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  1. Hi duhhh, I do not use Tradestation anymore so I have no way of testing it for you. However, the best thing you can do is download the EMA or Bollinger Band ELDs and transpose the Gapless code to the Hull. *Just remember that whenever there is 'Price' in the code this needs to be changed to the gapless price. *Also remember that anything plotted on the 1st pane eg. EMA, BBs Keltner etc. will need to have 'accum' added to the code. * If there is a Function involved that includes 'Price' (as with the JtHMA) then you will need to place the gapless code in the function as well.....that's usually the reason it does not work! Just study the code and don't give up.....that's the way I learned to code these extra indicators! Post your code here and either I or someone else can take a look at it. You should also post your errors if you have any. Hope it helps mate.
  2. More than 20 years ago, Robert Prechter brought together the world’s brightest Elliott wave practitioners and instructors to prepare EWI’s acclaimed 10-volume Elliott Wave Educational Video Series. By the time they finished, this team had invested more than 1500 painstaking production hours to ensure the highest quality and clarity of each lesson. This classic series has been hailed as “the finest Elliott wave material ever produced,” and it remains the most comprehensive Elliott wave education available on DVD. This highly popular series is offered in convenient DVD format, transforming it into the ultimate Wave Principle reference tool. Time has not diminished its excellence, yet it’s only fair to say that the series is missing something: Namely, the past decade and a half or so of unprecedented market activity – and the valuable lessons learned along the way. And while this timeless series includes the necessary lessons on real-time investing and practical application, the question is: Can you ever really get too much? Now, thanks to webinar technology, you can get it all! Here’s what you get: The complete 10-DVD Elliott Wave Educational Series • 12+ hours of instruction from Bob Prechter and company • Bonus tutorials not included in the original collection (see bonus below) • 250+ page workbook with corresponding exercises (PDF) What's included in the 10 DVD set? DVD 1 - Introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle. A clear, step-by-step explanation of how the psychological forces within markets construct the basic Elliott wave patterns. 140 min. DVD 2 - Counting Waves Correctly. How to apply the basics of the Wave Principle to any market from stocks to cocoa. 42 min. DVD 3 - Characteristics of Impulse Waves. How to identify five-wave structures at all degrees of trend as they unfold in real time. 53 min. DVD 4 - Characteristics of Corrective Waves. How to identify the two major families of corrections and when to expect explosive price action. 75min. DVD 5 - Rules, Guidelines, and Wave Personalities. How to use the “personalities” of each type of wave to make pattern recognition crystal clear. 79 min. DVD 6 - Understanding the Fibonacci Ratio in Financial Markets. How to apply the Fibonacci sequence to your Elliott wave analysis. 71 min. DVD 7 - Calculating Fibonacci Ratios with the Precision Ratio Compass. How to mark Fibonacci calculated Elliott wave targets on charts. 47 min. DVD 8 - Real-time Investing. Learn how the Wave Principle signals you when risk is low and helps you place a loss at the most logical point. 90 min. DVD 9 - Trading Options Successfully. How to use one tactic to master most of the variables at once, plus Robert Prechter’s three “MUSTS” for success. 71 min. DVD 10 - Questions and Answers with Bob Prechter and Dave Allman. The most interesting questions and informative answers on a variety of topics. 85 min. These are $1199 on EWI's website. Plus an added bonus! Elliottwave International Online Tutorials: The Basics of the Wave Principle How To Catch and Ride Extended Waves How To Trade the Bull/Bear Opportunities in Expanded Flats How To Trade triangles and the Thrust That Follows How To Trade When the Market Zigzags Tapping Into the Power of Impulse Waves How To Trade Diagonals Part 1 & 2 How To Trade Choppy, Sideways Markets These are $79 each. Total price from EWI's website would be nearly US$2000. Have a look for yourself at http://www.elliottwave.com/store under Educational Resources So make me a reasonable offer and email me at simterann22@yahoo.com.au
  3. Hi guys, I'm offering up my Drummond Geometry for sale. The package includes: DG2 Lite software for Tradestation rrp US$249 DG2 Advanced software for Tradestation rrp US$395 http://www.drummondgeometry.com/shopping//index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=68&products_id=204 Lessons 1-30. 800 MB of full multimedia instruction! The lessons bought seperately on the website cost over US$3000 dollars collectively. The real value of this package is in the tuition! http://www.drummondgeometry.com/shopping//index.php?main_page=index&cPath=66 Ebook versions of Charles Drummonds literature including "How To Make Money In The Futures Market....And Lots Of It" and more. The package is the real deal. I don't use Drummond Geometry anymore as I trade using other methods that suit my trading style better. Best offer wins! Please post or PM me if you're interested. Regards, Sim
  4. Hey, thanks a lot Blu-Ray.....you're always a champion in my eyes! Best regards. :cheers:
  5. Hi all, I was watching a vid from TradeGuider.com and liked the way their charts plotted a horizontal trendline at the value of every current tick. Here is the code I was playing with: Vars: mytime(0), mydate(0); If barnumber=1 then begin mytime=time; mydate=date; end; Variables: ID(0); if lastbaronchart then begin ID = TL_New(MyDate, MyTime, Close, Date, Time, Close); Value1 = TL_SetExtRight(ID, True); "a condition here".................TL_Delete(ID); end; This is exactly what I wanted it to do (partially) : It would plot a trendline at the current tick value. So for example the T/L would move with the tick value of each bar as it ticked back and forth. On a 60min chart this would happen up to say 200 or more times.....great.....BUT. The problem is that when the chart plots a new bar, a T/L remains from the last close value for the previous bar. So if you were using a 1min chart then a T/L would remain every 1 minute. I wanted the T/L to move to the next bar and only plot the current bar's current value. I'm assuming that the 'lastbaronchart' may not need to be used. This was used to test the recent activity of the T/L. I also played with barnumber<>barnumber[1] parameters to delete previuos T/Ls but since T/Ls were plotted more than once per bar this did not seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Sim.
  6. I don't trade the NQ but I checked with other sources and that would seem correct. Use TickQ.

  7. Here is a link worth reading: Better Know the TICK Indicator|Move the Markets
  8. The first question and third question are answered here: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service and you can also Google "Mastering The Trade djvu". The second question: The answer is yes. The $Tick will give you a good perspective of the internal market dynamics. The fourth question: Do a search for the "Value Chart" and understand how that works, then once you watch the video you can see how it all comes together
  9. If one were trading the NQ, would you use $NDIQX for the Program Trading? And what would you use for the tick data?

  10. Maybe you have alert set to "Once".....try setting to "Once Per Bar".....give it a shot.....I'm thinking from memory, I'm not sure. Another thing you can do is open the EasyLanguage and comment out all references to anything other than the +/-1000 alerts ie. place // before all lines not needed and then press F3 to compile. Another way you can do it is get rid of the Tick alert lines altogether and just place a horizontal line across +1000 and -1000 and set alerts to each as mentioned above. Hope it helps.
  11. The ES 092809. Note it was a strong up day. The Tick bias is blue so you want to buy at the blue dots and perhaps scale out at the red dots. I noticed the Value Chart dots at the open were excessive. Changing the code so that it does not plot before '9:30 + NumBars' may help.....otherwise just ignore the first few minutes I've always been a fan of the Value Chart but like all oscillators (IMHO) they do poorly on trend action. I tried it on the Tick chart and was quite happy with the results. Try it for yourself.
  12. Here is a workspace featuring a TICK chart and an ESINX chart. The indicators are as such: @sk_ESINX. (Index Arbitrage Program Trading Premium Values) This is a simple indicator that will plot the most probable levels where trading programs are bound to generate buy and sell orders. Please see http://www.indexarb.com/index.html for more information. You will need to update new levels daily before the market opens. For Tradestation users other symbols are $SPINX and $ESINX, $NDIQX and $NQIQX, and $RLIUX and $ERSIUX. Other data vendors may use PREM or EPREM. The video of Hubert Senters using $ESINX is below or alternatively find it here: [ame= ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eVJZnT5oHg[/ame] @Tick Bias. It is important to know the market bias from the first half hour of trading whether it be bearish (average below zero) or bullish (above). I wanted something visual so that it would remind me to go with the trend of the day ie. don't go short when the Tick trend is bullish. Fade the Tick lows if it's bullish. Of course this is a simplification . My dilemma was how to produce an average from the start at 9:30 am ET. So I wrote code to calculate the moving average of the TICK as each bar unfolded (ie. incremental......average of 2 bar closes on second bar, average of 3 bar closes on third bar until a suitable moving average could kick in (say, a moving average of 50 on the 50th bar)). Blue (bullish), Pink (bearish), Gray (neutral). *******The last high and low in the format dialogue must be a wide histogram********* @Tick Alert Lines. Simple enough. Obvious levels of Tick extremes. Alerts as well. @sk_Value Chart show me. Plots Value Chart extremes on Tick chart. Signals a possible reversal. Play with the levels to suit. N.B. These indicators are as is with no time spent being fussy with code. You are welcome to modify them. If you have an improvement in code or other ideas feel free to post. You may need the XVid codec to watch the video. ****** For Tradestation users it would be best to install the .ELD first then open up the workspace in the zip file. I'm not sure if it will open up the way the image portrays but just make sure if you insert indicators that you insert @Tick Bias last as the background painting will cover the others otherwise! ****** TICK BIAS AND ESINX.ELD TICK BIAS AND ESINX.txt TICK BIAS and ESINX workspace.zip Hubert-Program Trading3.avi
  13. Do you find you cannot either use text to speech alerts or get confused when pop ups quote 6 letter forex symbols? Here is a symbol function to help with this. I set my alerts to 'text to speech'. Here is an example as to how you would use this function: Alert("Bullish cross over on " + SymbolText + " " + NumtoStr(BarInterval,0) " minute chart."); ie. if symbol is EURJPY on 60min chart.......this will display/speak..... "Bullish crossover on Euro Yen 60 minute chart." You can make a variable using 'BarType' to substitute tick, minute, volume, range bar in the above example if you use multiple bar types. eg. "Bullish crossover on Euro Yen 100 range bar chart." SymbolText=GetSymbolName; //default return for ANY symbol if symbolroot="AUDJPY" then SymbolText="Aussie Yen"; if symbolroot="AUDUSD" then SymbolText="Aussie"; if symbolroot="CADJPY" then SymbolText="Canadian Yen"; if symbolroot="CHFJPY" then SymbolText="Swiss Yen"; if symbolroot="EURAUD" then SymbolText="Euro Aussie"; if symbolroot="EURCAD" then SymbolText="Euro CAD"; if symbolroot="EURCHF" then SymbolText="Euro Swiss"; if symbolroot="EURGBP" then SymbolText="Euro Sterling"; if symbolroot="EURJPY" then SymbolText="Euro Yen"; if symbolroot="EURUSD" then SymbolText="Euro"; if symbolroot="GBPCHF" then SymbolText="Sterling Swiss"; if symbolroot="GBPJPY" then SymbolText="Sterling Yen"; if symbolroot="GBPUSD" then SymbolText="Cable"; if symbolroot="NZDJPY" then SymbolText="Kiwi Yen"; if symbolroot="NZDUSD" then SymbolText="Kiwi"; if symbolroot="USDCAD" then SymbolText="Dollar CAD"; if symbolroot="USDCHF" then SymbolText="Swiss"; if symbolroot="USDJPY" then SymbolText="Yen"; if symbolroot="$DXY" then SymbolText="Dollar Index"; if symbolroot="JC" then SymbolText="Japanese Yen"; if symbolroot="EC" then SymbolText="Euro"; if symbolroot="AD" then SymbolText="Aussie Dollar"; if symbolroot="BP" then SymbolText="Pound Sterling"; if symbolroot="CD" then SymbolText="Canadian Dollar"; if symbolroot="SF" then SymbolText="Swiss Franc"; Special thanks to TAMS and SURI for helping me with the bugs! Enjoy!
  14. Hi all, I have previously purchased Juriks indicators for AmiBroker but I have changed to Tradestation. I have the Jurik dlls but not the EL functions to call the dlls. Would anyone consider posting these and/or the complete TS installer? If this is not possible I can post the MetaTrader code for Jurik's indicators for some kind soul to convert to EL. Thanks in advance! Simterann22
  15. Thanks Snowbird for the input. I do not have the PBF indicators. Though I am impressed with their videos. I didn't see a lot of difference between theirs and the 'freeware' indicators on this site (Blu-Ray's) and the TradeStation forums. I get tired of paying good money for indicators that are just tarted up versions. eg. I believe the iTunnel is just a Keltner Channel (set at 1?). However, I've read on PBFs site that they show you, once you buy their indicators, how to use them effectively......That, you don't always get with a free indicator . As for the squeeze tip....thanks..... that does make sense. With a squeeze alert it's easy to get sucked in right away and chase the market. Cheers.
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