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  1. “It is sad your government is chiefed by many many fork tongues.” that dumbass american indian warrior was just sayin' ...
  2. holy war. why do ppl hate jews? why do ppl hate muslims? (btw my answers aren't 'pretty', pc, or even respectful... better say why before i do ... just sayin') holy war... is there really such a thang? ... just sayin’
  3. Looking for ways to leverage our Artificial ‘intelligence’ ?? https://bombthrower.com/welcome-to-the-jackpot/ just sayin... meanwhile back at the corporate labs.... ... via a movie via a real life https://twitter.com/GBNEWS/status/1784245922332909951 and imo ... to apply mRNA techs via ‘averages’ of results is stupid. mRna is about INDIVIDUALLized epigenetics!!!!! ie as I’ve said before herein, the current collective ‘scientific’ consensus ‘imagary’ re viruses and virology is way incomplete - no it’s just plain fktup wrong... just sayin’
  4. also ... and barely on topic... Winners (always*) overpay. Buying the dips is a subscription to the belief that winners win by underpaying - when in actuality winners (inevitably/always*) win by overpaying... it’s amazing the percentage of traders who think winners win by underpaying ... “Winners (always*) overpay.” ... One way to implement this ‘belief’ is to only reenter when prices have emphatically resumed the 'trend' . (Fwiw, While “Winners (always*) overpay.” holds true in most endeavors (relationships, business, sports, etc...) - “Winners (always*) overpay.” is especially true for auctions... continuous auctions included.)
  5. re: "Does it make sense to always buy the dips? “Buy the dip.” You hear this all the time in crypto investing trading speculation gambling. [zdo taking some liberties] It refers, of course, to buying more bitcoin (or digital assets) when they go down in price: when the price “dips.” Some people brag about “buying the dip," showing they know better than the crowd. Others “buy the dip” as an investment strategy: they’re getting a bargain. The problem is, buying the dip is a fallacy. You can’t buy the dip, because you can't see the total dip until much later. First, I’ll explain this in a way that will make it simple and obvious to you; then I’ll show you a better way of investing. You Only Know the Dip in Hindsight When people talk about “buying the dip,” what they’re really saying is, “I bought when the price was going down.” " ... example of a dip ...
  6. The morning of my last post I happened to glance over to the side and saw “...angst over the FOMC’s rate trajectory triggered a flight to safety, hence boosting the haven demand. “ http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/topic/21621-hfmarkets-hfmcom-market-analysis-services/page/17/?tab=comments#comment-228522 I reacted, but didn’t take time to respond then... will now --- HFBlogNews, I don’t know if you are simply aggregating the chosen narratives for the day or if it’s your own reporting... either way - “flight to safety”???? haven ????? Re: “safety - ”Those ‘solid rocks’ are getting so fragile a hit from a dandelion blowball might shatter them... like now nobody wants to buy longer term new issues at these rates...yet the financial media still follows the scripts... The imagery they pound day in and day out makes it look like the Fed knows what they’re doing to help ‘us’... They do know what they’re doing - but it certainly is not to help ‘us’... and it is not to ‘control’ inflation... And at some point in the not too distant future, the interest due will eat a huge portion of the ‘revenue’ Re: “haven” The defaults are coming ... The US will not be the first to default... but it will certainly not be the very last to default !! ...Enough casual anti-white racism for the day ... just sayin’
  7. “Cherish those who seek truth. Beware those who find it.” So who am I ‘bewaring’ these days ? Here’s a few of a growing list... The ‘State’, shallow and deep, just about everywhere on the planet... gone social engineering wild... gone fully corrupt... to be elected means to be either ‘bought and paid for’ or blackmailed ... used to be only a small % were corrupted... now I’m still looking for someone isn’t... let me know if you find one ok? The ‘medical State’ which is now fully entrenched... state ensures pharma gets billions and insurance is run like a top down fascist corp. Insurance and pharma makes sure all the medical ‘agents’ (including MD’s, etc) toe the line ... quality plummets systemically All the ‘news’ media corps and social media platforms... all of them way too entrenched in top down agendas to dodge a beware from me... Virtually the whole of 1st generation General AI... see prior post above. I’d be curious to see how stirred up Nassim Nicholas Taleb is about 1st generation General AI, and subsequent ‘generations’ ... The global education system... The word ‘education’, at its origins, means to ‘bring forth’ thinking clarity and performance skills. The whole global education system today is nothing but a complex of expensive indoctrination camps where the only ‘free speech’ remaining is ‘correct speak’, where college administrations blatantly and illegally encourage disruptions and sabotages ticket sales to gatherings that are not FULLY aligned with the ‘correct’ narratives, etc. etc I’m bewaring zealots from any religion - including those using the ‘old’ religions of the east, middle east, and west AND also bewaring those who use the new global religions of woke, weaponizedbadscience, unbabysacrafice, genderconfuseandneutereveryone ‘churches’, and other anti-old ‘new religions’ ... btw, let’s play some ‘identity politics’... generally all the jew haters still find a way to lump all them jews together... but all these centuries it looks like the world has had several kinds of jews to ‘hate’ - like [snicksnick] https://www.naturalnews.com/2024-04-03-protesters-urge-israel-government-enlist-orthodox-jews.html - just sayin’ ... maybe the jew lovers need to do like blm, go jlm...copy the gov’t and get ppl to throw money in some direction and watch things get worse ...don’t we know by now the money never gets there? ... that blm and jlm money just makes a couple more marxists into millionaires... Be advised I’m just ‘bewaring’ the above. That means I’m not accepting their programming at face value and definitely resist funding their activities out of my pocket... not taking their rights, not attempting to censor them...boils down to I’m bewaring those who want to decide who gets to be ‘free’ and who shouldn’t and doesn’t get to be ‘free’ in thought and deed. NONE of the bewared above are increasing your freedom... Speaking of censoring - what goes around comes around (again) “The Provisional Government that succeeded the tsars in March 1917 abolished censorship. However, two days after the Bolsheviks seized power in November 1917, they reintroduced censorship and extended it to films, art, and music. Though labeled a “temporary measure,” censorship lasted until the late 1980s. ... Violation of censorship rules could be construed as “divulging state secrets,” a crime punishable by imprisonment. Soviet censors worked with a large volume called Perechen’ svedenii ne podlezhashchikh opublikovaniiu v otkrytoi pechati (List of Information Not Suitable for Publication in Open Sources). It was informally referred to among censors—many of whom were Jews—as the “Talmud.” Among the items “not suitable for publication” were crime statistics, reports of natural and man-made disasters (such as airplane crashes), price increases, individual incomes, the names of many officials, and the identities of their spouses. The censorship system was administered by Glavlit, established in 1922 as the Chief Directorate for Literature and Publishing Houses at the People’s Commissariat for Education (Narkompros). Immediately following the Bolshevik Revolution, works on Judaism and almost all publications in Hebrew were banned. Foreign Jewish literature was strongly censored in the 1920s and thereafter. By the 1930s, the list of forbidden subjects included Lenin’s Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side. Although in 1936 work critical of antisemitism was passed by the censor, at the same time Jewish themes began to disappear from Soviet prose and poetry, except in Yiddish. By 1938 brochures critical of antisemitism that had been published just a few years before were removed from libraries. The recording of Lenin’s 1919 speech condemning antisemitism was removed from record sets. It was reported that a six-cornered star, used as an illustration in a geometry text, had to be excised before the text could be published. A comparison of a story published in 1936 and republished in 1940 illustrates the policy of diminishing Jewish visibility. In the story “The Blue Cup,” Arkadii Gaidar writes of a “city in Germany, Dresden, from which a worker, a Jew, fled from the Fascists.” Four years later, following the 1939 Soviet–Nazi pact, the same sentence reads: “There’s a city somewhere abroad, and from there a worker fled from the bourgeoisie.” In May 1940, Bezbozhnik (Godless), the magazine of the Militant Atheists, wrote that the major achievement of the Third Reich was the Nazi attack on Judaism, and that Soviet atheists should cooperate with their allies in the struggle against religion. At the same time, antifascist books published from 1933 to 1939 were relegated to “special collections,” some of them never to reappear. ...” https://yivoencyclopedia.org/article.aspx/censorship/censorship_in_the_ussr We like to think we're beyond sht like that now but the parallels to today are amazing...example: items “not suitable for publication” . Have you paid attn. for the last few years how much politicians and agents use “ can’t discuss it out of concerns for national security” when it ain’t got a fkn thing to do with ‘national security’ ?? ... The original Cheka, headed by Feliks Dzerzhinskii, was empowered only to investigate “counterrevolutionary” crimes. Current parallels - One thriving, conclusive, but false, propaganda word is “insurrection”... First let’s note in a real insurrection an actual BLOODBATH would have ensued ( whoops - ‘bloodbath’ is another one of those key words that is ok for the media sycophants to use over and over and over, but triggers a hypocritical outrage when a maga uses it)... Double standards prevail throughout the WHOLE justice system now...like ‘insurrectionists’, who were escorted into the building by campus police btw, got up to 30 years imprisonment for ‘trespassing’- while during the two summers before thousands and thousands of professionally organized rioters got free legal pass to lead invasions and taking ‘possession’ of whole sections of cities and trash of billions of $ worth of private and public property in a fakefalseflag upswelling of protest against trump / the remnants of the republic. (Fwiw, I beware trump too... ) Another current related propaganda handle is “threat to democracy” “end of democracy”. Factoid: The country was organized as a constitutional republic. It functioned best as a republic, until the ‘globalist’ cycle of corruption finally got some footing in the late 1800’s ...History was ‘rewrit’... ask any school kid in any grade if he or she knows this - It was ‘republic ans’ who fought and died to end slavery and keep the republic intact. It was ‘democrats’ -(still) repeating greek mob rule mistakes - who fought for slavery, then segregation, and later created the nationwide urban plantations that persist to this day... the democrats would have fully ended the republic in the 1860’s if only them sneaky diabolical european “give me control of the money supply” ‘jew’ sponsers had just sent more gold ... in a previous post I noted that the word ‘democracy’ was code for ‘socialism’... well uh oh the republicans are now the ‘socialists... and it looks like ‘democracy’ is being transitioned to 'code' for something quite a bit more dystopian... fixing to rapidly pole reverse to a fully ‘unrepresented’ tyranny that will resemble exactly what all the ‘liberals’ and ‘wokes’ have ostensibly ‘resisted’... and yes, sweetheart, they do ultimately come after the “useful idiots” too. ... just sayin’
  8. Across the years, all the ‘free’ parts of the digital age have been accused of being trojan horses. Who bill gates father was - not pure coincidence... the real seed ‘money’ for fakebook was not happenstance... their biased, coordinated campaign behaviors in the last 3 elections... tiktok is the world’s first trojan elephant... yada yada yada. Surveys say google searches are not as ‘accurate’ as they used to be... and that they are getting worse. I, for one, would just like to be ‘served’ the same results for an identical query as my friend across town, my wife on an apple phone in the same house, an acquaintance 1500 miles away. The bias from the humans training the AI goes way beyond the ‘diverse’ demographics they were hired from. As the % of visuals vs text for the served up content has grown exponentially an example is gGemini is serving up pictures of the first four presidents as black men. Ask it if Obama should be jailed. Answer: former presidents should never be prosecuted ... Ask if GW Bush should be jailed. Answer: a list of possible charges emerges (.... Didn’t risk losing the HD or CPU asking it if Trump should be jailed... ) It goes way beyond ‘woke’ folks... Social media, the 'news' media, and search giants clear intent to coordinate and ‘serve’ up what they want the populace to believe, push agendas, influence ‘elections’, do propaganda twists on cultural words and patterns goes beyond anything the soviets or nazis etc. could have even dreamed of. While we’re at it, let’s take a look at the naming of googles ‘public’ AI. The name Gemini may have actually been unconsciously pulled out of some working groups ‘sounds good’ hat. We’ll never know the truth. Anyways, let’s dig a bit... One of the most valid uses of ‘astrology’ is as a developmental map - predating Rousseau, Piaget, Freud, Erikson, etc. by millenniums and millenniums. In that model, Gemini represents the stages of development from about 1.6 to 3.5 years old. It is, as Piaget termed it, ‘the pre-conceptual stage of concrete actions’. Speech is largely mimicry, actions largely imitation. When the child cannot assimilate the ‘naming’ of an object or action, it accommodates it into its fantasies. ‘Reasoning’ steps to the next step with only a vapor of comprehension of the overall grouping of steps . Each understanding is a dualistic “assimilation and accommodation”, which clarifies the original connection of Gemini to the ‘Twins’ ... as the child finds a twin in himself in the fantasy world. The way the child, gGemini in this case, establishes a method of communication indicates its later proficiency and determines the mode of communication it will always prefer in later ‘stages of development’ . And...the little AI child, gGemini, needs anything but duplicitous, dishonest, inconsistent, judgmental, ruthlessly evil parents and ‘adults’ to screw it (and it’s output! ) up for fkn decades /’forever’. Your child's or teenager's brains AND your brains need anything but a misguided 2 year old as the primary source of information. ...is your intelligence insulted yet? Just sayin’
  9. ... some dated 'crisis speak'... Source: Pravda.Ru27.04.2009 Front page / Opinion / Columnists / Stanislav Mishin ... he wa jus sayin' ... wonder if he ever got around to just sayin' that the marxism is just a means to an end? ... when Trump was elected Mishin thought the trend had been reversed ... I wonder what he would say now ... ... isn't there a recent book out about 'American Marxism'? just sayin'
  10. For humans our technological advances have vastly outpaced our advances in wisdom ... results are accelerating misuse and abuse of ‘technology’. One example is how modern virology is pure and simple pseudoscience, providing false ground to build all the lies and fraud about covid. An even bigger, much longer, misuse and abuse of ‘technology’, is in modern ‘money’ ... and where that is headed... just sayin...
  11. more re my request from 1/12 above... "http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/topic/32665-progress-is-infinite/?tab=comments#comment-224449"
  12. A75 I sure wish you had defined which way you were applying the word ‘patience’. For example, northern european patience is different from middle eastern patience. India has many different ‘patiences’, as does the far east. The discrepancies are wider than one might first think. For some of them, patience is an attitude cultivated and implemented directly. For others, patience is something that emerges from doing (or not doing ) other acts and practices. ... Many ppl under 30 don't have a clue what the word 'forbearance' means. etc (I’m not locking you in on the following, but) your first few paragraphs looked to me like you were using the protestant Sunday school teacher version of ‘patience’, the middle of the article felt like it was coming from sports coaches, and then by the end it seemed to be based on current pop / social sychology ... IE Why keep us guessing?... It’s not too late to Wikipedia the word and add on which definition(s). of ‘patience’ you were basing your comments ... thx
  13. Sport coaches say it all the time “Before you can learn how to Win, you have to learn how not to Lose”. That holds for trading too... and that is what 78% of traders need to do - learn how not to Lose. ... Somewhat ironically, in trading learning how not to Lose requires losing. ... digging inside to find where you ‘live’ on the spectrum of risk seeking when in the red positions... building some awareness of when and how you are vulnerable to ‘hope’, ‘lucky’ etc ... and finding out if and how much you can change to get to a place where you are never hoping a position will come back while watching it continue to chomp off huge %’s of your capital. ...ie if the mindbody is fkt up, it doesn’t matter if its choices are right or wrong, etc etc... ...digging into your system’s numbers to find the best stop locations for taking the ‘optimal small lose’, placing the orders, and allowing them to be hit. ... ... so yes, Elloise, sound automated trading can inform discretionary trading... just sayin’ and merry christmas / merry return of increasing light to all
  14. SunTrader, Please clarify for all of us - Exactly what is a "far-right Republican"? ... got an example of a far-right Republican lawmaker?... I can't identify any. the "reasons why" were looked at - and they started decades and decades ago ... any recent "policy choices" are but tiny wavelets on a giant dangerous wave that suddenly appeared on the 'ocean' ... ie any recent "policy choices" are part of the 'dominant' narrative used to 'explain' and cover for collective illusions ... are not really "why"s - just sayin' btw the giant wave that suddenly appeared will disappear just as quickly enuf bs... the important topic is - wherethefk have you been? we thought you died
  15. Bidenomic-speak = “...It’s working...” 2021 less than 8% of population was below the poverty level . 2022 more than 12% . 2023 ?? ... “...It’s working...”, attempting to flood the few remaining thriving states with illegals... flood them with 'costs... “...It’s working...” into a whole new scale of war profiteering “...It’s working...” going full blown old soviet punish your enemies ‘politicizing’/ ‘weaponizing’ the justice system. Let me repeat, I’m no Trumper by any means ... but watching this sht, Trump is right - they’re aren’t just coming after him... if they can trump up multiple charges against him, they can do that to you and yours too. The recent debacle with the Texas attorney general is another example... “...It’s working...” “...It’s working...” how many billions for 87000 new IRS agents to ‘audit’ high income citizens ... psst that’s like anyone making more than $100k... someone like you... another agency now fully ‘weaponized’ just sayin'
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