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  1. Yes I also love news when Hotforex receives every new award. It makes me feel comfortable trading with them.
  2. How to develop correct and risk conservative trading plan? What are the main pillars that any trading plan should rest upon? I just don't know where to start, just scalping with Hotforex making 30-40 dollars daily. But frankly I want more.
  3. Guys, what is the lowest latency you had trading on Hotforex servers? Which VPS can you recommend for automated scalping?
  4. I use binance, Tickmill and Hotforex(trade their CFD products). Anybody else trading crypto as Cfds?
  5. How do I use mobile app to request withdrawal of my funds to crypto wallet? Can you help me?
  6. Imo after years of search, Hotforex proved its the best broker in the industry with lowest spreads. Remember that its better to rely on feedback rather than spending money on expensive tests which are likely to give you little information about the broker
  7. Wish I saw this post 3 4 years ago. Still making good profit catching swings trading BTCUSD with Hotforex
  8. Discussed thousands time, forex is not a place for unskilled or emotional traders. Only cool-headed, patient and hard working persons succeed
  9. It's not only about support but webinars as well. I need to play webinar recordings several times to understand some points.
  10. Hey Andrea, do you provide webinars dedicated to explaining how to interpret macroeconomic data and central bank decisions?
  11. thanks it worked, no better to picture on what's going on forums.
  12. Good one. Where to download those indies? What broker is choice?
  13. Do you provide webinars only on english? What about other languages?
  14. Hotforex added Ripple, Ethereum and Dash on their platform? Ready for next big short?
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