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  1. ,,,just Sayin...

    hey folks. Back home for a few days and then gone again... Re: USDTRY trade Before I left was stopped out of the short position posted about on May 3 herein. ... so placed resting orders with different brokerage and account to get short again in even larger position. See picture attached for what happened in my absence. Each entry on the USDTRY trade is geometrically larger than the last. Quiz:: Where is average price on the trade? ie don’t tell me revenge trading doesn’t work just kidding! It is definitely not recommended to apply Paroli sizing, especially geometric Paroli, across the board in FX... in fact, if you do apply it generally it is only a matter of time in FX before you go broke. But in specific situations it can be applied ... have already more than recovered first loss, and stops are in the green ... and although the position is not that huge it is still pulling in 4 figures a day in interest... which is why I got into the position to start with... just sayin’ not to be remiss... here’s some real just sayin’ - https://thetollonline.com/2018/06/05/ten-ways-the-democratic-northern-hemisphere-nations-became-the-orwellian-west/ see ya’ll later.
  2. ,,,just Sayin...

    buggin out a little early this year folks... as usual putting on 'one' position to see what happened when I get back...just for snicks. This year it's short the USD across a basket of about 15 curr... stops are arrayed all over the place... some far, some near... we'll see. ya'll have a nice month or so ... without my oppressive presence, maybe TL post count will multiply and post quality will soar from one liners to at least 4 line posts all the best, zdo
  3. ,,,just Sayin...

  4. Trading Syckology

    Disposition is an antiquated typology with four categories - Choleric Sanguine Phlegmatic Melancholic. In more modern terms, these types are correlated with the ‘style’ that emerges from your ‘average’ neurotransmitter levels...ie historically was associated with understanding your baseline ‘bad’ attitude, etc etc ... goes a long ways explaining how so many people on forums cannot relate to other posters' content. Disposition affects your all of your thinking - including your pace -thinking, people -thinking, passion -thinking... How does it relate to your trading? .
  5. FX - EuroTrash

    Come on italian peeps! do it! ... These days, I’d just as soon trade the ITA Lira as I would Swiss CHF ... of course, would continue trading the EUR DM.
  6. ,,,just Sayin...

    My perspective is probably off on this topic...We ‘fled’ from California in 1995... I couldn’t imagine living there now... https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/26/800000-people-are-about-to-flee-new-york-california-because-of-taxes.html The states (like Texas) who are welcoming these pilgrims are making a big mistake... imo
  7. ,,,just Sayin...

    Cynical is as cynical does This - at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enHas7XCRSY&feature=youtu.be - is not dog abuse. The dog was not heeling properly and was appropriately corrected. This - at https://thefreethoughtproject.com/illinois-police-threaten-to-kill-drug-dogs-if-marijuana-is-legalized/ - would be dog ‘abuse’... and is indicative... if ‘police’ dogs are not well trained enough to lead a normal life in society, then something is definitely wrong with the Shooters * and their training philosophies (on leash except for release to attack, etc) . Don’t tell me it’s not possible... I have three active duty GSD’s (plus two ‘retired’ and one puppy coming on) and they easily trained on ‘watch him’ ( be unfriendly/aggressive) and ‘stand down’ (be friendly / sociable) ... and they do it all off leash... *shooters ... http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/rulers-foolers-and-shooters-theyre-closing-the-cage-in-plain-sight_05072018 (Note to ‘progressives’: in the 1911 poster, the left painted the right as the ‘perpetrators’ ... but in the century since, they have ‘perpetrated’ far more atrocities than the right... ie "... collectivism is the go to system for all parties regardless of what they call themselves" Mitsubishi ... just sayin’ )
  8. Trading Syckology

    What is disposition and how does it relate to your trading?
  9. ,,,just Sayin...

    Not just Kanye... “Celebs must ... be kept in line.” https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2018/05/07/tom-brady-lebron-james-kobe-bryant-celebrity-health-treatments-are-blasting-the-boundaries-of-mainstream-medicine/
  10. Testing Times.

    thanks g does feb 14 through ~ mar 8 have any signif to you?
  11. ,,,just Sayin...

    "... collectivism is the go to system for all parties regardless of what they call themselves" Mitsubishi
  12. ,,,just Sayin...

    two boys: named bill and bill two boys, both named bill, were confirmed rapists. Re: prison. The one going to prison was pretend CIA. The one not going to prison really was CIA. hm ???? No? Not that? Ok ... The one going to prison is black. The one not going to prison is white. ... that can’t be it either ! ?? “Politically correct racism gives rise to politically incorrect racism. This is not a bug but a feature, since cultural marxists have no power without social discord.”
  13. ,,,just Sayin...

    I do think it is possible for you to put it into perspective ( ... but only if you're beyond 'Keynes'... just sayin' ) https://www.oftwominds.com/blogmay18/pulse5-18.html have a great weekend all
  14. ,,,just Sayin...

    What the hell is the “swamp” anyways? And why the hell does it need to be “drained”? https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-deep-state-weaponizes-vetting-of-trump-appointees-1525215143 http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/james-comey-says-deep-state-doesnt-exist-then-describes-the-deep-states-existence_05022018 Is that it? No wonder hardly anyone believes in the deep state. ... or maybe it’s because the world has been flooded with ‘deep fake’ memes* for 60 years now * http://www.theblogmire.com/from-the-skripals-to-douma-the-globalist-pravda-network-reveals-its-true-face/
  15. ,,,just Sayin...

    When Bill Clinton is prosecuted for rape then I promise to be "outraged" at Trump https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-05-03/trump-describes-hush-payment-stormy-daniels-after-giuliani-revelation

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