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  1. and it makes it easier to remember, and i guess its the trend,. ho0w are trading doing?
  2. yup you are correct, any one noticed the new change in the branding of hotforex, we should be calling it HFM i guess, and it looks really good.
  3. u need lots ot TA (technical analysis) knowledge, the more the merrier, and lots of time to study any certain pair u wanna trade, and a good broker, not so sure about course though, most of what u need u can find online for free
  4. yes thats right. thanks for the explanation and its good, looking at top traders they are up like 300%
  5. I got an email about it, road to paris, its really nice.. the prizes are really goood. ebst of luck to all participants
  6. if you can do both then its even better, as long as you have the time for it, I do forex at hotforex and crypto at binance and stock locally and its fine, we go for the profits no matter where it takes us
  7. i have to agree hotforex is a decent broker
  8. yes its the of the largest markets if not the largest, and its really profitable anyway
  9. i believe the min deposit is 50usd, except for wire transfer its 250.
  10. yes this is true, its not abattle of brokers (though a good broker should be chosen first) at the end of the day its the trader and his decisions
  11. the fed reserve is sending mixed signals, it does affect crypto badly, im at a lose at the start of this year but i still have forex anyway haha
  12. been trying to divers as of late, doing some crypto on binance, nft buy and sell on opensea and forex with hotforex, stock im using a local online broker, its funny how similar these can be, but degree of risks vary
  13. have a blessed 2022 everyone, I hope this desember market crash did not affect lots of us, I guess its safe to say its the bear markets for the next couple of months, especially in crypto aint it?
  14. yeah, in the upcoming years, its getting stronger and stronger the the decentralisation concept, its gonna be crazy
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