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  1. Speaking of “covers’ ... He’s just saying too... https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/01/30/the-china-epidemic-staging-the-production/ ... https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/02/05/my-bottom-lines-on-the-china-epidemic/ Hey guys, Re: the indexes , I’ll tell you what I been telling all my friends - I hope you’re long and that you know exactly when to get short... Hope you’re all doing well. I’m gone again - for god knows how long ... zdo
  2. A cover. You’ve been hearing it for years now the Russians interfered in ‘our’ elections, and you’re still hearing it... how they’ll be changing their techniques in 2020, etc , etc. It’s all bullshit. Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia propaganda is actually a cover for outright organized election cheating EVERYWHERE . nationwide in 2020. “Irregulatities” will be plentiful, boxes of ‘missing’ votes will suddenly appear, vote counting ‘apps’ errors will be blamed -meanwhile the vote counting apps have built in backdoor cheats to give the election to anyone ‘they’ want, ... and as usual, illegal people can vote ... dead people too. ... and none of it will be accurately reported by MSM. So Re: digital voting -Think again when you hear MSM say ” It’s just minor issues with bringing untested, non-transparent technology into the democratic process...” This technology is fully tested to give tptb any dam election they want. ... and no I’m not talking about the DNC Shadow app (even though it’s a perfect example) . I’m talking about official voting ‘machines’ manual and digital ...coming to a Nov 2nd near you... Russia didn’t change one fkn vote. Nobody colluded with Russia (any more than usual). Here’s what really going on... Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant Rampant election fraud ... just sayin’
  3. get out quickly from swindlers called Saxo Bank

  4. hey folks, even though i made some bonehead trades this year, 2018 turned out to be a pretty good year... thankfully the bad discretionary positions were properly sized. eg fx was plain and simple not fun this year... too much like work ... fwiw closed out several 'campaign' / scale trades this year... the long crude trade was one I had discussed the most herein. moved a small portion of profits to permean... but I'm thinking i'm way late to that party and will have to hold through several cycles for this to really pay off... actually wishing they would shut my wells down for now instead of pumping for cash flow... etc. got out of shorts on fangs... a little too early btw (an :almost chagrin: smiley thang) .. and will be looking to get back in on a fakebook bounce.. maybe... etc etc and btw Still in the treasury short trade but am not adding size as aggressively as early in the campaign. also still accumulating physical silver and actively hedging the position with PM futures re: 2019... your edge(s) ready? your 'you's' ready? only 2 or 3 give a rats ass (as it should be) but my TL time here will be even more limited going forward. going bird south for the 'winter' ... then back for a software project pm if you want an email to stay in touch also, the 'voice of trading' on this forum has degraded so far it is no longer necessary to point out its pitfalls... wishful thinking but here's hoping some real quality will step in here. wishing ya'll all the best in the new year. zdo
  5. Tasuki, Syswizard’s assessment/comparison is good . I’ve always had Tradestation from first version... hard ware lock number in the double digits. And I’ve had MC since just after it first came out. I still run MC to IB on a dedicated machine but don’t trade with it much. I don’t think you would be making a significant improvement with a move from TS to MC. Both platforms simply share too many limitations... and there are many! re; "Thinkorswim, Ninjatrader, Metastock," etc. They are all adequate. The important thing is does a platform fit your 'taste' and needs... like if you test drove 7 different SUV's, you could immediately build a preferential order from your initial experience of them and, for the most part, that original order would likely stand the test of time If looking for ‘retail’ replacement for TS also look at MetaTrader jmo... hth zdo
  6. goddess div, “in today's market” ??? Actually, trading has NEVER had a high barrier to entry. Financially, any moron always could raise some bucks and ‘manage money’ ... no school needed, no license, no nothin’ but a posimistic 'script' . All significant / "high" barriers are discovered to be found within ... bound flow, identity, state patterns, reactivity, etc... Most realize these inner barriers beforehand and don’t ever even ‘start’ trading. Some realize it shortly after starting and either do any inner work needed or get out the game. Some never grasp it and continue searching for objective edges ... never acknowledging that they couldn’t successfully implement an edge even if they had one. So re “Now, anyone with ambition and patience can trade, and do it for a living, even with little to no money.” - I call bullshit. That sentence should simply read “Anyone can try to trade.” Successfully trading “for a living... with [the] little to no money [condition]” is the equivalent of hitting all six numbers of a PowerBall. Possible - yes. Probable - NOT. Seems to me you’re blowing smoke up our asses in hopes some of it will go up your own ass...
  7. I see your point. Certainly they are not almost seamless anymore...even though base EL is still around for both, more and more EL code has elements not accommodated in MC, etc. --- However, TS ‘oo’ greatly increases the capacity for very granular programming and, albeit to a lesser degree, real time intrabar system automation. If anything MC needs to move forward rather than both being stuck back in base ‘easy’ Language.
  8. zdo

    sick orwell?

    "If the public is just going to accept Big Tech’s monopoly going forward, then everyone must prepare themselves to live as peasants, living under their thumb, on their terms. Sure, you might have the ease of purchases through Amazon, but your local retail and community entrepreneurship is suffering. Sure, you might have the comfort of an expensive iPhone, but it’s slowly exploiting your privacy, tracking your every move, and turning you into zombie,. Sure, you might be able to get easy information directly from Google and Facebook, but now they have the power to control the information you get, censor information they don’t want you to hear, and promote the brands they can benefit from. " See CensoredNews.com
  9. zdo

    sick orwell?

    all your algorithm are belong to us https://hackernoon.com/sundar-pichai-and-the-ethics-of-algorithms-7948226aa7f6
  10. another interruption in this busy thread... If you started in the 1990’s prophesizing over and over again about a massive build up, and then crack up collapse, of fake ‘systemics’ ... and if the ruin part didn’t happen yet. would you be ‘wrong’ ? Here’s an example https://usawatchdog.com/trend-is-clear-rapid-decline-of-world-economy-egon-von-greyerz/ Is he wrong? ... And what if you started prophesizing that this time gold may not ‘save you’ like it has in past ‘global’ implosions? Would you be wrong?
  11. zdo

    sick orwell?

  12. more btw re " fuck 'democracy'... authentic republics are more better...I'm just sayin' " authentic republics are more better...but not by much ...I'm just sayin' quiz: 'democracy' is now code word for '_________' ?
  13. skivvies, good grief dood, do you have any idea how off topic that post was?
  14. re yellow vests, etc. he's juste dire ... https://www.oftwominds.com/blogdec18/france12-18.html
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