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Nearly $2000 Worth of Elliottwave International 10-DVD Set Complete New Dirt Cheap

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More than 20 years ago, Robert Prechter brought together the world’s brightest Elliott wave practitioners and instructors to prepare EWI’s acclaimed 10-volume Elliott Wave Educational Video Series. By the time they finished, this team had invested more than 1500 painstaking production hours to ensure the highest quality and clarity of each lesson.


This classic series has been hailed as “the finest Elliott wave material ever produced,” and it remains the most comprehensive Elliott wave education available on DVD.


This highly popular series is offered in convenient DVD format, transforming it into the ultimate Wave Principle reference tool.


Time has not diminished its excellence, yet it’s only fair to say that the series is missing something: Namely, the past decade and a half or so of unprecedented market activity – and the valuable lessons learned along the way.


And while this timeless series includes the necessary lessons on real-time investing and practical application, the question is: Can you ever really get too much?


Now, thanks to webinar technology, you can get it all!


Here’s what you get:


The complete 10-DVD Elliott Wave Educational Series

• 12+ hours of instruction from Bob Prechter and company

• Bonus tutorials not included in the original collection (see bonus below)

• 250+ page workbook with corresponding exercises (PDF)


What's included in the 10 DVD set?



DVD 1 - Introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle.

A clear, step-by-step explanation of how the psychological forces within markets construct the basic Elliott wave patterns. 140 min.


DVD 2 - Counting Waves Correctly.

How to apply the basics of the Wave Principle to any market from stocks to cocoa. 42 min.


DVD 3 - Characteristics of Impulse Waves.

How to identify five-wave structures at all degrees of trend as they unfold in real time. 53 min.


DVD 4 - Characteristics of Corrective Waves.

How to identify the two major families of corrections and when to expect explosive price action. 75min.



DVD 5 - Rules, Guidelines, and Wave Personalities.

How to use the “personalities” of each type of wave to make pattern recognition crystal clear. 79 min.


DVD 6 - Understanding the Fibonacci Ratio in Financial Markets.

How to apply the Fibonacci sequence to your Elliott wave analysis. 71 min.


DVD 7 - Calculating Fibonacci Ratios with the Precision Ratio Compass.

How to mark Fibonacci calculated Elliott wave targets on charts. 47 min.


DVD 8 - Real-time Investing.

Learn how the Wave Principle signals you when risk is low and helps you place a loss at the most logical point. 90 min.


DVD 9 - Trading Options Successfully.

How to use one tactic to master most of the variables at once, plus Robert Prechter’s three “MUSTS” for success. 71 min.


DVD 10 - Questions and Answers with Bob Prechter and Dave Allman.

The most interesting questions and informative answers on a variety of topics. 85 min.


These are $1199 on EWI's website.


Plus an added bonus!


Elliottwave International Online Tutorials:


The Basics of the Wave Principle

How To Catch and Ride Extended Waves

How To Trade the Bull/Bear Opportunities in Expanded Flats

How To Trade triangles and the Thrust That Follows

How To Trade When the Market Zigzags

Tapping Into the Power of Impulse Waves

How To Trade Diagonals Part 1 & 2

How To Trade Choppy, Sideways Markets


These are $79 each. Total price from EWI's website would be nearly US$2000. Have a look for yourself at http://www.elliottwave.com/store under Educational Resources


So make me a reasonable offer and email me at simterann22@yahoo.com.au

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It really is! How con I get involved?


u pay pal :)





let's go back to your OP .

Is it really 'worth' nearly $2000 to begin with?


please reply asap

I'm so excited I can't wait

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