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  1. I think what really works isn't publicly available stuff. Profitable algorithms are the same thing as trade secrets which should be stored properly. Even if I were offered to sell my algo I use with Hotforex I would never do that because it makes money and selling it makes no sense.
  2. How can I install and test it on my MT5 platform? Is it easily customisable?
  3. I like to trade breakouts I use Hotforex platform for that with python integration, they provide platform with low latency where scalping is possible.
  4. Start with demo account, for example with Hotforex MT5, spend some time learning platform functionality and then you are ready to test your hunch on live account. Just keep bet size small and never forget to control risks. Also avoid emotional decisions.
  5. Exchange, supply and demand on them and of course arbitrage between exchanges and starting from recently derivative instruments like CFDs on bitmex
  6. Thanks by the way can you recommend some reliable broker? What do you think of Hotforex?
  7. Can you withdraw price instantly or you have to meet some trading volume requirement?
  8. I use MT4 trading platform from Hotforex, I think it is sufficient and pretty functional for occasional trading and speculations.
  9. Yeah, correct at least it has to be clear for you, why you placed some particular trade. Every step should be at least logical for a trader.
  10. Which broker or brokers are you trading with? Please share your experience and tips.
  11. Do you mean Hotforex or other broker? Can you share your experience of dealing with them?
  12. Thanks and what broker can you recommend for trading?
  13. I would say that there is no such thing as best brokers, sh*t happens sometimes with all of them especially since they have no control over their liquidity providers, when they fail, everybody blame brokers, but NDD brokers are simply mediators and it's not their fault nor their usual practice. An examples of STP broker is Hotforex.
  14. Single trades are not representative and very rough estimate of trading skill. Can you repeat your profitable trades and show consisting winning or some reasonable winning ratio in your performance? Most traders fail at this requirement.
  15. I'm looking for no deposit bonus offers like this one. Please recommend only legit brokers, preferably with FCA license and established reputation. Discussions about special conditions of the offers are welcome.
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