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  1. yeah, in the upcoming years, its getting stronger and stronger the the decentralisation concept, its gonna be crazy
  2. any insight on btc if it would shoot to the moon annytime soon? lol
  3. I guess its how much traders want it and use it, the thing with bitcoin (correct me if im wrong) but its supply is limited thats why it just keeps on going up, and in some cases simply used to pump and dump by whales
  4. well i guess speculations will never be enough, but its a fun ride this crypto trading.
  5. havent seen the pair, but you might as well do a google check for the pair and see what broker offers it.
  6. there are a lot of speculations for bbtc for the 2nd half of the year, will it go for another run. we just have to watch and wait. goood luck
  7. things are kinda clearing up, hope trading is doing better this year as well. how is every one doing?
  8. yeah almost, they not a bad option as well mean hotforex they okay.
  9. yeah i look at tradingmyview, mt4 is okay as well, many offer different charting sofwares most are paid, depends on what kind of trading u are looking at, i do trade hotforex
  10. not sure really how the deal went, but hopefully we get a logo there but its gonna coost a lot haha
  11. its a slow start for 2021, but BTC is having a blast, hitting the 40k mark, will it continue, though its back at 32k++right now
  12. lets have a good start this 2021, and the list of webinars are good. happy trading people.
  13. happy holidays every one, market getting a bit slow lately. hope trading is going well
  14. this is great news, good partnership and neymar is a big name along side mbappe and di maria. its gonna be a good season to watch
  15. I always say there is not such thing as best broker, given the wide range of factors, but its easier to place them in to two categories, good ones and bad ones, goood ones that last and pay out with good conditions, bad ones that will milk you dry.
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