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  1. True the fed has increased the money supply consistently since the 1920's. The net effect, to the government, is a decreasing value of the money that we borrow and never pay back, but are supposed to pay back.
  2. ZDO, et al, There is only one thing in Trump's head. It is the only thing he knows how to do and it was the very first thing he said he would do: To fix the American brand because it is broken. Fixing the American Brand is what will "Make America Great Again". He wants corps to bring their business back, to keep them from leaving, and to make America the place to domicile your business if you are looking for a place to establish yourself. Given the above, and the potential success and failure of each of the admins "improved" policies, lays a sea of opportunities for those with vision, balls, and a buck.
  3. jpennybags, Trump is not politically correct. Trump is not conventional. Most of what the world knows about Trump they nether saw nor heard with their own eyes and ears; instead, it was crafted by the liberal media. Trump is the most successful person to enter the White house as POTUS.He has had businesses that have gone bankrupt. Neat trick to still be a billionaire. As a trader one must respect his ability to take risk without losing it all. As a far as one could be qualified to be POTUS before being POTUS, Trump is the most qualified we have seen, or, using others as benchmarks of qualification, he is overqualified. "Oh yeah? He'll see how hard it is when he is finally sworn in." Trump will be underwhelmed. We (USA), under the DJT regime, will have rising interest rates, deficits, and GDP. All 3 normally indicate higher volatility in markets. The rest of the world will feel the ripples. Traders will get rich. The liberal media won't know this or share this.
  4. I was thinking it might be a leffist lie to prepare for a possible substitute if wikileaks had more damning information about her.
  5. The residual effects of your morning routine could lead to unintended consequences and possibly a dysentery death. Thoroughly clean your hands after you scratch your ass and before you think or type.
  6. Some short term pain, maybe. Long term UK will be better off. Smaller is always better and less risky.
  7. They use an incredible amount of leverage (look at bank stocks roe and roa) beyond the next time there is another disaster that they need to be bailed out of, losing more money than they made since the last disaster. This is true in spite of the cheating, insider trading, and other, categorically, unethical practices. It's not about employing profitable strategies; instead, it's about putting as much money in your pocket right now with no concern for tomorrow. You'd be shocked to see how carelessly these mega-$bilion institutions are managed. Pointing it out would get you fired.
  8. The market is an asylum. S&P trading in 2007-2008. I completely agree that CC is guaranteed. The greatest, but not the only unknown is when. Then what will CC look like when it happens? PM, up for certain. But, will other things go down by more than PM goes up? We can assume that we know. But what we know is only a narrative of one form or another.
  9. Seems like you had a good time. Also seems like you have largely been in the right place at the right time, what is a few blow ups amongst friends, but I don't have the details nor do I query your integrity. I will state that a hedge, partial or not, neutralizes, partially or not, the underlying position for the periods that one is hedged. Hedging, then, a good, I suppose, becomes a bad if the hedge is entered at the wrong time or entered wrong too many times. A blow up, ineradicably in my mind, is not something that you recover from. You can only do it once; hence, you never blew up if you are still here.
  10. "They" busy themselves with meetings and conferences, impress themselves with their credentials then take credit for positive things that happen and explain away events that were not positive. As in, " there was no way that we could have seen that coming".
  11. Shorts are covering. So, I don't want to be short gold. I can't get myself to be long anything other than equities, which I am no longer long. A perception of a crisis will lead to many other short opportunities. Gold was a very tough market to make money short for me. I netted some overall but got chopped up. Risk vs Reward, I should have stayed away.
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