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  1. Thanks CH888 No it's not me...... a little bit annoying that someone is profiting from my goodwill. They're free files so I presume I'm helpless to stop him selling them aren't I ? Cheers Blu-Ray
  2. Hi Mark The OSOB looks like it's based off the ergodic indicator, I would imagine there should already be a version for sierra chart for you to then modify. Cheers Blu-Ray
  3. I know this is not the ideal solution since you've already purchased TS & Owndata, but why don't you give MultiCharts a try, they're offering a free 30 day trial. That way, you can have a look at range bars and even play about with easy language strategies and go from there. Just a thought ....... Cheers Blu-Ray
  4. Can you post a screenshot of your settings and also one of your chart to show what it's plotting please. Cheers Blu-Ray
  5. With ADE.BarInterval it is looking at the exporting chart for a number based in minutes, but since the exporting chart is a daily, it's not based in minutes, hence the reason they made the function ADE.Daily. Good to hear your keen to learn about ADE. The reason I was asking is because on certain things, for example daily pivots, you can get that information straight from a 60 min chart using the H,L,C from the previous days worth of data like the floor pivots indicators does. Cheers Blu-Ray
  6. On your first indicator , replace the words ADE.BarInterval to ADE.Daily in these lines Value10 = ADE.PutBarInfo(Class, GetSymbolName, ADE.BarInterval, ADE.BarID, InfoMap); to Value10 = ADE.PutBarInfo(Class, GetSymbolName, ADE.Daily, ADE.BarID, InfoMap); and on your second indicator replace the word interval to ADE.Daily like this : Value9 = ADE.GetBarInfo(Class, GetSymbolName, Interval, ADE.BarID, InfoMap); to Value9 = ADE.GetBarInfo(Class, GetSymbolName, ADE.Daily, ADE.BarID, InfoMap); This should work okay. Just out of curiosity, why are you using ADE for the pivots when you could get the same results using a normal pivot point indicator ...... or are you just wanting to learn about ADE ? Cheers Blu-Ray
  7. Nuno What time framed charts are you putting these on, so I can test it out. Cheers Blu-Ray
  8. nab999 I think you'll need to open quote manager for Owndata and then edit your symbol and adjust the price scale accordingly. This happened to me in the past when using Inifinity data through MultiCharts...... so just thought it might be the same problem...... worth a go. Cheers Blu-Ray
  9. To get it working correctly, you need to seperate the class string, for example, instead of this : Class("Pivot&Support1&Support2&Support3&Resistance1&Resistance2&Resistance3") change it to this: Vars: Class("Pivot"), Class1("Support1"), Class2("Support2"), and so on........ also you would need to number the infomap's too, to match the relevant class's.... for example : Vars: Class("Pivot"), InfoMap(MapSN.New), Class1("Support1"), InfoMap1(MapSN.New), Class2("Support2"), InfoMap2(MapSN.New); Value1 = MapSN.Put(InfoMap, "Pivot", Pivot ); Value2 = MapSN.Put(InfoMap1, "Support1", Support1 ); Value3 = MapSN.Put(InfoMap2, "Support2", Support2 ); Value4 = ADE.PutBarInfo(Class, GetSymbolName, ADE.BarInterval, ADE.BarID, InfoMap); Value5 = ADE.PutBarInfo(Class1, GetSymbolName, ADE.BarInterval, ADE.BarID, InfoMap1); Value6 = ADE.PutBarInfo(Class2, GetSymbolName, ADE.BarInterval, ADE.BarID, InfoMap2); Then on the receiving indicator, make sure the variables for the class & infomaps are matched to the send indicator....... and then alter your code so the infomap's match like this : Value1 = ADE.GetBarInfo(Class, GetSymbolName, Interval, ADE.BarID, InfoMap); Value2 = ADE.GetBarInfo(Class1, GetSymbolName, Interval, ADE.BarID, InfoMap1); Value3 = ADE.GetBarInfo(Class2, GetSymbolName, Interval, ADE.BarID, InfoMap2); Pivot = MapSN.Get(InfoMap, "Pivot"); Support1 = MapSN.Get(InfoMap1, "Support1"); Support2 = MapSN.Get(InfoMap2, "Support2"); Hope this helps Blu-Ray
  10. Hi Sim Here you go, try this : Variables: mytime(0),mydate(0),ID(0),OldID(0); If barnumber=1 then begin mytime=time; mydate=date; end; If TL_Exist(OldID) then TL_Delete(OldID); if lastbaronchart then begin ID = TL_New(MyDate, MyTime, Close, Date, Time, Close); Value1 = TL_SetExtRight(ID, True); OldID = ID; end; As you can see in the code.... I've put the TL Delete function before you plot your new TL and also before the lastbaronchart bracket, so it will always delete the previous ticks trendline no matter if the bars change. Hope this helps Blu-Ray
  11. Ok try this. if Tradeline crosses above Lowerband then Buy next bar at market; if Tradeline crosses below Upperband then Sellshort next bar at market; Also enable intrabar order generation..... meaning it will buy/sell at market on next tick of bar rather than waiting for a new bar to form. Hope this helps Blu-Ray
  12. The easiest way for starters is to just purchase at market..... then you'll be able to see your entries..... then you can refine them from there if needs be. It may occur that you need to define a spot, for example, when the tradeline crosses the bollinger band you might need to reference a price on data1 at the time of the cross then set that as your price to buy/sell. Here's the code for market : if Tradeline< Lowerband then Buy next bar at market; if Tradeline> Upperband then Sellshort next bar at market; Cheers Blu-Ray
  13. Thanks Tams, I tried that, but when I click on "Edit Settings" ... it only gives me these options.
  14. Nab999 The reason it's not placing any trades is because of this : BollingerPrice=Close of data1 / close of data2; TradeLine= Close of data1 / close of data2; As you can see in my attached chart..... When it's plotting a signal, the ACTUAL value of it is nowhere near where your data1 price is at. It's firing at a value of 1.15507 but data1 ( DO ) is running at the 105 price band..... so your code is placing the stop orders, but price is never going to hit them. Hope this helps Blu-Ray
  15. BlackEagle......... Please............ Read the whole thread.................. MT4 indicators are posted within this thread !! JPx2.......... Please............ Read the whole thread.................. Ninja questions have been asked loads of times and I only responded a few pages back Hint : a bit of work on your side goes a whole long way !! Cheers Blu-Ray ps. Thanks Tams for the suggestion about adding Tradestation & Easy Language to the page, I'll ask James to add it.
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