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    Financial advisor
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    I am working on the 100mcxtips an stock and commodity market advisory. I want to accumulate my knowledge as much as I can about market.
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  1. Thank you for the helpful replies. I am practicing it in a daily basis on the paper trading. Sometimes its success but many times it is giving a false alarm.
  2. Quantitative Strategies

    Thank you for sharing such helpful strategy.
  3. 10 Rules to Successfully Read Stock.

    These 10 rules are very helpful and effective points. I would surely keep those in mind.
  4. How to be a successful trader.

    You need to have a complete knowledge and the good experience to become a successful trader. For starter you can start with paper trading.
  5. Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading

    Stock trading is way more profitable than other. If your plans and research are fully effective.
  6. Real Estate or Stock Market?

    Stock market is a quite better option than real estate as the stock market is more profitable and highly liquid than real estate.
  7. Thank you for the reply. But how are Nifty50 and Bank Nifty Index have a low risk?
  8. Market Volatility.

    You need to conduct a technical analysis to track the past price movement to predict the future price movement. This will show the next rise and fall. But you need to be careful as the data from the analysis can be affected by many other external factors like politics, events etc. So, its better to take the help of the expert here.
  9. Thank you for the helpful replies. Is there any strategies that I can work out myself to minimize the risk in that case?
  10. Thank you for the reply. If it is true then which technical chart would be the most effective?
  11. I would like to know any factor before investing that would cause the fluctuation. Please help!
  12. Thank you boosting up the confident. I will surely practice it, but any suggestions on the first step and the effective plan to read candlestick chart?
  13. How would I choose and know that it is right one without bearing any loss? Thank you!
  14. Thank you for the suggestion but I would like to know it from person with experience. I read blog and it would only confuse me more.

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