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  1. yep, if we were serious about actual conversation we wouldn't be posting here... https://blog.argonautcapital.co.uk/articles/2020/07/27/the-biggest-fraud-part-1-the-hocus-science-behind-lockdown/ https://blog.argonautcapital.co.uk/articles/2020/07/27/the-biggest-fraud-part-2-the-vaccine-swindle/ Links to pretty good rundown on ‘plandemic’, lockdowns, vaccines... I would add quite a bit to regarding the unspoken agenda behind the lockdown policies...* if only it was just money to be made by selling vaccines... anyways... Snippets - “At the end of May there was a significant breakthrough in understanding of COVID antibodies which was not widely reported: a Swiss study from Zurich led by Professor Onur Boyman74 demonstrated that a large proportion of the population had a natural immunity through existing antibodies on the mucous membrane (IgA) or cellular immunity (T cells), likely to have been acquired through previous exposure to coronaviruses such as influenza or the common cold ... The study found that that the presence of (IgG and IgM) antibodies generated on infection which tests had previously focused on, were NOT in fact required to defeat the virus and that existing (IgA and T cell) antibodies that gave a natural immunity. Moreover, the population with this natural immunity was demonstrated to be five times greater than those with the IgG and IgM antibodies on which tests had hitherto focused. If this could be substantiated, then the population already exposed to COVID would also be five times greater than previously assumed76. In other words, if a population sample showed 10% had IgG and IgM antibodies (which might be subject to decay) then it was likely that at least half of the population had already been exposed to COVID. It followed that antibody studies that measured only IgG and IgM that were now predicting population-based mortality risk of 0.1% to 0.5%77 (lower than the 1% in the elderly population aboard the Diamond Princess) could be even further reduced by a factor of five to 0.02% to 0.1% and the level of symptomatic exposure from 20% to below 5% (consistent with the flu season ironically predicted by Fauci in March). Not only would this mean a further similar reduction in the estimated true mortality rate 78 but it meant that there were far fewer people in the population who had never had exposure to the virus ...“ btw, that little tidbit of ‘science’ didn’t go just "widely" unreported... it is actively suppressed by msm , social media, and search engines The material on the Levitt’s “Gompertz curve” and the ‘second wave’ is also salient... (PS and fwiw, there is no such thing as herd immunity) * examples https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/one_nation_under_house_arrest_how_do_covid_19_mandates_impact_our_freedoms https://dailyreckoning.com/anarchy-from-above/
  2. agree. but... I'm still having some difficulty conflating jewcunts with the psycopath anti c'c's. https://www.thedailybell.com/all-articles/news-analysis/how-obamas-socialist-bankers-continue-to-rob-america/ ... http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2020/07/why-does-it-feel-like-were-in-life.html
  3. Yep I know - Left v Right is a false dichotomy... somehow still Marxist Lives Matter. I’m just sayin’ ps thx for explainin' mits
  4. Mits, Were you ever married to a jew? I was married to a jewish princess for a while... long long ago. They are almost like regular humans Have you considered opening a Beyond Anti-Semitic thread ? ... these posts look just a little bit beyond 'just sayiin' ... I'm just sayin' 😉 zdo
  5. Hencefore, inner city violence - ie death by south Chicago, etc - is on BLM. Creeping no more, that ‘ism’ can now flower and take full responsibility for fixing all the black on black crime in their cities including all the murders blacks commit on blacks. Paraphrasing PB ~’ Standing up for racial equality under the BLM banner may have earlier been an excusable error, but not anymore. ... you often hear this – . it’s not the organization but the “movement”. Black Lives Matter is also just a phrase in the movement for racial justice, they say. But that’s precisely the problem, and it’s BLM’s secret sauce for stoking violence and pursuing its revolution. The phrase is melded with the organization and its violent agenda. You’re for racial justice, aren’t you? Sending a check to BLM or putting up a sign proves it. Just don’t dare question either the movement or the organization. The severity of the consequences of questioning either one ensures that there’s no place for nuance so, whether intentional or not, the BLM phrase will continue to be conflated with the BLM organization....The end result is disastrous.’~ The oppressed minorities that previously could not recognize opportunity and freedom if it kicked them in the face or race or whatever will now get a chance to see what real tyranny and oppression looks like. And as for BLM’s 'corporate' (aka fascist) contributors, they’d be wise to remember Vladimir Lenin’s words: “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.~' ... The minority ‘victims' aren’t the only useful idiots to be oppressed... "The authors of a study which found no racial bias in police shootings asked for the study to be retracted. The main findings were: “1) As the proportion of Black or Hispanic officers in a [fatal officer-involved shootings] increases, a person shot is more likely to be Black or Hispanic than White, a disparity explained by county demographics; 2) race-specific county-level violent crime strongly predicts the race of the civilian shot…” But the authors don’t want the study to be retracted because their findings were wrong. The data is sound. Rather, the authors of the study now feel that it is being used improperly in the debate about police killings. They don’t like that people are using their study to discredit the Black Lives Matter narrative." Now little Steve Hsu can't 'breathe' correctly... if at all ... https://www.realclearpolicy.com/articles/2020/07/20/smithsonian_institute_explains_that_rationality_and_hard_work_are_racist_499425.html
  6. Markets ... just sayin’ long the stock market = long big business = long fascism long big business - as in “...because the market doesn’t represent the economy; it represents the future of big business.” Jim Cramer long fascism - as in the shining 'big business' stocks of the current ‘market’ were literally seeded and are now backstopped with new, 1st money every night by the system's bank. Defining fascism: fascism is a system centrally controlled, but private ownership of enterprises is still allowed. That’s it. ie If you conflate fascism with cruelty in the body politic during fascist regimes, you’re just as off as you are if you conflate antifa with anarchs, or inflation with rising prices, or ... Any system centrally controlled is far left of center... not quite as far left as communism of course, but still way out there left ... out there far enough left to be an elite globalist’s wet dream... especially when they can suddenly own the private owners and go on past even full commie when their time is right... But like all the other ‘isms’, fascism ultimately doesn’t scale up well at all for everyone else... just sayin’ Social ... just sayin’ BLM dotdvl is aligned with, serving, doing the useful disposable idiot engineered race war dirty work for a group whose unspoken slogan is “No Lives Matter”... that’s a problem. But on the ground there’s another problem with the movement. “Black Lives Matter” as a slogan is simply not going to work dumbasses. Here’s why. EVERYONE, whatever skin pig, is silently generating a reaction under their breath. That reaction tweetys “All Lives Matter”. The only ones who are going to really buy your mantra are those who already shame based and are out there compensate screaming with you. You’re losing everyone else... yes you’re even losing the stupid CEO’s who are falling all over themselves to virtue signal you off with their stock holders’ money... If your purpose is to drive a wedge and as a consequence matter less and less to the many, then the mantra “Black Lives Matter” is working. If your purpose is to convince more people that you feel black lives need to matter more than they currently appear to matter, it ain’t working. Stop and fix your signs to something like “Black Lives Need To Matter More” and stop screaming or implying “racist” when someone points out the wedging slogan and reveals the “All Lives Matter” reaction and you will get more traction... Also, your symbol of police killing black men for ‘black lives don’t matter’ is weak. Statistically when police arrest criminals there are sometimes going to be altercations and occasionally criminals are going to be injured or killed and occasionally police are going to be injured or killed. And if you or Colin Kareernikt actually think you’re going to truly convince the many that Chauvin even slightly begins to represent all cops, your BLM message is turning to crap. Just because social media helps censor the stats for propaganda purposes don’t make it so. And , btw, why should we really align with this current weak symbol when there is evidence that those two had pre-existing non police, probably criminal, issues ... that for sure we don’t have the whole story on this one? Can you imagine if you had put all that rioting mob energy into forcing your state and city council to pass laws with teeth allowing any public worker who’s not appropriate for the job to be released - yes cops, teachers, bureaucrats, court officials - all public employees. It should not cost the taxpayers an average of $500,000 to get rid of someone who’s not correctly doing what they were hired for. Then way fewer ‘chauvins’ would not be on the job. Put your energy into convincing teachers’ unions to help get rid of underperformers instead of protecting them and see what happens to your culture. Can you imagine what might happen if Colin rented a place in South Chicago where black lives apparently don't matter at all and went there just 10 weeks out of the year to help stop black on black killings? It would take him courage and hard work to convince that cohort that ‘black lives matter’. He might get plugged himself. But I bet all of a sudden he wouldn’t have hardly any problems getting the ‘Drews’ of the world to ‘take a knee’ with him - authentically. I’m just sayin’ PS Followup links for recent posts https://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2020/06/08/resist-the-crazy/ https://gilad.online/writings/2020/6/8/weimar-2020 https://www.zerohedge.com/political/democrats-virtue-signaling-goes-11 PPS Gone again for a while. We decided crowd free travel is worth it. If you’re looking, I’ll be the guy without a mask ... don’t bother harassing us. if you’re scared of virus, stay home...or at least stay 24’ out my face.
  7. This black lives matter crap is starting to look more and more like some of the shit that went down in the french revolution ... which ultimately didn’t turn out to be much good for ANYONE or any group btw... Anyways, under the guise of fighting another invisible and extremely overestimated 'virus' called ‘systemic racism’ it looks like another round in history of mob rule dragging any sucker they can find out to apologize, prostrate... looks like demands for rule of man / rule of mob instead of rule of law. BLM doods here’s a hint - BLM is run and funded by white ‘lives’ and you are nothing more than a useful tool idiot to them. I’m speaking from experience. ... you will not find what you’re really looking for at the extremes. If you really want to resolve this instead of just being a tool go forgive ALL the injustices done to you by man and nature and get on with your life. ... forgiving here does not mean submission, it does not mean you no longer will hold perpetrators accountable. What forgiving here means is you simply cancel/drop all your internal plans for revenge and move on...
  8. Examples - You can’t make this shit up... maybe an Orwell or a Huxley could, but obviously not you. 😉 https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-06-09-instagram-bans-users-posting-federal-crime-statistics.html // In the spacetime of 10 days the narrative has gone from demanding police arrest ‘stay-at-home’ protesters for the crime of gathering outside, to encouraging mass 24/7 gatherings of people outside and demanding the abolition of police. 10 days... to me it indicates mass insanity at the core ... it certainly does not indicate anything remotely akin to principled living by those given some authority... // https://www.theburningplatform.com/2020/06/05/coincidence-theorists-see-all-donut-and-no-holes-in-the-coronation-of-the-cult/ // And for the tough and resilient https://countercurrents.org/2020/06/the-shallow-deep-state-goes-deeper-as-it-moves-toward-martial-law/ /// trying to get in and out before all the posts about trading show up... it's not pretty for a 'just sayin' post to be at the top of the list...
  9. Markets just sayin’ It is amazing to me how deep in delusion individuals and collectives can be and still somehow survive... sometimes even thrive... I’m just sayin’ Social just sayin’ Thousands go out thinking they are protesting against ‘them’... when actually they are protesting for ‘them’ ... just sayin’ It is amazing to me how dysfunctional individuals and collectives can be and still survive... sometimes even thrive... I’m just sayin’ https://off-guardian.org/2020/06/03/a-conspiracy-theorist-confesses/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=fb8877ada6a9be1be8b72c918ced393eb070c731-1591793894-0-ASu667zWkhLTm53j11KPtXG1W1WKqp0vsuzN4hQXfqI5_Pq69NnV-g5YG5_PvrSHOtMtqif6yBr_zwXCjKNBfG6F4l6XL7XADZJD0l_3D7nXa60a2fl9UDPg_9cCSZvdVp6AiQU9H5NqyOkp3pusuVPp0g21Lc2OQyslyeFJMOMtP84t5nGTRVA6Q8Z4VRumfJ3mbXA4KEqOpz_ycGMcnsa0lrFWIqT5iq4ZIGfC6h1gHI508UTQBQUvGGBuRUEOrRGvp_nDJNwLYkKPv-6we0BeLN96M8Nlz8nxlqQNOJdAVxMT5XExaJ4tPReb6xri30IYgnAnX_ycFR0xV8sIesI
  10. Markets just sayin’ in the stock mkt right now down IS still down, but up is not up... up is sideways at best ... a little up is actually down... unless! we could get to DJIA 46000 in the next few days... then up from there would be up again. Stranger things have happened. Stranger things will happen. zombie ain’t natural is it? These just sayin' posts should be buried under 200 other posts... I'm just sayin' Social just sayin’ Conspiracy (theory) should not be this much fun... seriously https://www.brighteon.com/bd2d10b6-cc41-4b7f-988a-2252a91a517e https://www.brighteon.com/073a0d8a-b113-4601-9085-f4aa21b24202 some think black privilege demeans blacks ... crowds them into the "useful idiots" train https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-06-07-black-privilege-reigns-supreme-in-the-usa.html
  11. ‘Economy’ just sayin’ The employment ‘numbers’ just indicate that many of the businesses than were not ‘authorized’ to reopen and resume work did reopen - ‘illegally’ , against official’s orders, in the face of lockdown policies. Note in states that are still in ‘lockdown’, the employment numbers are not quite as ‘great’ . Regardless, these numbers do not mean the economy is out of the woods. The same fragilities and frailties that were developed before the ‘crisis’ are now elevated, not reduced. Someone said “We should worry about turning into Japan, not Zimbabwe.” Hellow - Japan IS Zimbabwe... plodding instead of jerking. “That which has failed is unsustainable, no matter how many trillions the Federal Reserve tosses against the tides of history. The current travesty of a mockery of a sham system will fragment no matter how desperate the looters, parasites and predators are to maintain their swag.” C H Smith “Merkel's coalition overcame ideological differences and passed a €130BN stimulus for the foundering German economy”. Shows you have to run it hard even in a race to the bottom... https://www.aier.org/article/japans-three-decades-of-depressive-stimulus-schemes/ ... A “regime of irredeemable currency is inherently dishonest.” http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1589993951.php Social ( cops murders protests etc...) just sayin’ and questioning the fucking narratives !!!! Why demonstrate at all? Everyone is in agreement! NO ONE wants police murdering people - black or white. You’d never hear MSM paint it like this but even the “extreme white supremacists” who are quite sure their lives matter too don’t want police murdering people... cause they know if they act out their white neck intolerant criminal asses are even more likely than an intolerant black criminal to be ‘murdered’ by the police . Personally, while I sympathize, I would buy into the BLM concept much more if there were any indications on the concrete plantation that black babies' lives actually mattered to all those protesters... just sayin' https://www.peakprosperity.com/ideas-for-righteous-revolution/ And while we’re at it, just a week ago small business owners protesting the lockdown were spit on as engaging the most dangerous activity possible... now the same officials who prohibited those protests are marching arm in arm with the murder protesters... their double standards are much better than most double standards... I'll give them that. ...and btw, all that protesting and rioting and looting will not save one single life... But for all the crime victims and families who will be harmed, it would be interesting to see a city sample dissolving the police force and instituting a 'new public safety' agency - where, of course, only dyed in the wool social justice warriors would be ever hired as 'cops' ,,, smells like china where a cop has to have a shining record with the ccp to be hired into that completely just and un-corrupted police force... anyways ...a welfare state ultimately reverts to a slavery state. ... is that what ‘we’ really want as we continue to protest for more welfare state??? Just sayin’ https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/this_is_not_a_revolution._its_a_blueprint_for_locking_down_the_nation
  12. A Friday look at covid1984 https://21stcenturywire.com/2020/06/04/lockdown-boris-karl-friston-80-not-even-susceptible-to-covid-19/ A Friday look at markets https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/staggering-powell-bubble-just-one-amazing-chart A Friday look at ‘race’ https://asiatimes.com/2020/06/why-americas-revolution-wont-be-televised/ btw If you have ANY concerns about race, you are racist !!! ... inevitable ... If you have no concerns about race, you are not racist !!! btw ‘afro americans’ need to wise up and discover who their real enemies are instead of just projecting and breaking glass ...
  13. https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/money-supply-m2 MOAI nflation in slow motion ie more Thank god Nothing and I mean NOTHING like Zimbabwe could ever happen in the developed nations because we are very smart and we don’t have any corruption or moral hazards... We must understand that the zimbobs had no real need to nflate their money supply, while we do have a ‘real’ crisis that needs more money - insert :sar chasm smilie for the many context deficits on board: ... We must understand that each increment of new fake money for the not very bright zimbobs (and also the inexperienced 'kingdumbs, viemers, venuzwalens, argents, etc etc') was meant to be the last ... meanwhile - while we are assured these measures are only temporary - we are provided no delusions contraindicating that we may have to go much much mush further ... but that we are still going to be THE exception... like - Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell recently did an interview with Princeton economist Alan Blinder. Powell admitted that the central bank had “crossed a lot of red lines,” but insisted he was comfortable with the actions, given “this is that situation in which you do that, and you figure it out afterward.” (reassured yet?). Binder then asked Powell if there is any limit to how much the Fed’s balance sheet can grow and Powell said he wasn’t concerned and the balance sheet has a long way to go. All ‘powell’ is doing is inflation. He is inflating the money supply. That is the definition of inflation. Expand the money supply. But ‘powell’ is not concerned. He’s a one indicator trader. His indicator’s name is Falling Prices. ... and falling prices indicates to ‘powell’ that things are under the control of ‘normal’ economic cycles instead of under ‘powell’ control. However it should be noted, if ‘powell’ really believes there is no limit to the size of the balance sheet that means there is no limit to the depths to which the 'dollar' and all the other fake currs around the world can plunge. In a podcast, Peter Schiff called it the Nancy Pelosi version of monetary policy. “We need to print the money to see where it goes.” My momentary questions are 1 what % of denizens believe this is going to work? and 2 what would it take for them (you) to change these beliefs / this trust... ??? At this point please please please DO NOT look at a graph of the USD purchasing power for the last 110 years. must stop now to BmoreofTFD :wink wink?:
  14. Hyperinflation is a monetary phenomenon and demand is not as significant factor in pushing up prices. Prices go up because the value of the fiat paper money is falling as more and more is created. Example: In Zimbabwe stores didn't even have goods on the shelves, people were hungry, water and electricity was scarce, no public transportation, gas was sold on the black market and large quantities of paper money confiscated...and yet the Stock market kept soaring... As the hyperinflation started to gain traction, there was a six week period in which the currency tumbled 10-fold. That’s a huge drop. During that time the stock market rose 500-fold. So corrected for inflation, the stock market rose 50-fold measured in US dollars. Six weeks later, the Zimbabwe currency had eroded another 100-fold and the Zimbabwe stock market went to zero. It fell 99.9% and then it stopped trading. In other words, ONLY those invested in PHYSICAL Gold and Silver were safe...the others lost it ALL! Thank god Nothing and I mean NOTHING like that could ever happen in the developed nations because we are very smart and we don’t have any corruption or moral hazards ... see https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/M2 for how to smartly drag out destruction and collapse ... still, ultimately ... "Good money drives out the bad." So we really just have the one little issue to deal with - for us no good money currently exists on this planet to drive out the bad ... ...maybe we should just trust them to build us a new eCurrency on their blockchain. .. I'm just sayin'
  15. SP gets 'interesting' for me at ~3150 and / or ~ 06/15 ... just sayin' /// “I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other,” Shelley’s Frankenstein ... could be anyone's Frankenstein ... we've all created a personal franken inside... just sayin'
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