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  1. ,,,just Sayin...

    This moment is dedicated to aligning with and supporting mits weirdly angled but incessant fight against normalizing pedophilia. It would be nice if pedophiliperping were ‘normal’. And it could be ‘normal’ except for one big issue - it leaves permanent damage on the child’s psyche... just sayin’
  2. ,,,just Sayin...

    worth reteeting see http://buchanan.org/blog/can-america-ever-come-together-again-129899
  3. ,,,just Sayin...

    it don't matter to you but... https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-08-16-scott-mfa-tv-news-exposes-social-media-spying-smartphones.html
  4. Well there you go nameat. Follow that and you will trade "without bearing any loss"
  5. "without bearing any loss?" That's a really tough question n meat. Are you serious?! "without bearing any loss" - hm? Can you think of any trade or investment that is completely risk free? Can you think of any trade or investment that is completely loss free? I've seen even routine, highly reliable ( at the time ) arb's lose money try this - go to japan , borrow 10 billion yen, leave 'japan', go to _________, never make the first payment on principle or interest ... whoops- that has risks too. try this - start your own bank... whoops that has risks too. try this - start your own digital cash. If you play it right, all you risk is your time on the computer and your connectivity costs ... if you really need to avoid loss, stay away from trading - period! ... bcse you are going to have 'ANY' loss in trading. Better to embrace loss. Both intra personally and in terms of your capital, make each loss the best, minimum/optimum, loss it can be ... PS Stick around some helpful soul will tell n meat to get on sim and practice until ... I'll take bets right now it won't work for n meat PS when is the next Lab meeting? I have an agenda item to add... TL needs to order new GM mice from a different vendor
  6. ,,,just Sayin...

    https://www.wakingtimes.com/2018/08/14/8-things-you-need-to-know-but-probably-dont/ these are not really things traders should know... just sayin'
  7. ,,,just Sayin...

    Benjamin A. Rogge
  8. ,,,just Sayin...

    TL members have a higher avg IQ than the general population. TL members who post have a lower avg IQ than the TL member population. There are things you can do to gradually increase your intelligence... I’m just sayin ...
  9. ,,,just Sayin...

    this shows up... http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/2018/08/technocrats-rule-democracy-is-ok-as.html
  10. ,,,just Sayin...

    mits, well we don't need to worry about this* with you, do we? you need some boundaries dood. jk *https://www.wakingtimes.com/2018/08/13/george-orwell-warned-us-of-the-most-dangerous-type-of-censorship/ ... must disagree again... keeping billions herded is not that difficult... herds for the most part tend to herd themselves with occasional help from fences and shepherds... to make it even easier - keep them malnourished on empty foods... keep them serially sick and weak from toxins and pharm ... keep them doped up on synthetic pain and symptom suppressor meds ... maintain relentless attacks on the functional aspects of cultures, while building a culture that features only operating as physical beings with no contact with 'spirit', with the consequent lack of feeling culpable for their world ... keep them polarized and divided and in 'broken' relationships ... keep their brains saturated 24 7 with a fake orthodoxy, a global distributed script, body of consensus ideas with the unspoken hint that all right-thinking people will accept it without question... censor the outspoken deviants as harshly as needed... track every move the relatively small sample of profiled deviants make ... have the dogs ready to round them up and pushed back onto the plantation, or into retraining prisons, or killed...
  11. ,,,just Sayin...

    collectivism speaks https://mises.org/wire/want-socialist-society-first-abandon-your-hopes-and-dreams
  12. ,,,just Sayin...

    Examples: “fake ‘dichotomies’ and other psy-ops” ... suppression https://grrrgraphics.com/the-game-is-rigged-free-speech-monopoly/ ... staged opposition https://www.goldmoney.com/research/goldmoney-insights/macroeconomics-has-lost-its-way ... more concrete staged opposition This weekend in Charlottesville, the ‘supremacists’ never planned a demonstration. The only planned demonstration was the one organized so they could counter the fake prospect of a ‘supremacists’ rally falsely floated (in the complicit media) by the ‘left’ ... straight out of the mid 19teens playbook in russia... Last year's 'tragedy was more of the same... the organizer of the 'right' faction was a plant from the left. Witnesses saw (paid) 'nazis' and 'antifa' climb down out off the same buses the morning of...
  13. ,,,just Sayin...

    Bump real.video https://www.real.video/ ... Re: “6ooo murdering lying psychopathic pedo wankers v 7 billion” Those are some impressive numbers mits. But they seem off... seems to me it’s more like ‘6ooo’ murdering lying psychopathic pedo wankers and Millions of ‘bought and paid for’ agents Billions of ‘groupie glome ons’ duped by fake ‘dichotomies’ and other psy-ops Billions of 'clients', ‘dependents’, Billions of fearful, helpless, (complicit) ‘non participants’ Billions of...etc vs ____ I was going to submit this article to the editor of the good news project ... but the quantities in each group are swelling ... and it will get much worse before it gets better. We are nowhere near peak evil yet...
  14. ,,,just Sayin...

    you deserve better... but this is all you get today https://www.sprottmoney.com/Blog/the-digital-dark-age-is-here-nathan-mcdonald.html have a great weekend all
  15. ,,,just Sayin...

    parallelling suppression ...

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