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  1. Yes trading currencies is much more risky than trading stocks, since they're not supported by central bank policy efforts but instead freely fluctuation in a very random fashion. Profits can create wrong impression that you learned how to trade but often it is just the product of pure luck.
  2. Carry trading is great on USDRUB, I do it at Hotforex and reap good profits when the ruble falls a lot. It is a great opportunity to earn if you have patience.
  3. For CFDs MT4 is more than enough, good backtesting capabilities, speed, lots of education material on MQl5
  4. Agree after testing Elliot Waves for three months I returned to S/R trading with Hotforex using RSI as confirmation signal and trading returns went into green again. This was pricey experiment so stick to your approach if it works, lol
  5. Most of the projects are scam because they can't generate profit (even if they aim to do that). As some famous economist said crypto is a solution that seeks for a problem. Most often their application is exotic, they still don't have a market, potential buyers of their services, but this domain is full of hype which attracts fraudsters. It means that the chance of adverse selection is high there.
  6. To avoid consistent loss it is important not to overtrade as many losses are result of excessive emotional pressure or fatigue. In turn this often arises in the state of overtrading.
  7. Thanks what is your advice regarding broker? Did your experience gave you some new insights how professional broker should look like?
  8. Yeah I also noticed that's its correlation with other major asset clases is lower so we can use it as a hedge.
  9. What is better: trade currency futures with access to exchange or currency CFDs where prices are set by the dealer?
  10. Yeah it works like a charm basically you just setup a parse bot that checks frequently the website around the time of release, like NFP report. Getting the figure and then comparing it with concensus in economic calendar you make decision buy or sell. It is then executed in MT5, thankfully it offers python bridge so you can connect to it python in 10 lines of code.
  11. Agree, we have to eliminate emotional pressure from trading and the biggest source of terrible feeling of a loss is trading with the money you can't afford to lose.
  12. fxeconomist


    Can you suggest reliable liquidity provider which offers CFDs on stocks.I know Hotforex but need other brokers to try cross-hedging strategy.
  13. Where can I find scalping bot for trading crosses during Asian sessions. Should support MT5 platform, preferably tested on on Hotforex broker.
  14. rally nice that we trade the same brokers, we could share ideas and tips how we can make our trading better.
  15. How long have you been trading with this broker? Please tell us more about your experience
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