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  1. lets have a good start this 2021, and the list of webinars are good. happy trading people.
  2. happy holidays every one, market getting a bit slow lately. hope trading is going well
  3. this is great news, good partnership and neymar is a big name along side mbappe and di maria. its gonna be a good season to watch
  4. I always say there is not such thing as best broker, given the wide range of factors, but its easier to place them in to two categories, good ones and bad ones, goood ones that last and pay out with good conditions, bad ones that will milk you dry.
  5. its a tough competition but a good way to blow some steam off with contests, hahaha lots of good traders indeed.
  6. well three months into it, things arent as clear yet, hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe.
  7. usually yes, its a good promo, i guess one of many to come since its their tenth year anniv.
  8. give hotforex a check they might satisfy ur requirement and they are regualted by the FCA. good luck
  9. i guess the best way is to pick ur top 5 and do a small comparison, cant say much about others, but I do trade hotforex and they do have some interesting options to choose from. best of luck
  10. they do up their game ini terms of promos, and it gets bigger with each passing year, only to show how serious their business is. reassuring in my opnion.
  11. great gesture of kindness, we need more of these tbh, hope everyone is safe and sound
  12. there is not time line to success, some would take months, others years, at most its a constant continues process of struggle, I have been trading a hotforex account for 8 years now, and i dont think im close to what people call successful, but im happy with what little i make.
  13. forex trading is no joke, its amoney hole for those who dont know what they are doing. its like a "now u see me now u dont" with money, it takes time to understand and study, it takes years to come up with a working strategy, and tons and tons of patience. some people are better off treating it as a hobbie or a past time really. though ive been in it for a decade now.
  14. hey guys i hope 2020 is doing good for you all. its been a while
  15. it doable, but its high risk, and that kind of % is possible with smaller capitals in my opinion, but realistically it doesnt go that way in live, i mean, we tend to be more reserved with real money.
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