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  1. Pareto of a Pareto Theory: Every trader is a member of one of the 3 distinct groups of traders. The groups - Losing Losers - comprise about 78% of the population of traders... Surviving Survivors - comprise about 19% of the population of traders... Thriving Thrivers - comprise about 3% of the population of traders... Analyst75 is throwing out an estimate of 5% for the % of traders who are losers who persist and cross over the cusp from failing group to the surviving group Hotforex is throwing out that 20 % number because that is about the % of accounts that stay open / active/ surviving ... right in line with % of the population of traders who are not in the Losing Losers group in the theory above. ...Everybody’s got their own ‘inner statistics’ ... Everybody’s got their own ways of (mis)reading 'statistics’ And btw, fxecon and aimhi, success in trading does not have a fkn thing to do with your broker. NO correlation with your broker - NONE. Good grief people. The same pareto of a pareto %’s held even way back when every order was called in by phone and hand carried to the floor and commissions were 10 times what they are now, and fills were atrocious, and traders had to hand draw their own charts, and calculate their 'tools' on paper... omg
  2. more - it's better to be a thief than
  3. it's better to be a thief than ...
  4. it is absolutely astounding how long you can be out of the 'lab' and not miss a fkn thang... I'm just sayin' have a great weekend all
  5. he's just sayin' "The pillars of western civilization are breaking down right in front of our eyes. If "reserves" don't mean reserves, and if "money" doesn't mean money, and if home "ownership" doesn't mean ownership, and if the "rule of law" doesn't mean the rule of law, then we have lost the very principles upon which western civilization exists. Combined with the fact that nearly everything has become FAKE now -- fake news, fake money, fake history, fake education, fake science, fake medicine, fake elections, fake pandemics, fake shootings, fake hate crimes, etc. -- we find ourselves living in a world with no civil compass. Western civilization, simply put, has committed suicide. There is no longer any glue holding it together. The elections are rigged, the money is counterfeit, the news is deliberately fabricated and the propaganda is absurd..." Mike |Adams
  6. I'm gonna pull a crazyCzarina and reply to a long dead post ... One sure thing about trading forums - The great questions never get an answer. Ask even the greatest posters a great question... silence, no nothin’, not even crickets. First a few comments about Elliott Wave Wave Theory is a ‘science’ of socionomics. Socionomics is about how societal ideas ‘ideally’ or typically unfold - wave 1 is the early adapters, wave 3 is broad collective acceptance, wave 5 is continuing valuation narratives but with narrowing collective assessment of actual value... with all kinds of ‘ideal’ sub patterns... Socionomics starts with a simple observation: For lots of issues, how people FEEL influences how they will BEHAVE. (Equally true = How people BEHAVE influences how they will FEEL... but that’s for another topic) Anyways... Elliott Wave theory is an attempt to apply socionomics to trading - and yes analyst75 “theory” is the key word. Imo, it’s a jump too far. First, price is not a good metric for socionomics.... especially across decades when currencies are being viciously 'corrupted'. And practically, socionomics does not transfer over to trading nearly to the degree Ellioticians would like. It simply does not deliver enough of those ‘ideal’ sub patterns because crowds of traders’ behaviors and ‘feelings’ about pricing are not sufficient equivalents of broader collective behaviors / socionomic waves... ESPECIALLY as time frames shorten... (ie waves may appear to ‘fractal’ down ... but they really don’t.) If you’re going to use EW to trade, probably the most important point you can acknowledge is that 5 wave patterns are EXCEPTIONS to normal trading crowd behavior ie the best thing a 5 wave pattern indicates is that corrective patterns will soon resume. I’ve described it differently in other posts* ... but basically, at any given point in time it is possible to reasonably project that ANY freakin wave ‘count’ / pattern will enfold. It is just as reasonable to project that a nice 5 wave completion will go on to a nice 7 or 11 or 17 or whatever wave count as it is to project that the market will now have a ‘trend’ change. At the end of any nice 3 wave corrective pattern, either projecting a huge 5 wave pattern unfolding in the other direction or projecting a long flat congestive pattern or another 3 wave correction pattern... or... all are equally reasonable. Or, a pretty wave 1, 2, and 3 doesn’t not mean a pretty wave 5 will unfold. Ie it’s just as reasonable to count it over and project that the next sequence will be corrective or a 5 wave impulsive move in the opposite direction. etc etc ... to get back to the unanswered question - So what do you propose as an alternate? Long ago I read Hurst. In a short section of his book he mentioned it. It didn’t sink in. Then one day it really hit me. There is no Elliott wave sequence or any other ‘technical’ price pattern that cannot be better explained via ‘summation of cycles’ ... * fun example can be seen by searching for 'trading chaos by bill williams' thread on t2w ... TL is so special we don't even allow links to other trading forums? ... other snarky EW comments at http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/topic/7555-do-you-use-the-elliott-wave-to-trade/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-146022
  7. Let me get this straight - if you’re ‘brownish’ from central america or the middle east or wherever, you can walk across the border unrestricted - ie without need of id, passport, visa, or vaccination(s) - and move directly onto the dole anywhere in the US you like BUT if you’re a little bit more than ‘brownish’ ie you’re fkn black like a Haitian you’ll be sent back ‘home’ without recourse... that’s not racist? That not biden’s kkk elbow rubbing days bleeding through? Just sayin’
  8. I used to take every June off from trading - to be with the family, travel, etc etc Dang, it’s freakn autumn... my June’s are getting longer and longer... just sayin’
  9. Wuhan MetroLine 2 https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/06/08/the-virus-speaks-an-exclusive-interview/ ... it was just sayin'
  10. As I have been saying for 16 months now... “lies going into the ‘plandemic’ and lies coming out” https://mises.org/wire/why-there-no-correlation-between-masks-lockdowns-and-covid-suppression very briefly, all gov’t/media narratives about the ‘source’ of the ‘virus’ infectivity and infection rates morbidity testing lockdowns masks social distancing the ‘vaccines’ variants are FALSE. Act accordingly. just sayin’
  11. the media https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/04/16/the-unanimous-news-conforms/
  12. "money" ... just sayin "This is not what economists and central bankers theorized ..."(or is it? ) https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2021-04-21/how-easy-money-destroying-civil-liberties
  13. are you in the Covidian Cult ? ..." this covers the six conditions of mind control from the book Cults in Our Midst, https://consentfactory.org/2021/04/21/the-covidian-cult-part-ii/
  14. covid illustrates 'the extraordinary madness of crowds' and that young people are more skeered of covid than older people is a sign of effective psyops ... just sayin' https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-04-11-5-dumbest-things-americans-doing-more-susceptible-covid19-mutations.html
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