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  1. crazyCza and crazyZdo always love a fresh new thread ... from 2013 78% losers, 19% survivors, 3% thrivers - the cusps ... Generally speaking, most people who begin to “learn” to trade quickly experience that losses and mistakes seem to have a nasty tendency to be disproportionately way more costly than wins and being right are beneficial. There are so many other endeavors where that does not seem to be the case... so they move on. Few persist in their “learning” to pass the cusp where they can turn that (accurate for some systems, inaccurate for others) enigmatic impression and their performance to neutral / surviving ... and then even fewer persist ‘again’ even more assiduously to turn wins and being right to being disproportionately more profitable than the losses and mistakes are costly... Furthermore, most people don’t believe or see the necessity to ”learn” just as much about themselves as they do about objective trading methods, etc. Most never realize that doing a ‘dual major’ in Self and Methods is required to get a good trading education and "learn" to trade. ... and, many who do realize the need still flunk out of one of the majors and never “learn” to trade. Only a few persist in and complete both ‘majors’ ...
  2. https://pjmedia.com/columns/john-stossel/2021/03/03/mike-rowe-everyone-is-essential-n1429583 “If everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.” is a little example of the narrative being on completely out of phase with reality. Cuomo, instead of saving lives, cost lives, caused needless suffering and loss. The whole plandemic is a prime example of the narrative being on completely out of phase with reality. ... just sayin'
  3. The C1984 numbers (cases, hospitalisations, deaths, ...whatever). are going down sharply everywhere. Here’s a health security narrative (ie the narrative you select from the narratives passed out by the administrative\media machine) - The vaccine fixed it. Is that one yours? That’s not ‘your’ narrative? Then maybe ‘your’ narrative (ie the narrative you select from the narratives passed out by the administrative\media machine. ) is - The lockdowns finally worked / are finally working. Is that one yours? Shucks. That’s not ‘your’ narrative either? Then, maybe ‘your’ narrative (ie the narrative you select from the narratives passed out by the administrative\media machine. Is that one yours?)) is - The masks. In many public places, 99% of the peeps are masked up. Did the vaccine ‘fix’ it? NO. The numbers were plummeting before the vaccines gene therapies rolled out. Did the lockdowns ‘fix’ it? NO. Bottom line, the numbers plunged where there were lockdowns, but they also plunged where there had never been any lockdowns. Did the masks ‘fix’ it? NO. (See post just above) Studies have repeatedly shown that masks do not significantly reduce transmission of viruses, so it’s safe to assume that a mask will in fact fail in this regard. We now know that asymptomatic individuals — even if they test positive using a PCR test — are highly unlikely to be contagious. There must be a contagious person around, and they must be sufficiently close for transmission to occur. If that happens you’re ‘exposed’ no matter how good or how many masks you have on. As for masking up when you’re healthy, let alone double, triple or quadruple masking, there’s simply no scientific consensus for that strategy. So what is making those numbers plummet from mid January forward? Was it the fact that all viruses run their course? Yes , little bit. But the real reason ----- All this sht goes deeper than just good political timing... The ruling elite appropriates the available means at its disposal to effect its plans, including available ideologies, panics, etc etc. Believing falsehoods always eventually has a significant cost... just sayin'
  4. "The key, if not central, rationale for non-pharmaceutical interventions such as staying at home [aka lockdowns], masking, and distancing is allegedly significant transmission from people who don’t show symptoms.” The model says home is where transmission occurs, so make a policy to lock them down, make them stay home. But, the model is just a model. It doesn’t hold up! In meta-analysis of findings across 54 studies of in home transmission, symptomatic cases had an 18% attack rate within the household. In other words, most people who contract COVID-19 at home were infected by someone in the home who was visibly ill. To me, even that 18% is not a valid basis for lockdown and other NPI policies. But the real significant clincher = The analysis finds that asymptomatic and presymptomatic cases account for just 0.7% of transmissions. If the contagiousness of people without symptoms is not what drives the spread of SARS-COV-2, then no policy restrictions on public life besides staying home when you are clearly sick could be justified - especially when considering the obvious negative consequences of these policy restrictions to societies which vastly outweigh any possible benefits. It’s time solid data from real-world transmission studies, not models, be used to form policy ... even if they don’t support existing manufactured / ‘consensus’ narratives... even if means reversing or dropping the onerous policy restrictions put on humans over the past 11 months ...and still continues to this day. Actually, it’s way past time to vaporize ‘policy’. Gov’ts have no business ‘fighting’ viruses... because, , rather than really fight the virus, govt will always use the policy / power to further its own ends. If you believe Sir Simon Stevens, Fauci, and all their counterparts and underlings are itching to give up control of your face and movements, think again... Actually Actually - at the level of you, it’s way past time to ignore all those policies...
  5. yes, SalesForce, CNN, cancel culture, etc etc , I do question the validity and integrity of the election ... just sayin’ it was ok way back when for anyone to say trump was an illegitimate president ... and now it's completely ok for anyone to say that xiden is illegitimate... "not my president" ... not that trump deserved to win ... or that he would MAGA ... or drain the swamp... or ... ... just sayin’ he would have been a tiny bit preferable to xiden
  6. Defy the narrative! Defy the gov’ts! Defy the bought ‘experts’! Defy the media and propaganda! Defy the collective hypnosis! Some expert some where said. “...But it's too soon to say how seasonality and our immune systems interact in the case of COVID-19.” NO! No IT’S NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have WAY WAY more control over the ‘spread’ of C1984, or any virus, through taking responsibility for your own cellular health than any gov’t nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs such as mask mandates, curfews, capacity restrictions, gathering restrictions) ever EVER had or will ever have. ... just skim these charts https://mises.org/wire/almost-year-later-theres-still-no-evidence-showing-governments-can-control-spread-covid-19 Here's another great link assessing the 'risks' ... something traders need to be pretty good at, btw... https://www.aier.org/article/why-i-believe-that-covid-derangement-syndrome-is-real/
  7. ... bubble symmetry to manifest or “this time it really is different” ?
  8. Supposedly, the US just passed 500,000 deaths from covid1984. I call bullshit. It’s more likely around 30,000 pure covid deaths ... over two winters - that’s about 15,000 a year. I will still light a candle. The candle is for all the billions of people who believe the narrative that lockdowns are public health measures to reduce the spread of a virus. Lockdowns are political instruments. The candle I light is for all the billions of people who got ‘feared’ into setting their own lives back - way back... just sayin
  9. Narrative: Stay real calm. There will be no hyperinflation. Look at our numbers. There is not even any significant price inflation.* Don't let anything threaten your confidence in the system. Reality: If you add up all of the money the U.S. has ever 'printed', over 40% of it was printed in 2020 alone. In three months in 2020, the U.S. increased its deficit by more than it had during the past five recessions combined (’73, ’75, ’82, early ‘90s and late 00's). Under Jerome Powell, the Fed bought more Treasuries in SIX WEEKS than it did in 10 years under Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen. ... just sayin ... *(except maybe at the grocery store, your power bill, construction materials, etc etc etc)
  10. YOU maintain the biased mismatch btwn reality and the narrative https://caityjohnstone.medium.com/tyranny-by-propaganda-is-tyranny-by-force-170bf8b159eb That game works most effectively when the propaganda machine focuses on security and health. What better way than a plandemic to chain you and the masses beside you. If someone or some system has control of your health and its care, they have total control of you. If someone or some system can make you dependent on them , they have total control of you. So they tell you how you must conduct your businesses. You comply. It hits the bottom line hard. They send you tiny dependent checks.. You comply some more. They tell you to mask up. You comply. They use high cycles for tests to inflate the infection count until it is no longer 'politically' expedient. Worse, for months and months EVERY death is from the plandemic... flu and pneumonia, etc, etc literally disappeared. You don’t question the narrative. Then, they tell you to take a jab of a medicine (not a real vaccine) that has limited testing. with no liability recourse, no full informed consent. You volunteer. Meanwhile over in reality, buried CDC numbers say only 6% of the Covid1984 deaths were solely from covid. Even that number is inflated... because in that 6%, many had latent cell vulnerabilities that triggered cytokine cascades, etc etc or whatever killed them. Meanwhile over in reality, localities that stayed ‘open’ had no worse plandemic than did the localities that locked way down. Meanwhile over in reality, places that don’t mask up don’t have statistically significant more ‘cases’ of covid. Meanwhile over in reality, they did very little to protect those in the population who helped run up the numbers... those who were actually vulnerable to the bug - think NY nursing homes, etc. Meanwhile over in reality, in the limited testing done on the jabs before release, dirty little secrets hide in the control groups that got ‘placebo’ jabs - eg in one trial, not one of 24,000 control subjects died, only 6 got serious or ‘long’ covid... no wtf? ... and this is just a trial run softening you up for a ‘real’ plandemic “thought bubble” narrative / shackle chain coming to a culture near you... just sayin’
  11. Covid1984 ‘Vaccine’ “Our goal within the next 20 years is ‘bug to drug’ in 24 hours,” Fauci Just how compatible are mRna ‘vaccines’ / gene therapies with each other? If you jab BioNTech for Covid1984, what would getting a fresh new mRna for dengue ( or common cold or whatever) later do? I’m just askin’ ... just how many different mRna gene therapy concoctions and nano-particles can to be fuckin’ around in your cells before processes start getting real screwed up ? just askin’ Why the compatible questions ??? start with ADE’s / VAH’s https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/potential-covid-vaccine-related-ticking-time-bomb/ ... and all the while, we/they don't really know what we/they are dealing with... ie "the tracks are not the bug tracked ".... ... wtf? bug tracking ? see https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/02/16/they-didnt-isolate-the-virus/ ... corrupt science, corrupt policies, corrupt plandemic... just sayin' ... and how long will YOU maintain the biased mismatch btwn reality and the narrative? just askin’
  12. At the ‘middle’ of the two poles - the need for freedom and the need for security - is ease... When one is accentuated and the other neglected, then tensions and fragility accelerate, dis ease and insanity ensues... just sayin’ big pharma = BIG COVID https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/02/12/covid-patient-grills-doctor-off-the-record/
  13. I love good questions... I’m just sayin’ ... and here are a few good ?s ... and some not so good answers too https://www.aier.org/article/who-wanted-pandemic-lockdowns/
  14. jk don't listen to Fowchi from last march YOU MUST wear double or triple masks ... not for any known health reasons but to support the reset. Going back to ‘normal’ now would put the reset in danger of failing. That would force ‘them’ to roll out an even bigger ‘virus’ ... besides, you are now scared of ‘normal’ anyways --- So, mask up dumas - cover all but your eyes, which now only show fear and surrender. Mask up dumas, meekly detour from walking the path of life in favor of sliding onto the conveyor belt of the cyborgian slave cult! Fill the oceans with discarded masks... just sayin’
  15. Super Bowl halftime show last night modeled automaton (aka A.I.) ‘victims - dressed in black for nazi dads, in red for commie moms, with white faceless faces for a surging assault on individuals. Howard Beale in the film Network spoke to this like ... https://www.moviequotedb.com/movies/network/quote_32889.html ... Meanwhile, H.R. 127 (along with several other H.R.’s just introduced) is the ‘digital age’ setup for a new "night of broken glass" in the US ... now you can't say 'we didn't see that coming' ... ... and on Wuhan MetroLine 2 ... see http://www.theblogmire.com/the-largest-experiment-on-humans-ever-seen/ Are you being softened up to where you will surrender your individuality, humanity, and freedom to the forces of ‘AI’ and those that control it? I'm just sayin' listen to Fowchi, peeeps ... take off your masks!
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