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  1. I prefer trading forex although there are many other products too beside binary options like bitcoin and crypto however i think they all are just in their infancy stages and require more time to mature.
  2. aimhi

    Forex Trading Tricks

    Yet some of the newbie thinks trading is like pushing buttons and making money whereas it is not like that as it involves a lot of efforts learning the skills which are required to analyze the market and thus earning money from the market.
  3. I guess during the news release we can see high volatility depending on the nature of news. Some news are high impact like nfp or fomc which bring more volatility as compared to other low impact news.
  4. I guess they already have MT4 and MT5 as well and both are good in my opinion however i am using the MT4 at the moment.
  5. aimhi

    Cryptocurrency Trading

    The cryptology is still in its in fancy and might take a lot of time to mature like forex trading which is evergreen in my opinion. Lastly many invested in luna cryptocurrency and they witnessed a terrible crash swaping billions of dollars out of traders pocket where as this hardly happend in forex trading.
  6. There are also many other patterns fall out on the charts however we need to train our eyes to see them in my opinion.
  7. I usually prefer forex trading over other markets because in my opinion forex is more liquid where almost more than five trillion usd revolves across the globe daily.
  8. Instead of sticking with stocks i guess forex trading is more transparent plus profitable than the stocks.
  9. Also we have to put risk management to cut our loses earlier using stop loss feature in order to lose the entire account.
  10. They have a team of researchers, analysts, traders etc which manage those funds with extreme risk management.
  11. In my opinion online webinars can be a good option over other resources, i like hotforex webinars dubbed in my local language which is easy to learn.
  12. They also then back test those strategies on a demo account before implementing them to their live accounts.
  13. aimhi

    Forex Broker

    I guess we can check trader's insight for any broker on review sites like forex peace army etc.
  14. Yes many lose money in forex trading and leave markets however some loses more while chasing their lost money. Those who let go off their loses and learn how to trade eventually become successful in future.
  15. There are several other factors which can correlate with the trading like interest rates, major news release etc and they can not be ignored if we wish to become a successful trader.
  16. Real estate can also have bubbles so better agreed with diversifying the portfolio and much more important is to learn about these avenues where we wanted to diversify our hard earned income.
  17. I guess the season 2 has ended and season 3 started now with first episode i watched on youtube last sunday or so and still you are awaiting the answer.
  18. The amount once gone from your crypto wallet is gone forever with no claims of getting it back in my opinion.
  19. I guess you might then have a proper trade management plan too as in case the professional traders have and to which they strictly stick with..
  20. Seems like they are making some necessary improvements to give more value and ease of trading to the traders.
  21. Its a good news in my opinion which means more instruments will be available for trading other than the existing EUR, GBP etc.
  22. Still the bitcoin is having hard time making 29k last night let see what it is up to noow..
  23. The professional traders are the one who actually turned out their losing trades into profitable in my opinion.
  24. A professional trader is actually managing the risks associated with their invested capital so those who does not learn and invest into the market which they does not knew anything about eventually ends up blowing entire account.
  25. Almost every new trader lose money in forex market so those who let go off these losses and move forward eventually become successful forex trader in future.
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