as Cfds?
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