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  1. a (probably temporary) bout of sanity https://www.zerohedge.com/political/premier-league-soccer-abandons-blm-political-movement ie blm Yes BLM No
  2. https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2020/09/04/covid-why-terminology-really-matters/
  3. "I use the word derealization to describe the inner disconnect between what we experience and what the propaganda / marketing complex we live in tells us we should be experiencing. Put another way: our lived experience is derealized (dismissed as not real) by official spin and propaganda." http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2020/09/the-four-ds-that-define-future.html
  4. ...meanwhile, back at the lab... https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/rogue-chinese-virologist-joins-twitter-publishes-evidence-covid-19-created-lab
  5. Candice speak = https://t.co/9U4c1kJgMv https://t.co/9U4c1kJgMv You go girl!
  6. “ ... we have a new breed of Puritans. Their religion is wokeness, and they too see witches everywhere. ...” https://www.sovereignman.com/trends/the-new-puritans-are-on-the-prowl-28841/
  7. His new world looks a lot like his old world ... still https://morningporridge.com/the-morning-porridge/f/blain’s-morning-porridge-–-10-sept-2020-the-new-reality wonder what this guy’s new world looks like ... ? https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/mile_markers_of_tyranny_losing_our_freedoms_on_the_road_from_9_11_to_covid_19
  8. BLM = black lives marxist. If you are a trader you not a Marxist (or even a 'socialist'). They are mutually exclusive. In Marxism, value is assigned. Traders negotiate value. Marxism systemically exploits those who will produce, ostensibly to support those who ‘cannot’ produce... but it really never works out that way ... bcse Marxism doesn’t ultimately care one bit about those who cannot produce... I’m just sayin See https://www.zerohedge.com/political/oreilly-whats-matter-blm
  9. https://www.brighteon.com/68d51e89-881e-488e-97a6-dab2d20ce36a
  10. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/top-10-rookie-trader-mistakes-former-sac-portfolio-manager
  11. are you ready for "no one could have known" yet ? i'm just sayin' https://off-guardian.org/2020/08/22/are-you-ready-for-the-no-one-could-have-known-routine/
  12. going head to head with bill gates as a ‘lay epidemiologist’ any day all day ... hopefully without going all Mitsubishi on his ass .... “vaccine-assisted herd immunity is the state’s best and only real defense” hm ???? With viruses there is no such thing as herd immunity. Viruses are an individual issue, NOT a collective issue. Actually they are an individual cell issue, not even an individual person issue. Period. ... and A Cover1984 vaccine will have no more effectiveness against the current Cover1984* than flu vaccines have 'preventing' the flu ... which annually by most estimates average about 10% effectiveness. ( I personally doubt the stats of even 10% effectiveness for flu vaccines .. js) ... Boils down to the same failings of edicts from above as those about masks... a power play instead of concern about the well being of hundreds ... or millions ... because, beyond msm reinforced group think 'religious science' myths, neither masks nor vaccines have really been shown to be effective - anywhere! Medical professionals are held to the “do no harm” standard. Policy makers are, or at least should be, held to the “do no ineffective” standard. Forcing policy mandates that have not been shown to be effective is at least ‘unconstitutional’ Courageously resist !!!! NO ONE will die because you did not wear a mask or take a shot. NO ONE! “vaccine-assisted herd immunity is the state’s best and only real defense” is a lie. just sayin' * as it is currently being (almost) replicated / produced by sick cells - which btw makes it now not the same 'c19' that ‘started’ last fall ...
  13. It needs to be clarified BANK LIVES MATTER Just sayin’ https://www.theburningplatform.com/2020/08/12/the-evolution-of-fiat-money-endless-war-and-the-end-of-citizenship/
  14. Shadow Gate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HFxVvrXjCg&feature=youtu.be oops that was “removed for violating YourTube’s policy on hatespeech*” try this ... and as usual, play at 1.++ speed... https://www.brighteon.com/ab305652-3b78-47d7-be10-a55be50afef4 *” hatespeech” is .... https://off-guardian.org/2020/08/11/ccdh-the-centre-for-cancel-culture-and-digital-hypocrisy-part-1/
  15. https://www.aier.org/article/king-canute-and-the-virus-tide/ hm ... if government pursues coercive measures to control a virus, the result would be a “loss of confidence in government to manage the crisis.”
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