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  1. Wow, first reply and pretty much covered it :applaud: Thank you very much for that info, and that would explain why trading-point is no longer available. I'm assuming it's some US law that prevents hedging? Probably should know more about the legal side of the game if I missed that.
  2. Hi, my name is Jason, I've been trading for about 10 months and was finally becoming consistently profitable when I had to close my account with trading point. As a broker, they are wonderful, and I highly recommend them. Unfortunately, they are no longer accepting US accounts, which brings me to my dilemma, finding a new broker. I am usually an advocate of finding the answer by way of a search function, however after 10 combined hours I am unable to find a broker that meets my criteria, hence I look the you guys. I am looking for a broker that trades micro lots, allows scalping and hedging, Is not known for unfair spreads and data manipulation, and Is open to US residents. I am also looking for a broker with a low (around 250) minimum balance requirement. I am still learning and am not comfortable with putting much more than that on the line. Before you say anything about practice account, I know, that is the smart way to go. I have run numerous practice accounts, thought I was prepared, and it is not the same. I have made the decision that at this stage, the way for me to progress in my trading is the real deal. This is due to an aspect of my personality, and I do not dispute the importance of trading a practice account. That being said, if you have such a broker, If such a broker even exists, please share the knowledge! Thanks, Jason
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