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  1. there is not time line to success, some would take months, others years, at most its a constant continues process of struggle, I have been trading a hotforex account for 8 years now, and i dont think im close to what people call successful, but im happy with what little i make.
  2. forex trading is no joke, its amoney hole for those who dont know what they are doing. its like a "now u see me now u dont" with money, it takes time to understand and study, it takes years to come up with a working strategy, and tons and tons of patience. some people are better off treating it as a hobbie or a past time really. though ive been in it for a decade now.
  3. hey guys i hope 2020 is doing good for you all. its been a while
  4. it doable, but its high risk, and that kind of % is possible with smaller capitals in my opinion, but realistically it doesnt go that way in live, i mean, we tend to be more reserved with real money.
  5. 10 years is a mile stone worth bragging about. well done..
  6. trading has gone a long way since then. and many many are into trading now a days, it has its challenges but good luck to every one
  7. good news indeed, recognized in latin america as well. good job
  8. havent done any crypto withdrawals or deposits, maybe support can answer that... Im more if a traditional trader, straight up regular connection tbh.
  9. one can catch the webinars on youtube as well right?
  10. hello everyone, lets all have a good 2019 best of luck to all.a good start so far. and hoping for more good news in the future
  11. yeah i have to agree the FCA is solid and they are continuing to improve drastically
  12. is this a new app for HF, replacing the old one. will give it a try i hope its good
  13. thats good to here, and its rare now a days to stumble upon a good broker to be honest. things are moving really fast in general with all this information cerculating like lightning. lets hope they keep a steady advance with this crazy moving times.
  14. is it? I thougt it was LIVE MARKET FOREX. but its all good, and the name is catchy anyway
  15. very nice, a trip for 2 to the UK all expense covered. man that would be really sweet. good luck
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