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  1. HotForex

    yeah i have to agree the FCA is solid and they are continuing to improve drastically
  2. HotForex

    is this a new app for HF, replacing the old one. will give it a try i hope its good
  3. LMFX Broker Discussion

    thats good to here, and its rare now a days to stumble upon a good broker to be honest. things are moving really fast in general with all this information cerculating like lightning. lets hope they keep a steady advance with this crazy moving times.
  4. LMFX Broker Discussion

    is it? I thougt it was LIVE MARKET FOREX. but its all good, and the name is catchy anyway
  5. HotForex

    very nice, a trip for 2 to the UK all expense covered. man that would be really sweet. good luck
  6. LMFX Broker Discussion

    u mean the meaning of lmfx? its simply live market forex lol. its simle it took me some time to actually realize it
  7. HotForex

    i think it depends on the country and if the local office provides it. yeah that would be a good idea for some asian countries as well.
  8. HotForex

    havent thought of the you tube channel thats worth the look, i hope they do have one.. that would be really nice.. btw speaking of youtube, there are many live casting of forex trades and markets its also good to listen to some opinions.
  9. HotForex

    happy 2018 every one, have a blessed year ahead and many more pips to come
  10. LMFX Broker Discussion

    i guess they might, there is a high possibility that they wood, i mean most brokers are moving to crypto trading.
  11. HotForex

    yeah judging by the increase of webinars and not to mention the facebook live analysis, more people are getting into it and its good.
  12. LMFX Broker Discussion

    i think not yet, Havent heard much since they are a secondary broker i use. but hopefully they will
  13. HotForex

    have you given it a try? yeah i think its a good idea really, everything seems to be moving really steadily, compared to how we traded a couple of years back, the new comers have more advantages LOL
  14. LMFX Broker Discussion

    cant help you w/ that, not much of a zulu nor pamm expert.
  15. HotForex

    its gonna be another good contest, really looking forward to it..

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